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Mar 19, 2018

Adult literacy, making dreams come true...

Adult literacy, making dreams come true...

I am an adult, who lives in the rural area of Honduras, and since I was a child I have always dreamed of learning to read and write, however, the situation of poverty and illiteracy in my parents, meant that I could not fulfill my dreams.

I am 46 years old, and on many occasions, I have cried with sadness when I was unable to write my name when I go to the bank, when they ask me to write an address, when they give me a written message and I can not read... it is really sad for those of us who are illiterate.

I often ask myself: How is it possible that in the XXI century there is so much illiteracy? For those of us who are in this situation, they are questions without answers.

Today I can say that I am a completely happy person thanks to the literacy program, promoted by the organization Un Mundo, where I have learned to read and write. There were so many years of sadness that today have disappeared, and new, better opportunities in life are opened. Today I can read and write the stories of my country, the love letters that my children write, the news of the begins a better life.

Education has no limits and barriers, we put them on ourselves, and I can prove it with my story. Those who think that age is a barrier to learning to read and write, I want to tell them that they are wrong, and that it is better to do it now, instead of never.

I am going to share this thought, that because I learned to read and write, I can show you, with the hope that it will serve as inspiration and motivation: "Do not stay seated waiting for things to come to you. Fight for what you want, be responsible for yourself, " - Michel Tanus Cruz.

As my life has changed, I am sure we can change the lives of many more. Join the work that drives the organization Un Mundo, and be part of the change you want to see.

Mar 19, 2018

Garbage, an evil that increases every day...

Garbage, an evil that increases every day...

You can not have quality water, if there is no good control over garbage, and contamination of water sources is reduced.

As a water management board, we do community environmental education, as well as cleaning campaigns, in order to raise awareness about the environment, the importance of depositing the trash in its place, and working on the 3 "R's" reduce, reuse and recycle.

With the campaigns of prevention and cleaning, we have been able to reduce the presence of mosquitos, and with this decrease diseases of dengue, malaria, Zika, Chikungunya ... We have also been successful in enlisting the participation of educational centers and community, in these activities.

We have been able to change the way many people think and act about the subject of garbage, and we are creating more conscious people. Logically this training process has required a lot of attention and dedication. Creating more aware people means that there are significant changes and this helps to improve our environment in general.

Our dream is to have clean, beautiful and healthy communities, and the support of individuals, institutions and organizations has been key to be able to promote this type of programs. We hope to continue having this collaboration, and that together we can contribute to offer a better world to our future generations.

Einstein said: "Do not pretend that things change, if we always do the same"

This slogan we have used in our educational talks, with the aim that each person is aware that their actions determine the result.

Mar 19, 2018

A blessing, that transformed the life of our daugh...

A blessing, that transformed the life of our daughter...

(Story of a mother of a family who has a girl with special educational needs)

 Many times, I dreamed of offering my daughter a quality education, however, too often the doors closed for a girl with special educational needs. The frustration was getting worse, and my dream disappeared. Our nights were long and agonizing.

The condition of being a child with special challenges in our country, excludes and marginalizes, something that, instead of helping, worsens the condition of the child.

 Suddenly a light of hope appeared in our life. The staff of the organization Un Mundo knocked on the doors of our house to offer the opportunity for our daughter to join the special education program; This is how my daughter's transformation began, making her learn to read, write and interact with all the children in her school and community. Today our daughter feels proud of herself, her self-esteem increased. Today he feels motivated to face every challenge of life, and says that: "When you want, you are able to achieve any dream"

After our experience, I have come to the conclusion that: "Dreams come true, when there are altruistic people and organizations that are capable of transforming sorrows into joys, that if there is perseverance, the impossible becomes possible".

This program has changed the lives of many children, who believed they would never be able to speak, walk, run... however, today there are so many fantastic stories of life changes, of dreams come true, of sorrows turned into joys...

I want my story to cross borders, to be an inspiration, to know about the great social work that the Un Mundo organization does, and that they can join this philanthropic work, to make the dreams of many parents and children that do not have the economic resources to offer quality health and education for your children.

I hope one day I can continue narrating more achievements reached by my daughter...

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