Nov 10, 2016

October 2016

We've done a lot the past few months! Our VIDYA school students won at the national jump rope competition, achieved high scores in their CBSE exams (one student got a perfect 10 CGPA, several others got over 8, all passed with flying colours), VIDYA Bangalore has expanded to serve several more women and children, VIDYA Pune is growing quickly, we have a pan-India lit fest going on and under a new PPP, we're taking care of a government school in Delhi! 

We've attached a number of documents to this report so you can browse through the details of what's been happening at each project.

You can also find us and follow us on facebook, where we put up almost daily updates about what we're doing! 


Jun 28, 2016

VIDYA Delhi Report: Jan 2016 to March 2016

What a grand finale of VIDYA’S 30 years’ journey! Renowned singer, musician, composer and a friend of VIDYA, Shankar Mahadevan facilitated commemoration of 30 years with a musical magic. Benevolent, boisterous and ‘breathless’, Shankar takes away your breath with his melodies. The FICCI auditorium reverberated with his soulful songs as he took the stage by storm. This great musical evening on November 6, , was organized in collaboration with the Shankar Mahadevan Academy that brings music education online and reaches schools, corporate and centres around the world. The VIDYA students are now members of this Academy. The entire VIDYA family, well wishers and sponsors were present…spellbound when the auditorium went pitch dark with just the candle like lights glimmering as the song came alive. The experience was mesmerizing.
The VIDYA School is a flagship programme and an educational institution with a difference. It is here that the children of nearby slums are encouraged to achieve their potential in academics, creativity, physical and emotional development. This English medium school recognized by the Haryana government and affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi is a boon for almost 1070 underprivileged children.

• Microsoft Session with Ms. Suman Chawla

Ms. Suman Chawla from Microsoft conducted a session with teachers. They were instructed how to work on “One Note”., to create their own ids on “Educators” a site especially created for teachers where they can interact with teachers all over the world and share their views, lesson plans, thoughts, interesting ideas etc.

• Class 7th students perform in Innovate 21st century competition
On 18th January, 2016 some children of class 7th participated in an innovative competition organized by Think Station. Children were given task from their daily lives in which they had to use their ingenuity and creativity to solve problems given to them.

• Inter House girls Basket ball competition
On 20th Jan’ 2016 an Inter House Basketball competition was held at our school. Despite of the cold weather and chilly winds, the girls from classes VIII – XI passionately took part in the competition.

• Junior wing library Inauguration by KPMG
On 27th January, 2016 the Junior Wing of the library was inaugurated by KPMG. After the inauguration a story telling session was also organized for classes 1st and 2nd. Sweets and chocolates were distributed.

• Workshop

A workshop on Mind and Memory was conducted by Mr. Anant Kasibhatla. Teachers were taught that there is nothing like “forgetting” rather there are some hindrances which slow their memory and the measures they can take to remove these barriers. Ms. Kamal conducted a session with teachers on Self Motivation.
• AON HEWITT’S CEO classes
Mr. Yashpal CEO of AON HEWITT comes to Vidya and teaches Physics to the children of classes 10th and 11th

VIDYA Mandira Women’s Programme

• The VIDYA-Mandira Women’s Programme is now reaching the final stage for which it was designed and conceptualized. The objective of programme was to empower women and the first batch of women has started learning driving. Out of 14 women, 7 have been selected for on the road driving. The women are very enthusiastic and keen learners. The remaining women are eagerly waiting for their turn to start learning driving.
• Students of Lady Shriram College organized a painting competition. There was a follow up of the dental checkup by Rotary Club Delhi South. Children were guided on ways to keep teeth and gums clean & healthy

VIDYA Bal Vihar, Delhi

• Students of Lady Shriram College organized a painting competition. There was a follow up of the dental checkup by Rotary Club Delhi South. Children were guided on ways to keep teeth and gums clean & healthy
• Medical – An eye camp was organized on 10th& 11th February by Fortis Foundation in partnership with PNBHFL.

• Workshop – Three teachers of Bal Vihar attended a workshop titled: Sex education and relationship management in classroom through stories, conducted by Mr Ameen Haque founder of Storywallah.


• The last month of the academic year ended with final exams. 284 Students appeared in final exam.
• 276 were promoted to next class and 158 students scored above average marks. PTM was held on 19th March to declare the result. Parents were given yearly assessment report and students of 5th standard were guided admission to other schools. 98% parents attended the PTM.

