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Jun 25, 2019

Menstrual Hygiene Campaign

The Uganda 2019/2020 National Budget has allocated Ushs 8000 ($ 2.2) per pupil per year. This transilates into  Ushs 888.9 ($0.24)  per pupil, per month for the three school terms. Currently, a packet of sanitary pads is between Ushs 3,300 and 4,000. This means,even if a school is only to concentrate on menstrual hygiene, it can not sustain it for a term. So, how will the rural girl in Karangura keep in school?

To answer the above question, Joy For Children Uganda has recommitted itself to to continue supporting the primary schools in Kaarangura in the campaign to improve menstrual hygiene through the provision of reusable sanitary pads, trainings on making the same, sensitizations and provision of sanitation equipment. We appreciate your generous financial support towards the implementation of this project's activities. 

We look forward to walking with you another journey this Financial Year 2019/2020, where the girls child's schooling has been put at risk. 

May 30, 2019


Sensitising parents on the role of a peaceful home
Sensitising parents on the role of a peaceful home

Joy for children Uganda is working with communities in kabarole District to end violence against children as one of the ways to delay marriage and promote schooling. currently, the participating communities include; The South Division of fort Portal Municipality, Kabonero Sub county, Buheesi Sub county, Hakibaale Sub county, Karago Town council , Karangura sub county and Kichwamba Sub county. Violence Against Children campaigns involve;

Community dialogues In Buheesi, Karangura and Hakibaale sub counties, we conduct community dialogues at village levels with an aim of involving the masses in discussions centred on issues concerning the role of the community in creating a violence-free environment for children, the contribution of drug abuse to violation of children’s rights, early marriage as one of the forms of violence against children and rights for children.

Home to home sensitisations We work with local leaders of participating sub counties of to conduct home to home sensitisations addressing the dangers of child neglect, sanitation, parenting and savings and investments. This exercise aims at equipping parents/guardians and elders with knowledge and skills that can promote a peaceful living in families. We believe, when families leave in peace, there can hardly be violence against children in Kabarole.

Community sensitisations: Owing to the high rates of Violence against children in Buheesi sub county, Kabonero Sub county and the South Division of Fort Portal Division, we have sought partnership with local leaders to sensitise the residents on matters relating to Violence Against children. Community sensitisation is done with the major aim of enlightening the masses on Violence Against Children, how they contribute to it and how they can start creating a change in their communities by preventing and responding to VAC cases.

Home improvement campaigns

From our continued engagements with communities in matters relating to children, it is important to note that home improvement cannot be separated from the campaign to end violence against children. In this campaign, we are engaging the communities of Karangura an  Karago Town Councils in the home improvement campaigns with the aim of creating a good home environment, the key to children’s development.    

The VHT Kabonero Sub county talking to parents
The VHT Kabonero Sub county talking to parents
May 23, 2019

Achievements from the campaign to end Violence against Children in Kabarole

Joy For Children Uganda, through the campaign to end Violence Against Children in Kabarole District, has engaged with schools and communities to meet the set objectives for the project.

 School visits have been conducted through school-based field activities with an aim of reducing school dropouts in Kabarole District.  For example; at Buhara Primary School, out of the 57 dropout cases identified in December, 2018, 54 children have been able to go back to school.

Through JFCU’s partnership with Kabarole District, Kichwamba Community and Vocational School has been established to cater for children from vulnerable families. This is aimed at reducing VAC, particularly early marriages by making sure that all children are kept in school. Beneficiaries of this project pay subsidised school fees of Ushs 40,000 per term. This intervention has encouraged more parents enroll their daughters for post primary education. By end of First Term, 2019, a total of 98 children had benefited.

Primary schools in the area engage in drama, music and poems to sensitise parents on child neglect, corporal punishments and any form of VAC. JFCU takes the responsibility of facilitating such activities. Performances are done on themes that have been agreed upon. 

At community level, sensitizations at village levels have been carried out to empower parents with knowledge about the importance of education. JFCU has also carried out and community dialogues at village levels. By April, 2019, JFCU had reached Ibonde, Kitarasa and Katunguru to sensitize the masses on issues concerning VAC and home improvement.

In our operations, we work with local leaders so as to easily enforce the law against people that violate children’s rights. Through this effort, one case of child marriage in Kisenyi, one of Fort Portal’s suburbs was identified by the chairperson of the VAC committee in Kabarole district in February, 2019.

Secondly, the Local Council of South Division, Fort Portal Municipality is working with the Officer in Charge, Fort Portal Police and the school administration to enforce effective case management.

It has also been agreed upon that defilement cases should be handled by the Officer in Charge,Fort Portal Police. Survivors are introduced on PEP treatment and/or emergency pills to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies respectively.

We appreciate your donation towards our project. With your continued support, we strive to create more opportunities to keep the children in uganda's rural areas in school.

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