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Creating Hope International (CHI) was founded with the vision of bringing hope to victims of war, political unrest, and natural disasters through programs designed to help them rebuild their lives for a brighter tomorrow. CHI's mission is to empower grassroots organizations that provide education, training, and health care to needy people. CHI supports organizations that respond to community needs on an individual level, foster community participation and utilize culturally sensitive education and training.
Nov 29, 2016

Learning about Leadership-50% Match on Giving Tuesday!

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A number of the scholarship recipients are part of the special Leadership Course run by the Herat private school which they attend. The 15 boys and 15 girls on the course are enthusiastic about what they are learning and doing. Their projects were pinned on the classroom walls with photos, so everyone’s work is acknowledged and the students can learn from each other. Each month one student receives the title of Best Leader and their photo goes up on the wall also.All students had to read a book this month and give a presentation to the class. 

Graduates of the previous class remain active and gave a seminar to the new class called Ways to Communicate with Others. Two of the grads also went to Radio Meraj and gave an interview about the importance of leadership in social and economic areas and in student life.

One student had this to say, “My name is Homaira and I am proud to be a student of this school for five years. I have experienced the great facilities there are for students and all the modern curriculums. I am so happy about getting a scholarship. I am studying hard since there is friendly competition among students who receive scholarships at the school. One of the other great achievements of the organization is its great leadership training courses which is free for the top students and a gives scholarships for others. Being in this class is very important for us all since it leads to great levels of progress and makes great leaders.”

Nov 29, 2016

Radio Meraj Opens Minds-50% on Giving Tuesday!

Dear Friends,

Today is #GivingTuesday! $500,000 in Matching funds are available for donations made to all Creating Hope International and Afghan Institute of Learning projects on GlobalGiving. 

50% match up to $1,000 per individual donor per organization while funds last. In addition, new recurring donations up to $100 USD per month per unique donor per organization will have their initial donation matched at 200% on #GivingTuesday. Hurry up and donate!..Read our report below.

Radio Meraj has been in operation for nearly 18 months and reaches over two million listeners!

To give you an idea of the philosophy behind the programming at Meraj, the manager (who is the first woman to be head of the journalism department at Herat University) wrote: “A great deal of our radio programs are planned, made and dedicated to the idea of enlightening the minds of people and the ideas of all the listeners. We are helping women take a greater role in society, increasing their presence and participation as well as increasing their organization and management skills so they can take care of their families while being ready to enter society more fully. We are also helping young people leave behind those actions and habits that negatively affect their future life. Instead we persuade them toward pursuing their education and finding interest in taking part in the social, political and economic changes that are happening in their society and country. Meraj programs have changed the lives of many youth in villages.”

The station is connecting people with news both local and international. Radio Meraj has guest speakers and experts from foreign countries, especially Europe, giving their opinions via Skype. Many of the programs are directed toward development of youth, striving to ensure they are on the path to a successful future. For example, Radio Meraj had a special program on the International Day against Drugs to motivate youths not to use drugs and not to destroy their future through substance abuse. Below is the heart-felt words of one young Radio Meraj listener:

 Thank you for your support!

Oct 27, 2016

Overcoming Obstacles with Cultural Sensitivity

When entering a new project no one sets out to fail. The idea of failure is not an option. Yes, there are risks when implementing a new idea, and obstacles that you know will pop up but failure is not one of them. The Bon are a minority Tibetan ethnic group that fled to India when the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959. In 1968, the Bon established a community in Dolanji, India. Today, in addition to the temple, monastery and dialectic school for the monks, the community has three children's hostels, a school (through 12th class), a health center and a community farm. The students in the Bon community come from Tibet, Mongolia, India, Nepal and Bhutan. The students are either orphans (lost both parents) or “semi-orphans” (lost one parent).  Creating Hope International set out to work with the Bon non-profit at the monastery to make primary through post-secondary education possible for the community's children and youth and help them raise funds for the projects related to the children.

The plan: Invited by the Abbott, the executive director of CHI went over to India to train the monastery nonprofit leaders how to write up proposals and reports to get the projects funded and underway. What went wrong? The leaders did not think that this was as important as the other work they were doing and were reluctant to work with a western woman who they thought was going to tell them what they needed. They wanted funding and they knew what they needed; they just did not have a proper process in place that could be presented to donors for funding.  And they were not sure of this westerner.  Fear of the unknown. What to do? The CHI director was in a predicament.  She had been told in the U.S. that she was welcome, and she anticipated completing the training in two weeks. But when she got to Dolanji, there was no one to work with.  So she stepped back and waited, realizing she was not in America. The original plan had to be adjusted to expectations and sensitivity of the Tibetan Bon culture and people. She had to be patient.  Four weeks went by.  Every day she came to the monastery and circumambulated the temple with the villagers. What happened? When the leaders (the monks) were ready and got used to seeing her, they finally decided to meet with her for an hour each day.   The first day, she asked them, “What is your most important need? “ A water storage tank they said. She asked them many details about the kind of storage tank they needed and what the costs were.  After an hour, they left and she typed up what she had learned in a proposal and presented a proposal and budget to them based on what they had told her. They were amazed.  It was just a few pages but it was very simple and clear and they knew that westerners would like it.  She met with them for an hour for 6 days, listening to their other needs and asking them questions.  Each day there was a new proposal and budget in English. The result? In the first year, after presenting their proposals to interested donors, the Tibetans were able to get all six projects funded.  Moreover, they were very eager to learn more, including how to write reports.

The lesson learned? While sometimes we may set forth a process to achieve a goal, we may encounter bumps in the road or obstacles to be overcome. The key is to recognize what is happening, how we can improve on it, and continue on our set path undeterred from achieving our goal.

The Bon people have come a long way from the time when CHI first set out to give assistance. They now write their own proposals, based on what they learned.  And in the years, following they also learned how to report back to their donors. As always we hope you reflect on their journey and CHI’s to make a difference and thank you for helping the Bon people care for children and give them a quality education.


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