New PPP from the Government

• Proud moment for Vidya All the hard work and effort bore fruit when Vidya signed an agreement with SDMC on 29th Feb. 2016, to run a primary school at PTS Colony South Delhi from 1st April 2016. The new branch will commence with classes Nursery, I & II. We all have a new role and responsibility to make this school a role model for government.

Community Update, Delhi

• Shanti Art in Action Project (4 to 15 January) in Okhla centre

VIDYA was honored to host three artists from the United States of America. Max recycles waste material to create instruments to make beautiful music, Karla teaches Samba dance, and Joel creates gorgeous paintings on the walls of the school yard and encourages the children to depict their feelings by painting into the art he creates. Topics in the wall art include girls’ safety and child rights.

• Eye Camp (20 Feb 16): an eye camp was organized by Satya Sai sewa samiti for the kids of our centre and their parents. 263 people benefited.
• Cancer Patients Aid Association organised a health camp at the Munirka centre on 15 January. They did health check - ups of the ladies and the children of the community. 70 children and 20 ladies were checked by a team of 10 gynecologists’ pediatricians and assistants. They advised the children to make it a habit to deworm every 3 months.

• VIDYA USHA SIlai Centre: VIDYA started a women’s skill centre with support from Federal Mogul in the Motilal Nehru camp after conducting a need assessment. The program will bring significant change in the lives of the women of Munirka and Motilal Nehru camp of Delhi. The program was formally inaugurated on 9th Feb 16 by Mrs. Hardeep in the presence of EB member of VIDYA. 27 women enrolled in the program to get professional training in stitching and tailoring from USHA. A structured curriculum will enable learners to become proficient at the end of 6 months. USHA will do an evaluation and certify the successful candidate. On completion these women can work as trainers, work from home, take up jobs or start a micro enterprise. 

• International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8th March 2016. The function was attended by some known dignitaries from industry and media. Dr. Simi Malhotra(academics, media and culture), Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Mr. Vinod Hans, Managing Director Federal Mogul, Mrs. Hardeep Vilku, CSR Co-ordinator Federal Mogul, Mr. Ashish Mathur, Assistant General Manager IDTRLP Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Ms Neeti Tyagi, ICRA and Ms Navneet Kapoor, ITC Fortune.
On women empowerment day 15 senior students visited Jesus and Marry College. They made posters with catchy slogans highlighting women’s importance.
• IIT-NSS: 43 children of VIDYA IIT Centre visited the “Inspire 2015”. This is 5th National Level exhibition & Project competition organized by the Department of Science & Technology. This event was organized in IIT D campus. Children got an opportunity to learn about methods and ideas. They visited the stalls of different participants and interacted with the exhibitors.

• The sewing ladies made cups and socks for the children

• Awareness session on Hepatitis: On 19th of February we conducted a health awareness session on Hepatitis. 45 people received information how the disease spreads, its symptoms, precaution, prevention and information about the treatment of Hepatitis.

• Exam Preparation:

Preparation and revision of all the subjects was conducted as in March students have final exams in their regular school as well as in our center. In the month of March children were busy preparing and appearing in the final exams in their regular school.
• On the 22nd we celebrated World Water Day by conducting an awareness session on importance of clean water and need to save water.
• Festival of colors Holi was celebrated by conducting rangoli competition. Children presented a small skit depicting the story behind the Holi festival.

• Bridge Course Okhla and Gurgaon

Revision and Pre board examination have been held and some students have done well in all subjects. Mughal Fedral team visited our center on 8th March (Women’s Internation day)Mrs. Harpreet and Mr. Amit interacted with the children. Self Defence training was organized by GE for the girls. Mughal Fedral team interacted with the children

May 21, 2015

VIDYA Delhi Schools and Community Project Report

About Us

VIDYA Integrated development for Youth and Adults (VIDYA) is a non-profit organization that specializes in the education and empowerment of underprivileged children, youth and women through intervention at the individual level. Our nationally-recognized program includes schools, remedial education, computer training, adult literacy, skill training, microfinance and social entrepreneurship, in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai and Bangalore. Our team of about 350 people includes local and foreign volunteers, teachers and staffs and a large circle of committed friends, donors and well-wishers. More than 2,75,000 people across 20 rehabilitated slums in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have benefitted from our program. Sponsors are from across India, the US and Europe, some providing constant support to us, and over 5,500 volunteers have worked with us over the years. VIDYA was founded on 1985 by Rashmi Misra and is supported by donors and well- wishers.

There are two broad areas of VIDYA activities- holistic education and community empowerment programs. 15,000 children and adults are involved.

