May 18, 2018

ADR and the Hammerslag School Update

Dearest donors, 

We appreciate the continued support from all our sponsors who have donated to the construction of our school and its scholarship program. Since our last report, we have been able to achieve the following:

  1. School Desks- purchased timber to make 20 benches for children to use in the classrooms.
  2. Food- we bought 1000 Kgs of Maize, corn, and 200 Kgs of Beans to feed the children throughout the term.
  3. School Library- we were able to purchase the new school curriculum introduced by the government to all Ugandan schools, as we are subject to the same exams.
  4. Medical Needs- we have spent a lot on children’s medical needs since Uganda experiences a lot of rain and resulting illness this time of year.
  5. Teacher Supplies-we also bought some teacher effectiveness materials, and teaching aids sold in the local markets to help improve their skills in the classroom.
  6. Purchased firewood for preparing students meals for all three daily meals.
  7. Water- Bought water used for cooking and cleaning utensils’, washing and cleaning the toilet and bathroom
  8. Clothing and bedding- we purchased some clothing and bedding for boarding students. We could not afford to purchase remaining uniforms for students.
  9. Windows and doors- funds purchased 12 wire mesh windows with frames, two metallic windows and two metal doors for the new classrooms.
  10. Kitchen supplies- we bought one large saucepan, 20 more plates and 10 cups for the students use.

Furthermore, a group of about 30 staff and volunteers visiting the Red Cross Office in Pallisa, as well as a team from South Wales University in the UK, came to see our school and community hospital. They were shocked at the nature of challenges faced in the hospital and households, and the effect current rains are causing to the village surrounding the school. They visited the boarding children at the Hammerslag school to see where they sleep in the classrooms and the food they eat. The University team particularly noticed that we needed to improve on, and purchase the following:

  1. Expand the school kitchen and provision a place to keep cooking utensils’, so that they are not in the classrooms and rooms children sleep.
  2. Increase child nutrition and daily caloric intake. Therefore, we will need to purchase food for the children, including maize flour, rice and beans as stock for each meal.
  3. School Library- we need to purchase more learning materials for teachers and books/supplies, as well as build more tables and seats for the teachers, and book shelves for the classrooms and library.
  4. Students accommodation- children sleep on the floor in the classrooms. There is still a need for several mattresses with mosquito nets, and additional bedding to keep the children warm during the wet, winter months.
  5. Add another school toilet to help with the growing number of students and staff.
  6. Purchase land to increase student play area, as well as purchase more play supplies for the children.
  7. More money for medical expenses and medical supplies for children to increase daily health and hygiene. Note: We plan to purchase a first aid box/health corner.
  8. There is a need for access to clean water, and a well onsite so that we are not sending children out to fetch water or keep buying water for daily use. In the short term, we plan on purchasing water tanks to collect rain water for washing boarding students clothes and preparing meals.
  9. The school will also need another solar panel to bring light at night to the new classrooms and sleeping areas.

Currently, our main source of income is from day students. This is not enough to provide for school supplies, pay teachers and support staff. We have 7 female and 3 male teachers, 2 male cooks, and 1 matron who doubles as our school nurse taking care of the boarding children. A teacher is paid 100,000 Uganda shillings a month, and the other support staff are paid 50,000 Uganda shillings a month. Good Neighbor, another nonprofit, is providing food, books, pencils and uniform for 33 students, and we support 32 boarding students with learning materials, 3 meals a day, clothing, mats and bed sheets with the funds we receive from GlobalGiving. 

Although we have a long way to go, the Hammerslag school is a huge blessing to this community and it is playing a big role in helping disadvantaged children and households get an education and sponsorship. We hope that you will continue to lend support so that we can provide our students with the aforementioned supplies and care. 

