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Sep 5, 2018


Children customizing the Indian Lempira
Children customizing the Indian Lempira


To understand the present, it is necessary to know the past, and for this reason, our literacy program works to rescue the culture and tradition of its people.

The students of the schools personify our hero "the Indian Lempira" to promote respect and maintain the autochthonous roots.

Our literacy goes beyond teaching to read and write, we work in critical and constructive analysis, the understanding of cultural traditions and their importance in our environment and life.

The children wear a disguise imitating our cacique Lempira, and they teach adults about the importance of struggling to achieve their ideals, where leadership can bring about change in their communities. Personifying a hero, makes them appropriate that instinct for survival, but from a perspective of social projection to advance their people. The education received, formed in values allows for a leadership that is more aware of the reality of their communities to look for solutions in a constructive and sustainable manner.

 They will continue to wear a hero's cape to inspire other children, youth and adults, and to teach in a fun way the importance of education as an agent of change and transformation of lives.

Thank you very much for opening your heart and being part of our collaborators. You are part of our success, and we will continue that same path, changing lives in a meaningful way.

Sep 5, 2018


Women leaders, making a difference...
Women leaders, making a difference...


Testimony of two women (see photograph of this story)

The Water Management Board works as a team to offer a quality service to its beneficiaries. They are responsible for ensuring that people in their community receive clean water, and that the water distribution pipe system works correctly. In addition, it works in the protection of the environment.

The leadership of this water management board has been strengthened through a pedagogical process, which promotes gender equity, teamwork, water and basic sanitation, the environment, and others.

Something fantastic and curious in this program, is that the maintenance of the water system has the participation and involvement of women, who are also part of the management board, achieving more inclusion of women in community projects, something that previously was only a dream for them.

Before they invited us to be part of a board of directors, but they never gave us responsibilities, we were practically a figure within the administrative structure, without giving us value and importance. Today we have shown that women can also, and that we deserve equal treatment. We will be the voice and the face of those women invisible for machismo, until we reverse that situation.

We want to thank all the people who support this program, and to say that thanks to this collaboration, we are now achieving significant changes in the quality of life of the beneficiaries. You are also part of our success.

! Together we can do the difference!

Sep 5, 2018



Education for children with special educational needs is worked in a fun, creative and personalized way, using attractive teaching-learning tools.

The child can learn more quickly, increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence. He is inspired and motivated to attend classes every day, and his personal and professional development can be easily perceived.

Using playful methodology allows a connection between the child and the teacher, and makes the class more interactive and participatory, ensuring that other areas arise spontaneously.

This program every time breaks paradigms and ensures a greater inclusion of children in regular schools, managing to reduce the discrimination and exclusion gap. Children are part of their environment and become inspiration for the rest of the children in their school.

Learning by playing has been a success to ensure attendance, academic performance and school motivation. It really makes you fall in love to see the children's smile knowing that they are capable of learning in a different way.

They will continue playing and learning, they will make their imagination fly and they will travel through the wonderful world of education ...

Many thanks to all the donors that make this program a reality. Without you support, our success would not be possible.

We will continue changing lives!

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