Aug 29, 2018


The new place with our arranged machines
The new place with our arranged machines

In the month of June, July and August, more disenfranchised girls were helped in Women Inspiration Development center. Two orphan girls got help to remain in the university as WIDC paid their school fees when they were about dropping out of the university. These girls at a point could not continue their studies again as a result of lack of fund when they were brought to Women Inspiration Development Center for help.

Three other girls also receiving empowerment from WIDC are planning to write their examination to enter the university in the next session. Women Inspiration development Center after furthering the agency of the disenfranchised girls by delivery of the empowerment workshop help these girls in achieving their vision.

Some of the girls has the vision to go back to school, some has the vision to learn a vocation while other develop vision to start a small business. In all these visions, WIDC always assist in making the vision a reality by mentoring these girls along the line and make available to the girls the little resources we can afford.

Our vocational center have now moved to a new place where we will not need to be moving our machines up and down again. These has made it possible for our participants to spend more time in their trainings unlike before that they will need to spend  some time to move the machines up and down during trainings.

Though we are not raising much fund but Women Inspiration Development Center keeps forging ahead in achieving our goals which is to empower disenfranchised women and girls in Nigeria.


Jun 5, 2018


A young lady of about 23 years became a petty trader as a result of poverty because there was no one to pay for her education. In the course of looking for means of livelihood, a transformer exploded near the place she was selling her things and she suffered severe burn.

  During the treatment which is very expensive, families, friends abandoned her. When we met her she could not attend follow-up treatment in the hospital due to lack of money to buy prescribed drugs, also to attend the physiotherapy clinic and she could not even feed herself.

this young woman requires short and long term treatment for her burn and she is in dire need of livelihood

She has been abandoned by everyone around her but we cannot abandon her when she was brought to the center. I opened Women Inspiration development Center because of people like this. We are doing all we can though we have very limited resources because little donations are coming on our way.

Titi (not her real name) has been suffering sexual abuse from her step father since she was 8 years old, recently because she opened up and share her experience which has affected her education and emotion she was thrown to the street by her mother for exposing her husband. Titi does not have anywhere to go, she does not know her own father nor his relatives. Though we don’t have shelter for people like Titi and we only have access to so little resources but we have been helping her to get a place to stay, helping her with one on one counselling to assist her in building her self-esteem and believe in herself. She is already preparing to enter university and she still need assistance in passing some of the exams and resources to cater for her shelter and education.

Lade (not her real name) is an orphan that got admission to the university but she was dropping out because she has no one to cater for her education. Women Inspiration Development Center wade in to assist in the little way we can, she is able to continue in her studies, she is in part two and still have 3 years to spend in the university.  She still need funds for her shelter, upkeep and school fees as time goes on.

Labake (not her real name) is also an orphan that passed out very well in her secondary school examination but could not continue her studies due to lack of fund. Everyone has abandoned her, she has to be engaging in child labour to feed herself when we found her. Women Inspiration development center wade into her situation, got JAMB form for her to enter university and we are helping her in a very little way we can. Labake need more money for her feeding, shelter and her education to be able to fulfil her vision in life.

Our stories of these kind of people could go on and on. Presently we have 11 girls in these category of dire needs in the center that we are struggling with getting them the resources they need to survive and become a useful person in their community. We are doing the little we can through your supports!

Our deep gratitude for your usual support for our work!

Apr 16, 2018


It was exactly eight weeks ago when a young entered my office that she was directed to me by her friend that I could her solve her problem. What was her problem? She unknowingly got married to drug addict and a thief and he has been abusing her for the past 9 years. She looked so tired, fed up with life and so scared. I immediately swung into as I normally do went to the police station to report the case and the husband was invited immediately. He was even a very known person in the police station due to his several cases of theft. At the end of the case, the young woman divorced him and was granted the custody of her children.

Several times after this the man would come to my office begging that he wanted his wife back and I always told him that Your wife said she was no more interested in the marriage, why don't you forget about her and move on with your life. The last time he came, he said he knew if I convinced his wife to come back to him, his wife will listen to me but I told him I cannot do that because his wife has the right to live her life the way she want it and that I don't have any right to ask her to stay in an abusive marriage. After begging for several hours he left my office feeling very bitter that I was the one that took his wife away from him.

One week after her visit to my office a month ago, my office was burgled. Out of 10 offices in our block, it was only my office that was burgled. Everybody at my place of work were surprised because for many years that offices have been there, my own was the first case. I reported to the security and my office was placed under surveillance. Three weeks after this, we went to church and cane back to find that our home has been burgled. My room was violated in a way that I never imagine in my life. We have reported the case to the police but I know our police are not very reliable which means I need to have a personal security which is very expensive.

The way my bedroom was ransacked, I felt violated, I felt stripped and I know my life could be in danger and I will need to put in place a personal security. This is the hazards we face as activist against domestic violence. Even friends were blaming me that I should have left the woman alone with her problem but I cannot do that and this will not stop me from helping more women. Violence against women must be eradicated in our society.

Thank you for you continued support for us to continue to help victims of sexual violence, domestic violence and all forms of gender based violence. Our vocational school need more equipment and we are also establishing "Agency and Digital Empowerment Theater" (ADET) for survivors of Gender Based Violence to develop their agency and become economically empowered.

Thank you!
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