Dec 21, 2020

First response to the Beirut Blast emergency

Marhaba from Insan,

We are still in shock over the events that took place on 4th August 2020 at the Port of Beirut but life has to go on and people need to get back on their feet.

To help the affected communities recover faster, Insan initiated an emergency response shortly after the blast. Between the months of August and October around 50,000 hot meal portions were distributed through our mobile unit (a special bus) that was stationed in Mar Mikhael neighbourhood – one of the areas most severely damaged by the explosion – and at the community housing centres. Additionally, Insan handed out 600 food boxes containing rice, pasta, flour, tomato paste, lentils etc. to the people in affected areas.

Besides food assistance, 10 big kits of medications for providing first-aid and treating chronic illnesses, 3 tons of clothes, around 400 hygiene kits and 200 baby kits containing milk powder, diapers and other essentials have been provided to people in need.

Wood and aluminium repairs have been conducted and 50 houses have received full glass repairs together with new window frames. Aditionally, around 600 families have received cash assistance from 200 $ - 500$ that helped them purchase or fix items that were destroyed in the blast.

Life is slowly slowly beginning to return to normal although it will never be the same as it was before the blast. A lot has been done already in terms of helping people to recover but a lot still remains to be done.

Our next steps include internal glass repairs, woodwork, paint jobs, electrical installations and home appliances renewal.

Thank you for supporting us and the vulnerable communities in Lebanon. 

Best regards, 

The INSAN team

Nov 24, 2020

Insan school 2019/2020 report

Marhaba from Insan school,

The past year has been rather exceptional, very different from any previous years. The school year started off normally and children were so happy to come back to us. However, on 17th October 2019 thawra (revolution) started and because there were violent clashes taking place on the streets between the protesters and the authorities, children were not allowed to come to school for weeks. At times, when the situation calmed down a bit we were able to run the classes but sadly they were still on and off all the time.

In March Covid-19 started to gain ground globally and Lebanon was not spared from the pandemic either. The safety measures adapted by the state have been quite strict which is obviously good for stopping the spread of the pandemic. Yet, it will certainly leave gaps in students’ education. If in Europe and U.S. and also in the Lebanese private schools a lot of schoolwork was moved online during the pandemic (even though it has been difficult also there), it was much more difficult for us to achieve. Not all our students have access to a computer, a smartphone or internet. However, we have done our best to adapt our educational activities to the current situation. As there is still a considerable amount of students who can access online materials, we have started with some online learning activities, including sharing information through WhatsApp.

At the same time, we have also continued to have some classes when there is no lockdown in place. This has been crucial to all students but especially for the ones without access to online learning. All the precautionary measures have been taken in the classes. The number of students has been decreased by almost a half in each class, everyone is wearing a face mask, hand sanitizer is provided and body temperature is taken before entering the classroom.

We have also managed to start with cooking classes and the first group has even graduated by now. Furthermore, school renovation is ongoing and we are in the process of equipping our second kitchen lab.

We wish everybody to stay strong and safe and hopefully already in the next report we can bring you more good news about the activities going back to normal.

Thank you for supporting us and the vulnerable communities in Lebanon. 

Best regards, 

The INSAN team

Oct 8, 2020

A changing world-changing challenges for refugees2

An awareness-raising session
An awareness-raising session

Dear friend,

The last three months of the project have passed very much under the same circumstances as the previous three. Covid-19 pandemic is still raging and regardless of the one-time decline in numbers after the first few months, the cases are now on the rise again. The densely populated informal refugee settlements that lack access to basic hygene facilities continue to be in the frontline of this pandemic.

Additionally, the economic crisis is ever deepening and the chances of finding a job are now even lower than they were before. Moreover, due to the Lebanese Pound’s rapid loss of value and rising prices, even the people who are working are not able to make the ends meet.

However, no matter how hard the circumstances, INSAN will always keep on working to ensure that everyone’s human rights are being respected. Even though we have had to make changes in our operations we continue to provide psycho-social and medical support for adults and children in Bekaa. As we are not able to go that much on the field ourselves these days, we are implementing our activities mainly through the community focal points. PSS activities and awareness raising sessions have been carried out via phone, WhatsApp, social media and other interactive methods from distance. Within the past 3 months we have reached approximately 1500 beneficiaries in 9 informal settlements.

At the same time we continue to provide emergency food parcels that include both basic necessities such as rice, oil and lentils, but also hygiene products which are crucial to stop the spread of Covid-19. By supplying these basic necessities, as well as conducting awareness-raising sessions on how to stop the spread of the virus we are doing our best to protect these communities in these uncertain and frightening times. Till now INSAN has distributed more than 1000 food and hygiene boxes to the most underprivileged families in Beirut’s suburbs and in Bekaa. 

Thank you for supporting us and the vulnerable communities in Lebanon. 

Best regards, 

The INSAN-team

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