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Sep 25, 2019

How One Young Man Escaped Genocide

Since 2017 over a million Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority, have been displaced from their homes in Myanmar because of extreme violence and persecution. There are more than 750,000 Rohingya living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. They have had a long history of discrimination, persecution, brutality and denial of citizenship at the hands of the Myanmar government. 

A recent United Nations report states that the Rohingya still living in Myanmar face ongoing systematic persecution and a greater threat of genocide than ever. Myanmar has done nothing to dismantle the system of persecution and violence against them and the Rohingya continue to live in the same deplorable conditions that they lived in prior to 2017. There is a lack of accountability for the perpetrators of these crimes and a failure by the government to enact effective legislation to criminalize and punish genocide. 

We have just completed a video telling the story of Imran, one young victim of this genocide. He escaped from Rakhine, Myanmar and was forced to stay in multiple detention camps in Asia before finally being granted asylum in the United States. 

Your continued support allows us to tell his story and the stories of other survivors of genocide. We invite you to watch his story and visit our website for more updates on this and all of our current projects.

Sep 25, 2019

Sex Trafficking Is A Booming Industry

3 Generations has been documenting stories of sex trafficking since 2010. To date, we have created more than twenty videos, three award-winning short films, and the feature documentary Tricked. We believe that sex trafficking is a human rights abuse and intend to continue to sound the alarm about the devastation that it causes.  

It is estimated that there are 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking worldwide. In the United States alone, on any given day, there are more than 300,000 children enslaved in the commercial sex industry. It is a booming industry that thrives because there is high demand. Sex trafficking generates an estimated $99 billion a year in profits making it the second-largest source of profit from organized crime groups behind drug trafficking.

There are many different types of victims, US citizens, foreign nationals, women, men, children and LGBTQ individuals. Vulnerable populations are the frequent target of traffickers, including runaway and homeless youth, and victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, war and social discrimination. The sex traffickers themselves come from all social and economic backgrounds. They can be pimps, powerful businessmen, doctors, lawyers and teachers. 

Sex trafficking occurs in a range of venues. Fake massage businesses, brothels, motels, high rise apartments, mansions and even planes. It occurs in every city and state in this country and is far more prevalent than the average person believes. 

We invite you to visit our website for more updates on this and all of our current projects.

Sep 12, 2019

Finding The Middle Path on A Polarizing Issue

We are thrilled to share our first report on this project — one of the most controversial we have undertaken at 3 Generations. 

People are polarized about legalization of cannabis — ask a parent whose son has been imprisoned for simple possession of marijuana or talk to a mother who has lost a child to cannabis psychosis. It is an issue of social justice and it is one where a moderate middle path barely exists.

At 3 Generations we set out to define that path — to show multiple sides of the issue and create discussion that listens to all points of view, respectfully. Since inception we have been finishing up our film, Pot Luck: The Altered State of Colorado, and started trying to influence the national dialogue. We are pleased to share some articles, interviews and a review of the film below.

Next we will continue to listen to diverse voices and argue for a cautious approach to legalization of cannabis which will address the injustices of the war on drugs while acknowledging that high dosage cannabis can be extremely dangerous for some people. 

We thank you for your support of this project -- we have much to accomplish.


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