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Oct 2, 2017

Improving the quality of life.

Improving the quality of life.

The quality of life of people is conditioned by many factors, including clean water and basic sanitation systems that help prevent certain diseases ...

Our clean water program developed this summer with community support and other key stakeholders, a new design of a more efficient gray water control system that prevents stagnant water, pollution and presence of mosquitoes, significantly reducing the presence of diseases.

The water management board demonstrated a lot of leadership and knowledge with the implementation of this system, and has involved the entire community in the works, creating a greater environmental awareness in the population.

This gray water control model is helping to prevent contamination of water sources, and will serve as a replication for other communities in the future, and improve sanitation conditions in the region.

The water management board is proud to be the first rural community in Honduras to have an innovative and sustainable gray water control system, as there was a community education process along with the construction of the infrastructure. A working model that attracts other local organizations to learn about methodology and use in other contexts.

The construction process served to develop and create local capacities in basic sanitation systems, which ensures that a manageable and sustainable system will be had by the same people.

This model not only improves the quality of life in the health area, but also provides greater opportunities through the acquisition of knowledge, which improves the possibilities of economic income, which makes this program an integral and holistic process.

Oct 2, 2017

Learning through art ...

Learning through art ...

Literacy in Honduras is one of the greatest challenges, mainly in the rural area, where poverty conditions, poor access to educational resources and isolation are the strongest barriers ...

Our story today reflects everything mentioned above, where two children despite being in their fourth grade did not know the alphabet, neither read and write. In order to reverse this situation, his parents entered the literacy program promoted by the Un Mundo organization, which uses a playful, interactive and participatory methodology, contrary to schools where education is linear.

Our children in this story showed a passion for drawing and painting, so the Librarian used this tool as an attraction to start working on strengthening children's fine motor, imagination, creativity and critical thinking, and then start with the teaching of vowels, the alphabet, the formation of words, the conjugation of verbs ... until they learned to read and write perfectly. Nowadays they are helping the Librarian to work under the same methodology with other children, because it is an easier way to learn. They have become passionate about reading, which has made them literacy promoters, a volunteer job they play with love and pride.

The teaching-learning model used by the program has served as a model in public schools, where many teachers implement it, seeing fantastic results in the academic development of the child.

Stories such as those of these two children are those that have served as inspiration and motivation for teachers, parents and the educational system to be more flexible in implementing the techniques used by the program.

Without a doubt, art is a tool that facilitates learning processes, and proof of this is the story of the two children in our history.

Oct 2, 2017

Special education, a window of opportunity ...

Special education, a window of opportunity ...

Special and personalized education was a utopia, even before our special needs program was launched. Today is a window of opportunity for children who belong to this innovative and innovative program, worth the redundancy.

This is the story of two girls and a boy from a community in the Cangrejal River Valley in northern Honduras, where extreme poverty, illiteracy, exclusion and lack of educational opportunities closed the doors. Their cognitive disabilities and the difficulties mentioned have not been barriers to their motor and cognitive development, thanks to the timely work of the special needs program promoted by the Un Mundo organization and the close work of the volunteer educator, who follows up at school and at home, in order to enhance the abilities of children.

These three children showed a behavior of low self-esteem, which made them have an aggressive behavior. However, after learning to read, write and express their feelings through drawing, they have reversed this, becoming academically outstanding children, and their behavior and relationship with their fellow students has improved markedly.

Having no chairs, tables, or tools at work in their homes has not been an obstacle to their learning, since they have been able to desire and hope to learn more. The volunteer educator of the organization Un Mundo carries out work using recycling materials and that are in the community environment, in order to create environmental awareness and to transmit a subliminal message that when it is possible it can ...

The history of these three children and their extreme poverty has served as inspiration and motivation for many more children, that poverty is only a social condition, but can not stop dreams from being fulfilled, because desire and will are more powerful. They are happy with all their learning, and stated that they dream of being doctors to help the rest of their neighbors, friends and children in general in their region.

I hope someday we can go back with their story, with their dreams fulfilled ...

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