Projects in Delhi

 The VIDYA School

The VIDYA School in Gurgaon is a school with a difference. Set in the prime area of DLF Phase  3, Gurgaon, which boasts of elitist schools and is home to eminent people of society ,our school, paradoxically, is located bang in the middle of two of the largest slum settlements of the area. So on one side, we are flanked by the urban rich where the privileged children have access to the best of schools, whereas on three sides we have settlements of the rag -pickers, laborers, cleaners, in other words people who live far below the subsistence level and for whom life is all about struggling to survive. The children who come into our fold come from marginalized society and VIDYA School’s vision is to provide them a place for excellence in academics and all-round development, a stimulating learning environment where they will be nurtured through their own stages of self-discovery, giving them skills they need, along with building self-esteem and positive feelings, thus educating these children for dignity and better quality of life.

The VIDYA School has received recognition from the Directorate of Education, Haryana Government and affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), New Delhi.

 Bal Vihar School

Bal Vihar is the foundation of VIDYA’s education program. Born in the IIT Delhi campus, it has educated more than 12,000 children in the last 30 years, empowering the marginalized families of South Delhi.The objective is to provide the children an outstanding English medium academic and creative education.

Bal Vihar is a well structured programme catering to children with age group 3+ to 12+. The strategies are designed to create a stimulating learning environment where students are nurtured along with building self esteem and positive feeling.

 Munirka Community Project

 Munirka Community Project  is one of the first projects started by VIDYA. This project has been changing lives for almost 30 years and offers many life changing opportunities, focusing primarily on education and community welfare programs.  First generation learners from this migratory slum community are provided non-formal and remedial education.  Non-formal education, for pre-nursery (age 1.5-3) through standard X students, is an important component of this project and caters to the non-school going children to prepare them to be mainstreamed into the formal public school system.   This project also offers remedial education for students in standard I-VIII that are attending public schools but need additional support to improve their academic performance in core subjects.

 Pappankalan Community Project

In 1997, VIDYA initiated an informal education program in the community of Pappankalan to help mainstream children back to school Families living in this community were resettled to their current location in 1997 so that urban construction could commence on their former land.  With few resources and little help from anyone, VIDYA stepped in to help this disoriented community. Since 1997 this project has offered an array of programs to this displaced slum community.  Students in standard I-VIII that are attending public schools, but need additional support to improve their academic performance in core subjects, attend this remedial education program. 

 Bridge Course Project

The Bridge Course, Sainik Farms was established in 1999 and Bridge Course, Okhla was established in 2004 in partnership with the Rotary Club.

The Bridge Course Projects, in partnership with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) program, allow youth that have dropped out of school to enroll in classes and are given a second chance at completing high school.  In India, major exams are given for the standard X and XII boards and clearing these two boards is required to obtain high school education. To date, 2,500 students have gone through these projects and all have successfully passed their exams. Besides core classes to prepare for the exams, students participate in extracurricular activities of sports, dance, drama, computer basics, English speaking and other awareness programs.  Students are provided guidance in their career development through admissions in vocational training programs, such as hospitality and retail, which lead to many getting jobs.  Students gain a sense of self worth,confidence , and a spirit of empowerment to better their lives. Students from this program are also mentored by employees from various corporate houses.

 IIT Project

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi was the location of the first programs offered by VIDYA almost thirty years ago.  Today, in partnershipwith National Social Service (NSS), women and children are being educated and empowered.VIDYA is honored to have a partnership with the IIT, Delhi, where it runs this project on its premises. Children from the surrounding slum communities are offered remedial education for standards I-VIII students that are attending public school but need additional support to improve their academic performance in core subjects, since they do not get that support at home or at their school.  

 Okhla Project

The Okhla Community Project began providing pivotal education to women and children in one of South Delhi’s biggest industrial slums in 2004. First generation learners from this impoverished slum community are provided non-formal and remedial education. Remedial education for students in standard I-V that are attending public school but need additional support to improve their academic performance in core subjects. .  In addition to academic classes, women from the community often attend the projects skills training classes in tailoring, health and beauty, English literacy and computer basics. The program also has a computer centre for the youth, a library and dance classes for young girls.


Impact and Plans 

Our VIDYA School at Gurgaon, and the students—already highly driven and competent— are now truly poised to be the future leaders of India. The Bal Vihar and the Beyond School programs have brought quality education to children and reinvigorated a love for learning and achievement in the schools and communities we work with.

Our community programs have grown and seen immense success. Hundreds of women, children and youth have become empowered from our work, and we have learned many things from them in kind. We are already on a path to collectively bring in world class processes into our administration so that we can speed and scale our operations. Our presentations and conferences in the United States and Canada brought VIDYA into the international space, and won us many new friends and collaborators, all dedicated to social change and united in our mission.

