Feb 23, 2016

Gift of hope for Emmanuel!

Emmanuel has an opportunity of life thanks to you!
Emmanuel has an opportunity of life thanks to you!

Emmanuel was born in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. His parents, Lucio and Antonia, worked the land for a living, by cultivating mangoes, they managed to earn enough income to support their family.

One day Emmanuel began having headaches and soon afterward stopped walking and talking. His parents had no idea what was happening to their son and began to search for answers.

They decided to travel to Mexico City in the hope that over there Doctors could tell them what was wrong and help to cure their son. With hardly any money at all, they set off on their journey.

After two months finally, they received an answer – Emmanuel was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a cancerous tumor in his brain. The tumor had caused his headaches and loss of mobility and needed to be treated as soon as possible.

Out of money and with no place to sleep or eat, Emmanuel’s parents decided to risk everything for their son. In order for the family to stay together and support one another through the grueling weeks ahead.

Lucio and Antonia spent some nights on the floor of the hospital corridors and some nights on the street. They ate just one meal a day and had to use public restrooms whenever they could.They were running out of money and options.

One day, a doctor told Emmanuel’s parents about Casa de la Amistad, a care home for children battling cancer and their parents. Not believing something so good, Lucio and Antonia visited the Institution.

Lucio recalls their introduction to Casa de la Amistad saying, “They welcomed us as if it was really our home. They are a blessing in our lives.”

Just one day before they found out that Emmanuel’s treatment would require an operation and subsequent hospitalization, which they could not afford, but in Casa de la Amistad thanks for your donations all of Emmanuel’s cancer treatment are free.

For the first time since their arrival in Mexico City, Emmanuel and his parents were able to sleep in a clean room and eat three meals a day. Best of all, the have new hope for Emmanuel life!

Emmanuel a 4 years old boy is now 100% covered as well their family needs. Casa de la Amistad takes care of everything so all the family can focus on helping Emmanuel get better.

Like Emmanuel, thanks to your donation 9 children are receiving oncological and medical treatment and among their families are getting the full support of the shelter house, nutritional meals, paid transportation to the hospital and for their hometown when they need so.

Aug 28, 2015

Detecting cancer early is our one silver bullet!

We continue to fundraise for childhood cancer awareness! As childhood cancer is not preventable, our one silver bullet against it is early detection.

Ensuring the availability of, and access to, early detection programs for children can significantly reduce the cancer burden in Mexico. The purpose of the “Early detection of childhood cancer saves lives” project on GlobalGiving is to further inform the public on the the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer. However, this project has not been able to move forward as it has yet to receive funding.

If Casa de la Amistad were to obtain the necessary funds, it could equip parents and caretakers with the knowledge and tools to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of pediatric cancer. This is essential in reducing the likelihood of misdiagnosis and to ensure prompt referral to specialist medical care. 

As mentioned above, we have been unable to move forward with this project. There are no updates and no recent activity due to an absence of funds. 

Jun 24, 2015

Jonathan is tougher than cancer!


“The pain became so frequent and intense that we were doing weekly visits to the ER”. Jonathan´s mother shares how it took nearly 5 months for doctors to correctly diagnose her son with cancer. In September 2012, she began to notice that Jonathan was exhausted and weak, often unable to carry out his everyday activities. He also suffered from nausea and vomit. Despite multiple visits to the hospital and countless examinations, doctors were unable to diagnose more than a stomach bug. Finally one day he was referred to the Children´s Hospital Federico Gómez, where he was diagnosed with not one, but two malignant germ cell tumors.
Jonathan immediately began chemotherapy. Two months into his treatment his parents were no longer able to sustain the costs. They borrowed money from family and friends, held collection drives at church, but it was still not enough to cover the travel, lodging and medication expenses. Every moment of the day they worried about their son and his future.
Everything seemed lost until one day they were referred to Casa de la Amistad. At Casa de la Amistad they received the financial support necessary to travel, pay for medications and continue treatment. Jonathan´s mom is thankful to all the donors who work alongside Casa de la Amistad and GlobalGiving, ensuring more children like Jonathan receive the care they deserve.


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