Sep 26, 2018

Results - Give Mexican Children with cancer the gift of life!

Our little heroes!
Our little heroes!

Thank you for your support!

With your gift we help low-income children access cancer treatment. Because parents consistently report financial burden as the main reason for treatment abandonment, we provide free-of-cost cancer medications, lodging, warm nutritional meals, groceries, clothing and educational programs to families affected by pediatric cancer. The support we provide makes oncological treatment possible and gives children their best opportunity of conquering cancer.

Each year we serve an average of 650 children nationwide; and through this initiative we can support many more throughout their treatment. We can also provide psychological guidance, permitting children to emotionally heal from the experience, and grant educational assistance, assuring they dont fall behind and continue in school. Help us give more children and families the immediate and long-term resources they need to live full and happy lives.

Jun 25, 2018

Little by Little We Make the Difference.

You, the donor, made this happen!

Ana  is Cristian´s mother, a baby of two-years-old. Ten months ago, his son began with malaise in whole body and fever, he was taken to the doctor and he received a general examination, the doctor sent him home but the discomfort continued for weeks so, her mother (Ana) decided to take him to the “Hospital de Especialidades Pediatricas” in Mexico City, after many studies doctors told her the diagnosis: Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

At first, the news was very impressive for Ana, because she did not have the enough money to fight the illness. Social Work personnel informed her about Casa de la Amistad and the application process that she had to follow, in which one she was accepted.

Now, Cristian is receiving his treatment and all the supplies he needs including medicines, laboratory tests, therapies and aid supplies. Ana feels calm to have this support and very happy with the attention that her little baby has.

"I want to thank you with all my heart for your donations and make possible the gift of life for many children that doesn´t have the resources to recover their health against cancer".

- Ana

Dec 15, 2016

Danas Hope of Life

Hope of life for more children in Mexico
Hope of life for more children in Mexico

Today, We have it all, we stop suffering!!. For Casa de la Amistad and for the donors we only have blessings, we are really thankful, because without them I would not be able to give her these opportunities, said Isabel Dana`s Mom.

At Isabel´s lap, is Dana a beautiful girl with a great smile on her face telling us: When I grow up I want to become a Doctor, to help sick children, like the people that are helping me! Thank you so much.

Dana`s mom, explained to us, that since the beginning she always seems to be sick.

The Doctor told us that it was the throat, then the stomach, then something else, and any improvement.

After so many uncertain diagnosis, Dana with only 7 years old, Isabel, her mom, had enough! so she took her to the National Pediatric Hospital, asking for a real diagnosis.

I was such an ignorant, I didn’t know how to help my child, and when the Doctors told me that She had cancer my first thought was cancer equals death. But I told Dana, we will defeat cancer!

When the treatment started, we had no money so we eat a little, sleep a little, couldn´t be home because the Hospital was far away from our house, but when the Social worker told us about Casa de la Amistad we do not hesitate to take the opportunity, because other families told us it was a great place to be in.

Dana and her mom, arrived at Casa de la Amistad and according to Dana´s mom since the first day: we do not live a Little! We start to live our lives, because we received hope when we now are able to have all we need, medicines, nutritional meals, a good bed where my child might rest after chemotherapy, now we can live!




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