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Aug 12, 2019

Challenging myths through Innovation

Early Child Marriage is undoubtedly the worst crime that is committed on a mass scale. In many communities, we work with, the ideal age, at which girls are married off, is actually the age from which she starts menstruation. As per a baseline survey conducted by Aaina, in Bellaguntha, Bhanjanagar and Chatrapur block of Ganjam district of Odisha, we found out that about 6 % of school teachers and 20 % of caregivers actually believe that menarche is the biological indication of as girl being ready for marriage and child bearing.


Aaina therefore believes that menstrual myths, like these are a major reason for child marriage.  Also, being a least discussed and associated with shame and impurity, Menstruation is one of the most misunderstood phenomena, not because, there are no scientific explanation to it but because it is not allowed to be discussed on any platform. The unnecessary secrecy and hiding results in tons of myths and unethical practices surrounding it. The mere biological process has been transformed into a biggest tragedy and nightmare for young girls.


Post Fani, Aaina has been rigorously involved in Health, sanitation and personal hygiene of the affected communities. On 28th May, The Global MHM day, Aaina decided to observe the occasion with adolescent girls from slums, throughout Bhubaneswar. The Program was designed to discuss the undiscussed and challenge the myths and malpractices through a rather innovative method.


We let them play a life size Snake and ladder game that was tailor made to address major myths and malpractices. The players threw the dice and took the steps on the chart with myths and facts, imprinted in the boxes of the chart as messages. For every myth, they encountered, they would take two steps back. We saw much enthusiasm among the players and our audience.


We plan to take this exercise to other districts, like Ganjam and Puri and involve more adolescent girls and adults.


Aug 7, 2019

Busting the myth of Disability!

10 year old Radha(Name changed), who has  multi sensory impairement and was neither able to talk or stand on her own did something so incredible. She, now,  stood on her own and called her “Mother”.

Aaina took responsibility of Radha on 9th of Novemmber, 2015 . Her physiotherapy began with the prelimnary treatment that included, making her able to speak basic vocabulary and teaching her to walk using a baby walker. Two years after our intervention, she was able to take those few steps out of her disability and was able to walk with minimum support using wall and railings. She is also able to undertake her daily activities including eating with her own hands and changing her clothes. She is able to use, limited but effective vocabulary skills. Using arts and toys she is now able to recite Odia alphabets and count numbers. She turned out to be an excellent artist and never fail to astonish us with her artistic ability.

Our next phase of intervention is to enable her to write words and simple sentences on own and soon enough, she will be enrolled in a school, a dream that seemed an impossible task few years ago.

Jun 24, 2019

Psycho-social therapy for Children

Arts Therapy
Arts Therapy


The Cyclone "Fani" has resulted in minimum casualties, but delay in access to essential services and destruction of personal assets and means of livelihood has made a huge dent in people's mind. The most discrete and yet the most severe victims are the children. The calamity has brought onto them, an unforgiving memories and distress, a psychological stress and fear. During our assessment, we have interacted with the children who narrated us a vivid flashback of their nightmares. Many of them suffer from Post traumatic stress. Delay in access to basic needs, including shelter, clean water and electricity in summer has just exaggerated their plight. 

Aaina is determined to intervene, not just through materialistic relive approach but with healing hands. We are conducting psychosocial therapy for these young minds, so that they could at least feel the presence of hope. We have started our approach with letting them release their stress through various vocal and physical activities and let them release their vivid memories in form of art.

Our Target

Our operation began in Raipur and Barakudi village in Puri district of Odisha, targeting 150 children to begin with

Our Approach

The Psychosocial Therapy/Counseling that we have adopted involves systematic reduction of their stress and their latent distress through a series of sequential vocal and physical activities. The reduction of their stress and their reluctance, which will lead them to a calmer mind and then we begin our next stage of operation, that is, to and let them release their vivid memories in form of art. We adopted various method of arts/Drawing that isn’t artistic but potent enough to make revelation about their state of mind.

Arts Therapy
Arts Therapy
Stress Reduction
Stress Reduction


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