Sep 15, 2020

Transporting Children During the Pandemic

The last couple of months have been really hard,our local community has been struggling with the virus more than ever. With most of the transportation system beeing shut down, the only thing the kids and their families is our van. We have been driving the kids from their comunities to the hospital, back and forth every day, It has really been a challenge to find the way to do it safely, but we have been doing a great job.

We provided the families and the driver with masks and sanitizer to stop the spread of the virus. These families live in really isolated comunites, normally it takes them hours on the public transport to get to the city. Our driver has been really nice to them, and he takes them all the way and drops them off right at their front door. You can see some pictures of the kids at their homes down below.

These families live in really poor comuniies, and even in normal conditions it's really hard for them to  afford the trip to the check up, that's why we provide the transportation. It's important that they don't miss any appointments so they can win this battle aggainst cancer.



It makes us really happy to see that even though it seems like the whole region has stopped, these kids are able to continue their treatment as planned. It would be really sad for them to be forced to stop, just cause they can't make their way down to the hostipal.

Sep 15, 2020

Pandemic Struggles at the Hospital

These last three months have been really crazy at the hospital. The pandemic has affected the way the kids take their treatment and do their regulars visits, but that has not stopped us from making sure they enjoy their time there as much as they can.

With this playcenter, we have always provided the kids with a safe space where they can learn, play and do things that kids do, It's really important for them to take a time off to forget about needles, painful medicines, and sad times. So for us it's really important thatthey don't lose that and continue to play and learn even during the pandemic. We are grateful for the fact that none of the kids or staff in the area have tested positve to Covid-19.

We continue to donate masks, sanitizer,and everything they need to keep the clinic clean and safe. Also, the doctors and nurses received special gowns and equipment, they need them to stay safe from the virus. Also, we are doing a thing the kids love, where they get to take their favorite toy, or game home and keep it for a week. after a week, when they return to the hospital, they can trade it in for a another one. 

We can't forget that Cancer really is hard thing to go through, these kids are supposed to be going to school, having fun with their friends, pretending to be superheroes, or princesses, or austranauts. For a kid, imagination is the most important thing, and playing is their way of learning. We have to make sure that they don't lose that, plus a healthy mind is a lot more likely to surivive this disease, so for us, its important to make sure these children's minds are as healthy as posible. 

Thank you all for your support, We are facing a lot of challenges,but we stand strong and grateful with everyone!

May 20, 2020

Transportation During The Pandemic

With what's going on around the world right now, most people are following the stay at home orders but, Cancer keeps growing and our children and their parents can't stop going to the hospital in order to overcome their disease.

Usually the money the spend on transportation would be covered 100% by us (Most of them live in remote, under-developed villages, and coming to the city is really expensive for them), but during this pandemic public transit and bus lines have stopped running, and the few lines that still work are really crowed so exposing the kids and their parents that way would be really dangerous.

Our team has been driving most of them to the hospital and back, on our own Mini-Van to make sure they are not risking their lives when doing they regular visits to the clinic.

We have also donated face masks, hand sanitizer, platic masks, and cleaning products, to try and keep their trips going as smooth as possible.

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