Much love,


Feb 12, 2018

A New Year for ADR

Dear ADR family and friends,

It is the start of a new year in Pallisa and the school and children continue to progress thanks to the help of generous donors such as yourself. The recurring donations have continued to be a great help in supporting the children’s feeding program, medical needs and provision of much needed school supplies such as school pens, chalk, teaching materials, etc. The following will outline for you, more specifically, the activities made with the $2,000+ in new donations since our last report. 

1.  The funds we received enabled us to install solar panals at the school, a new change that has provided children living at school light in the night. Prior to this, students have been living in the dark with a limited opportunity to conduct activiites in the evening. With solar panals, the children's living conditions have vastly improved and they can now read and revise their assignments at night.

3. The fund has helped start the process of building 3 new classrooms to provide individual rooms for children in all class levels by the end of 2018. Currently, children share the classrooms, alternating schedules or running separate lessons in the same room, simultaneously, to accomodate. This has made it difficult for the teachers to manage their lessons and for students to learn. To complete the additional classrooms, we need help to buy 15 windows and 3 doors, more cement for the walls, floor and blackboards, and to purchase new desks (20 per classroom). It is our hope that we can complete this by the start of the next school term. 

We pray that our sponsors continue to identify with the children and the community benefiting from their generosity. We are confident that with your help, we can complete the school and living quarters that will provide the next generation of vulnerable youth in Pallisa the shelter, food and education they need to succeed. Sending you love and prayers for a happy and healthy new year!

Many thanks,

Charles, ADR & The Hammerslag School

Nov 15, 2017

The Hammerslag School Uganda Quarterly Update

The children enjoying a healthy meal
The children enjoying a healthy meal

Hello GlobalGiving family,

From the recent funds received, we have been able to do the following activities:


  1. The school feeding program. The funds have continued to help provide nutritious school meals for the children; helping us to purchase food and spices such as beans, rice, tomatoes, onions, curry powder and cooking oil. Good Neighbors, a new organization that has begun providing support to the Hammerslag School also donated food supplies that came as a huge relief, since we have been struggling with a lack of adequate funds to sustain the school feeding program. At the school, children get three meals a day, break, lunch and supper. This requires 10 kgs of maize and  5 kgs of beans daily, Monday to Sunday. The program is very expensive and supports more than 100 vulnerable orphaned children, both boarding and day scholars. Cost estimates are approximately 750USD per term. We are struggling to meet this demand with current donations, but are confident with your support that we can continue to provide quality food and education for these children.
  2. Children medical expenses. Funds have helped support the general health of the children and cover the medical bills and medication costs for sick boarding students. Due to continued rainfall this term, there has been an increase of malaria and other illnesses. Mosquito nets, sleeping mats, and blankets purchased with donations have helped to keep children warm and protected. Unfortunately, many children are still sleeping without adequate patting or netting, and we hope to use future donations to offer safe and comfortable bedding to all children housed at the school.  Lastly, the money helped buy washing basins, buckets and Jerri cans which children use to collect water for kitchen use and personal use.
  3. Office administration materials. Additionally, we have managed to purchase a new table for the head teachers use, new student curricular books, and revised editions for the teachers.
  4. School supplies. We have also bought exercise books, pens, and pencils for the children to use in the classroom. Fortunately, this term we got Good Neighbors to donate books to 20 orphans in our school, which helped to reduce the cost. We do not know if this help will continue next term, so will need to increase our fundraising initiatives or find another sponsorship. 


 As always, we thank you kindly for your donations. The Hammerslag School Uganda would not have made it this far without your support. We are still struggling financially and are lacking in adequate classrooms for Primary Five, Six and Seven students, learning supplies, uniforms, bedding, and food. Please share our story with your friends and family so that we can continue to serve the orphaned and vulnerable children of Pallisa.


Charles Olupot

Playing on the schoolyard in between class
Playing on the schoolyard in between class
Boarding students show off their new supplies
Boarding students show off their new supplies
Student's participating in class
Student's participating in class
Posing outside the school entrance
Posing outside the school entrance
One of our head teachers conducts a lesson
One of our head teachers conducts a lesson
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