Jul 3, 2019

Gratefulness - Interviews w/ Minyeal & Byung Kyung

Minyeal volunteers at Aemangwon Children's Home
Minyeal volunteers at Aemangwon Children's Home

2019 marked new beginnings for Minyeal and Byung Kyung, two young adults who grew up at Samsungwon Orphanage. They just completed their first semester at a Divinity school in Daegu, both studying Applied Music. As KKOOM College Scholars, we asked them to answer a few questions towards the end of their semester to get a better understanding of their progress. You’ll see below their answers which were translated to English. 


1. "Have you been able to achieve your goal yet from the beginning of the semester?"

  • My goal at the beginning of the semester was to be friendly with people who do their best in their jobs, so to surround myself with a positive community. Thanks to the dream group, I was able to accomplish the goal and I am so thankful that I am attending school without difficulty.

2. "What is your favorite thing about this semester?"

  • The best thing is that there is an age difference with other students and I was worried if I could make good friends. Fortunately, all the students know me well, we greet each other, and have fun.

3. "How do you spend your free time?"

  • In my spare time, I study music theory and lead worship at a local church. 

4. "What is your favorite class and why?"

  • This semester, the subject of playing method was the best. In front of the whole school, I sang "Amor Dei" with the voice God gave me. I am grateful I had this singing opportunity and it was a memorable experience.

5. "Do you have anything you would like to say to your KKOOM supporters who provide the scholarship?"

  • Thank you very much to each one of the Dream supporters. I do not know you, but I will pray for you, and pay it forward as I achieve my goals. Thank you again.


1. "What is your favorite thing about spring semester?"

  • It was nice to be able to study something I am passionate about and walk around campus freely during the semester. 

2. "How do you spend your free time?"

  • I spend time preparing my assignments every day.

3. "What is your favorite class and why?"

  • I took one of my major courses for my Applied Music degree. It was good that I could get guidance in my field professionally.

4.  "How has the scholarship helped you this semester?"

  • I was able to use it appropriately to buy textbooks and supplies for my classes; it was a lot of help.

5. "Do you have anything you would like to say to your KKOOM supporters who provide the scholarship?"

  • Thank you for your generous sponsorship. I am still receiving the sponsorship now, but I hope to support myself financially in the future. Thank you. I pray for those who support me.

Gratefulness exudes out of each of these individuals, in everything they say and do. They always lend a helping hand, like being photographers for our Children’s Day Luncheon KKOOM hosted in May. The special occasion was for 80 children to feel extra love at Aemangwon Children’s Home who have physical or cognitive challenges. Minyeal is always driving the local church van, to pick up house mothers, pastors, or the younger children at Samsungwon so they can attend Sunday church services. 

Minyeal and Byung Kyung find blessings in the everyday moments. Thank you for being a blessing to these young men to pursue their dreams as they attend college to get a higher education. You help them get one step closer to their goals because of one thing - your belief in them. We are grateful for your continued support as you encourage Minyeal and Byung Kyung to dream bigger through your generosity. 

With gratitude, 

-Grace Lee, Chief Administrator

Byung Kyung studies persistently on a daily basis
Byung Kyung studies persistently on a daily basis
Jun 17, 2019

Seeds of Hope - Interview with Jay's House Mother

Jay, KKOOM's preschool scholar, is 26 months old.
Jay, KKOOM's preschool scholar, is 26 months old.

Creativity and curiosity are skills that should blossom in a child’s early development. Natural curiosities, including the art of learning, develop in the preschool environment. KKOOM is proud to provide an early childhood education to toddlers at Korean children’s homes. We started sponsoring Jay to attend preschool earlier this spring. Recently, his house mother answered questions about his interests, progress in preschool, and personality traits.

  1. What does Jay like to do the most?
    • "He likes to ride outside in his (toy) car."
  2. What is his favorite food? What food doesn’t he like?
    • "He enjoys eating marinated meat and ham. He doesn’t like vegetables" (spoken like any child who doesn’t like his servings of green vegetables).
  3. If you could describe his personality in one word, what would it be?
    • "I would say he has a mellow, soft-hearted personality."
  4. What is the biggest change or improvement you’ve seen in Jay since arriving at Emmanuel?
    • "Having older brothers at the children’s home who watch and take care of him have positively impacted Jay."
  5. How does he like preschool?
    • "While adjusting to the school environment well, he likes playing with his friends and riding cars together."

Jay is 26 months old and makes quite the fashion statement at school with his bold red backpack and trendy plaid black and white pants. His curiosity for the world seems to thrive in nature as he carefully plants and waters small flowers. Through his preschool education, Jay is understanding how to tend to a garden. Gardeners do everything possible to ensure that a seed, a plant, survives and thrives in its environment, through extreme temperatures and little or too much rain.

You are planting a seed, giving hope to Jay to grow in a positive environment with as much care and love he needs to grow. Thank you for helping to ensure Jay’s cognitive, social, and academic skills flourish by funding his preschool scholarship. You enrich his life by minimizing the educational gap between him and other children in South Korea. You play a special role in his life and together, we help him believe in tomorrow and the possibilities to succeed.

With gratitude,

-Grace Lee

Jay tends to the garden, watering the flowers.
Jay tends to the garden, watering the flowers.
Jay is developing curiosity as he plants flowers.
Jay is developing curiosity as he plants flowers.
Apr 8, 2019

New Journey for College Scholars - Spring 2019

Minyeal leads Sunday worship at a church in Korea
Minyeal leads Sunday worship at a church in Korea

The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping in South Korea with the start of a new school year. Along with the spring season starting, two male students who grew up at Samsungwon Children’s Home have embarked on a new journey. Minyeal and Byung Kyung have started as new students at a Divinity school studying Applied Music. It’s amazing that both of them can support each other through their classes in the same environment - that’s what we call brotherly love.

Minyeal graduated from World Cyber University in spring 2018 with a Pastoral Studies degree. He decided to continue his studies in Applied Music to get one step closer to becoming a world-wide praise minister. Minyeal has a natural gift to sing as he leads Sunday worship at a local church in the Gyeongsangbuk-do province. Serving others is his passion; he regularly visits a children’s home in Daegu to work with children with physical and cognitive challenges. Attending a new school, his goal is to make new friends this semester and will use the scholarship funds to pay for living expenses and school textbooks. While his next vacation won’t be until the summertime, he hopes to improve his English while playing the guitar during his school break.

Byung Kyung chose the Applied Music major to learn the necessary parts of the church ministry. Specifically, his dream is to help with worship activities working with college students. While being in his first semester at the Divinity school, his goal is to adapt well to his new academic environment. In his spare time, he loves to sing, listen to praise music, and play soccer. While many people their age would like to climb the corporate ladder to make a successful name for himself or herself, both Minyeal and Byung Kyung understand the true meaning of life. Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived in service to others is worth living.” They have found the key to happiness - to give and serve others to the best of their ability.

Your continuous giving to KKOOM’s college scholarship program allows us to give hope to young adults as they experience challenges and success. It shows them they are not alone in their journey to make a difference in society. Thank you for believing in our mission to improve Minyeal and Byung Kyung’s life through your support.

With gratitude, 

Grace Lee, Chief Administrator

Byung Kyung loves to play soccer & listen to music
Byung Kyung loves to play soccer & listen to music
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