Jun 15, 2018

Interview with HyungJun, Preschool Scholar

"I love playing with toy cars"
"I love playing with toy cars"

In July 2017, HyungJun arrived to Samswungwon Orphanage when he was 11 months old. Now he’s almost 2 years old, and he’s enjoyed being the youngest child at the orphanage in Gumi, South Korea. Thanks to KKOOM supporters, HyungJun is also thriving in preschool.

For this update, we wanted to ask him some questions to get to know him better. Here are HyungJun’s answers to the questions we posed to him (full disclosure: his house mom helped him answer!)

  1. What do you like to do the most?
    • "I like to play outside and I like to play various games such as dolls."
  2. What is your favorite food? What food don’t you like?
    • "I like all food! I especially like fruits such as oranges, strawberries, grapes, and bananas."
  3. Describe your personality.
    • "I am very active but a bit stubborn."
  4. What is your biggest change or improvement since coming to Samsungwon?? His health, becoming less shy
    • "When I first came in July 2017, I was underweight. But now, I’m maintaining a normal weight for a toddler my age. My overall physical development is similar now to my peers."
  5. What do you  like to learn and do?
    • "I like to go to preschool and play games that are age appropriate for my age group."

HyungJun loves playing with toys, whether it’s a toy car, or Beyblade spinners (picture of him in the red bucket below). He’s hoping to hit the jackpot looking for treasure in the sandbox at Samsungwon Orphanage. Playing doctor with the other children is something he enjoys. We’ll take a wild guess that he loves spaghetti too. Lastly, he’s curiously checking out the photos in his book along with the other toddlers at preschool.

HyungJun weighed just 16 pounds when he came to Samsungwon a year ago, and now, he is a healthy baby surrounded by a positive loving environment thanks to the staff and other children in his orphanage family. Although it’s a non-traditional environment, we’re happy to report that he has the stability, love, and care he needs to have a brighter future than he had prior to coming to the orphanage.

We thank you for investing in HyungJun to help him get an early start to his education by supporting our preschool scholarship program.  KKOOM is grateful for your generosity! Let’s continue improving the lives of South Korean orphans together.



Grace Lee

Chief Administrator

"I enjoy spinning Beyblade Tops"
"I enjoy spinning Beyblade Tops"
"Found the lucky treasure!"
"Found the lucky treasure!"
"The Doctor is here. How can I help you?"
"The Doctor is here. How can I help you?"
"Reading is so much fun."
"Reading is so much fun."


Apr 11, 2018

Making A Difference - Spring 2018 Scholars

Spring 2018 College Scholarship Recipients
Spring 2018 College Scholarship Recipients

With spring in the air, it’s a season of new beginnings. A new school year started in March 2018 as South Korea’s academic calendar begins in March and ends in December. KKOOM is proudly supporting three young adults to attend a college/university this semester. One is a new scholar and two are continuing their education to achieve their long-term goals. Both Yonghoon and Minyeal (continuing scholars) received a 4.29 GPA last semester- way to go gentlemen!

Each of our college scholars are committed to the same cause: SERVICE. They have chosen majors to make a difference in society, whether through social work, ministry, or the hospitality industry. We asked each scholar to answer a few questions for KKOOM so hope you enjoy learning about their career goals and hobbies/interests! Their answers were translated into English by our Chief Administrator, Grace Lee.


“I have been studying a lot harder than last semester and my grades have improved a lot. The most difficult thing last semester was that my professor was not listening to me in class and I did not have much knowledge. My goal this semester is to work a little harder, build up my knowledge about social welfare, and think about my future goals. Five years from now, I’d like to have my social worker certificate and be working at Emmanuel Children’s Home in Gimcheon.”


“The most rewarding thing from last semester was participating in a 3 week field work practicum at Aemangwon Orphanage in Daegu. While there were some challenges with commuting there, I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to finish the practicum without any accidents. Usually there is always something really difficult about any given semester, but I seemed to finish fall semester without too much difficulties. As this is my last semester, I want to graduate with a grateful heart. Five years from now, I do not know how God will lead, but I will always obey. I will continue studying to become a praise minister to God, whether it takes 5 years, 10 years, or when I’m married. Learning in Korea is important, but learning from other countries is more important and necessary so I would love to serve abroad.”


“I chose my major because of my global overseas experience traveling to Sweden and Finland in high school as a freshman and going on a volunteer trip to Vietnam during my senior year in high school. I’m looking forward to a cocktail and casino class I have this semester. With the KKOOM scholarship funds, I will apply for a special course to improve my English proficiency. With my desire to work overseas, attending an university allows me to spend more time in English classes so I can speak more conversationally and fluently. My goal this year is to study English hard so I can work abroad. In my spare time, I like to travel, meet various people and do various activities.”

Thanks to our generous supporters and friends, we've increased each semester scholarship in 2018 from 500,000 KRW (~$470) to 700,000 KRW (~$657). KKOOM is grateful to you! Thank you for continuing to invest in our college scholars. You play an important role helping Yonghoon, Minyeal, and Se-Hee achieve their dreams. 

With gratitude. 

-Grace Lee, Chief Administrator

Mar 20, 2018

Winter 2017 - Thriving in a positive environment

HyungJun enjoying his new toy car from Christmas
HyungJun enjoying his new toy car from Christmas

When KKOOM’s Chief Administrator traveled to South Korea in December 2017 to plan our annual Christmas parties at Samsungwon Orphanage and Emmanuel Children’s Home, she was most excited to meet the children. Leading up to this trip, the only thing she knew about them were information submitted in applications by their house mothers and photos of the children. Since her winter 2017 travels was her first business trip to Korea as Chief Administrator, she highly anticipated spending quality time at the orphanages.

The week of the Christmas party for 54 children at Samsungwon Orphanage, Grace spent time playing with the children in their individual homes, including our preschool scholar, HyungJun. HyungJun is 19 months old and arrived at Samsungwon in July 2018, weighing about 5 pounds below the average weight of a one year old. He is now thriving in a positive environment.

He loves to shake, shake, shake as he dances to music beats. There was pure joy on his face as he moved up and down to the music, while simultaneously clapping (the boy has rhythm!) Being shy is a part of his personality trait. Typically the only people he allows to hold him is his house mom and the boys who live in the same home. By the second day at the orphanage, Grace was able to hold HyungJun; the staff and his house mom said it was a breakthrough to see him opening up to an unfamiliar face in such a short time.

Although he had a cold during Grace’s visit (it was peak season for the flu), he was in good spirits. He rested peacefully as his house mom held him. While he did shed some crying tears when he received his Christmas gift from Santa, we absolutely love the photo of him on his new toy car that was purchased by our Chief Administrator sponsoring his wish list item through her personal expenses.

HyungJun is dearly loved at Samsungwon Orphanage. The older boys in his home take care of him with strong responsibility, greeting him immediately as they came home from school and wanting to hold him.

Without you, KKOOM could not send HyungJun to preschool. Thank you very much for helping to enrich his life. You play a direct role in supporting his education. As he continues to be supported at the orphanage by staff, house moms, and the other children at Samsungwon, we are grateful you are investing in the lives of toddlers like HyungJun.

With gratitude, 

Grace Lee, Chief Administrator

HyungJun is loved at Samsungwon (youngest child).
HyungJun is loved at Samsungwon (youngest child).
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