This year, we are going to focus on achieving demonstrable and consistent results in women’s and the girl child’s empowerment, English proficiency and vocational and skill training for employability.  Many less privileged youth are still not given adequate opportunities, exposure and guidance. India has a massive shortfall of several millions in the number of skilled professionals available for important vocations in major sectors like infrastructure, healthcare, construction, retail and many others.  Jobs in these sectors can provide satisfaction, purpose and independence for the millions of men, women and youth in need of it. English proficiency significantly improves confidence and employability.
 It is our duty to help and to prepare our students to be gainfully employable.


Komal ( VIDYA School, Gurgaon)

Komal speaks outstanding English, excels in academics, and enthusiastically participates in dance, singing, sports, filmmaking and theatre. She is a gifted orator and has been awarded the general proficiency award several times. She has not missed a day of School, is highly disciplined, and cooks for her family and plays surrogate mom to her two siblings.

She is studying in the 9 standard and has been with us throughout her school years. Komal's father is a driver, her mother a homemaker, and they are both unlettered. She lives in a slum near the school. She would like to join the Indian Administrative Service and lead the change for a better India.

Her ever-smiling face reminds us of a quote,

"Some succeed because they are destined to but most succeed because they are determined to”.

Komal Said: I liked English class very much. Before I joined, I did not understand English. Now I can understand and speak. I learnt how to make sentences and learnt new words. I can use them anywhere and anytime.


 Maya and Sita( Bal Vihar School, Delhi)

 Maya has now completed her graduation from MotiLal Nehru College and has joined B.Ed course. Sita is pursuing her graduation from Delhi University alongside working as an assistant Charted Accountant to gain experience, as she wants to become a Charted Accountant.

Not long ago, Dalvir Singh and Heera, the parents of four daughters, a cook. Unqualified and earning just enough to provide basic necessities to their family members, they were committed to empower their daughters. They went ahead to educate all four. The two elder daughters, Maya and Sita were admitted to Bal Vihar School. Amidst all odds of looking after younger sisters, helping in household work etc., the two girls enjoyed attending the school.

The girls realized their potential and started showing excellence in co-curricular as well as in academics. In 2003 and 2004, the two sisters passed out from Bal Vihar and joined Sarvodya School for middle and senior secondary education. They remembered their vow to overcome financial barriers. Both the sisters cleared their standard 12 in first division by maintaining balance between their household duties and pledge towards education.

Looking at success of these two daughters, the parents admitted their other two daughters in Bal Vihar as well. Now, all their four daughters are educated and are the pride of their family and Bal Vihar.


Rahul ( Community Programme, VIDYA Delhi)

Rahul, a former student of VIDYA  Bal Vihar School. Multitalented, Rahul dances, paints and loves cooking.

Rahul has grown in harsh conditions. His father was a guard at a community washroom. With a sick sister and unemployed brothers, he hardly had any family support. Just before his class 11 exams, his father expired. His father’s job has now been given to Rahul. Rahul is continuing his education, juggling between his dream, job and family commitments. Refusing to give in, Rahul continues to reach out to fulfill his dream- to be a world famous chef one day! He is preparing to study Hotel Management after school. VIDYA wishes you good luck!

 Mandeep( Community Development programme, VIDYA Delhi)

 Mandeep, 16, is a musical genius but considering the poor economic conditions of the family, music education was a luxury for him. Mandeep joined the musical classes organized by VIDYA for the community.  His teacher says, “During the first few classes itself, I could see the spark of brilliance in the kid”. When he joined, he lacked the confidence to perform in front of a crowd.

Mandeeps dedication encouraged many children to join the music course. He is now confident and has won many accolades in various competitions. During the summer break, VIDYA appointed him as a music teacher. He handled this responsibility perfectly and at the end of the course, his students presented a wonderful performance for the community. He has come a long way from being a shy boy to a much loved musician. He is currently learning computers at the Centre.

VIDYA has completely changed the course of my life. My self-confidence has increased a lot since I joined and the guidance provided to me by the teachers at the Centre will always remain invaluable for me” adds Mandeep.


Himanshi( Community Development Programme, Delhi)

Himanshi works as a receptionist in the renowned Batra Hospital. She joined Bridge Course Program at Sainik Farms, Delhi in class 8 . Being a regular student, she went on to complete her board exams and graduated along with one year computer course. Her father runs the canteen of Rotary VIDYA Kendra. Himanshi is indeed a pride of VIDYA family.


Activity Report is attached( Monthly Newsletter)





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