Nov 26, 2018

Educational and Psycho-social support to street children

Insan School is settled in Sad Al Baouchriye near Beirut, since 4 years now and welcome children from different origins, from migrant or vulnerable Lebanese families or refugees from Syria, Iraq of Palestine. The school aims to provide literacy and education to children, and to welcome them in a safe place during daytime. Most of the time, those children working in the street for days, without education or any family support.

For this 2017-2018 project partially funded by Global Giving, Insan wanted to strengthen the link between these children and their families, to empower them to find their place in Lebanon and to have an outlook on their future.

 Lebanese traditional schools don’t offer many opportunities for these vulnerable communities. Due to discrimination and modest economic situation children and families cannot access their fundamental rights. Because of the massive arrivals of refugees in Lebanon during the last few years, the Lebanese society is less and less tolerant with these communities and Insan is working to foster intercultural living and knowledge overpassing stereotypes. Furthermore, Insan tries to facilitate their stay in and their integration in Lebanon, and also providing them with tools and skills for their communities when they return to countries of origin.

Street children are dependents of what their find in streets most of the time families are too modest to offer them 3 meals a day so Insan decided to provide them balanced and healthy meal once a day for children attending classes. Moreover, plenty of cultural activities such as drawing, dance or sports are organized by volunteers to promote raising awareness, self-confidence and intercultural skills.

At least 30 children attended literacy and numeracy classes fit for their level during this project. Teachers and volunteers created a welcoming environment for children with heavy trauma. 3 days a week and 3 hour a day, children are supported by social workers and psychologists, additionally to their class lessons: they received hygiene sessions with hygiene kits.

This project also including families in its approach and is working on a better supporting environment for children through the parents. At least 31 parents get regularly involved in children schooling. Because parents are the keys to allow children to attend schools and continue their studies, Insan is providing a complete protection from its abilities as psycho-social and legal support for children and their families.

Insan had to go through some challenging issues to allow these children to attend school, because of the families’ modest economic conditions so we provided transportation and adapted our program for beneficiaries. Insan also insisted on implementing awareness raising sessions on hygiene and children rights to prevent abuse and disease. Children had some difficulties in learning English and Arabic in the same time so teachers decided to change programs and to implement socio-educative tools that were more relevant with beneficiaries.


Aug 30, 2018

Continued work with Refugees in Lebanon


Insan Association is successfully continuing to provide its different services in Education and psycho-social support in both informal refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley and refugee populations residing in Beirut's suburbs. 

Our project focuses on empowering the children of refugees through providing education and psycho-social support to them and their families. During the summer months (July and August) a Summer camp has been organized for refugee children where they were provided with language classes (in Arabic and English) in addition to activities, such as arts, dance and sports classes. 

Furthermore, we have started a new needs assessment in both Bekaa and Beirut, in order to update our data regarding the most urgent needs in education and vocational trainings among the youth and children of refugees within these regions. The findings of the needs assessment will be compiled in a report, with the aim of utilizing the content in updating our programs and/or building new activities specially in vocational trainings for the refugee youth.

In addition to that, Insan has started conducting positive parenting sessions for the refugee parents in both locations. These sessions have been very well received and are considered as a real need within the community.


Thank you,

Lala Arabian

May 29, 2018

Success continued

During the last quarter of the academic year 2017-2018, the academic progress of the children attending INSAN's education project has been more and more visible. In addition to that, and because of INSAN's holistic approach, the children and their families are much more comfortable in their communities and are coping well with their new situation.

In addition to providing education for refugee children, INSAN with its holistic approach, provides psycho-social support to the family as a whole were the child is at the core, in addition to legal and medical support.

In the last quarter, the children made a significant progress in their schooling and the majority will be ready to integrate regular schools for the academic year 2018-2019. Some children with sever cases have been followed up by INSAN's psychologist and this also assisted them in their schoolwork.

Moreover, several outings and fun activities took place during this period. The children, went to a children theater show, had a pic-nick and were invited by another school for a fun day - filled with games and activities.

Your continuous and generous support in assisting these refugee kids to have a chance for a better future and to be able to break the cycle of misfortune. INSAN also held regular awareness sessions for the parents to stress on the importance of education for their children's future and more and more parents are becoming convinced and want to keep their children at school, even when they are living in great financial difficulties.

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