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Dec 31, 2018

End the year by Educating a Girl

Thank you all for educating girls. 

To date,  help of all 27 donors including you, we have raised $2274 on GlobalGiving.  Each and every girl who gets a chance through this programme needs a helping hand and cannot thank enough donors like you.

In many ways, Turkey is modern and full of opportunities. But there are parts in which girls feel shy from trying. They are discouraged from their full potential. It's a country of beauty, grace and amazing entrepreneurship, but sometimes conflicting cultures and confusing direction.  

Education helps bring about not just opportunity but clarity. An understanding of what one can do with one's life.

So, as 2018 ends. Why not end the year on the magical note of transforming another life. Educate a girl or two today.  And, if you can't right now then please donate $10 or if you can $100. If each of the 27 donors donated $100, we would raise $2700, which would more than double our funds to date and help us educate 15 more girls!!!  That's fifteen lives changing, just by donating $100 today.  Yes, you can make a difference!  

Dec 31, 2018

It's time to help our environment

Thank you so much for donating to Plant a Tree in Karachi - Help Climate Change. We're so close to our goal of raising $3000 to plant 250 trees. Sometimes it's the little things that matter. Just the basics. The laws of nature have trees that give oxygen as well as help regulate temperature. These are blessed things that we as mankind should respect and look after.  As the climate in Karachi changes by one degree every year, it is critical that we step up and help!  The Chief Justice has now said the city is under climate emergency fueled by a growing population that we are not equipped for.

Your donation is truly going to make a difference. Help us start planting by completing our goal of $3000.  Donate today the last day of the year or the beginning of the New Year just $10 to plant one tree or $20 for two. If all 33 donors receiving this message donates $10, we will raise $333 and be at $2859, and if everyone donates $20, we will easily meet our goal.

Let the New Year begin with planting of trees and climate change for the better! 

Thank you!

Dec 31, 2018

End the year by Helping a Woman Entrepreneur

More and more women in Pakistan are working and even more are starting their own businesses. Some because they have a dream. Most because they need their money. Single mothers.  Depressed housewives.  Jobless daughters.  They all want to prove their worth as well as pay their way.

Thank you so much for giving the donations you have so far. We've raised $150 out of our $1000 goal and really need your help to meet our target.  

Ani (name changed as per GG policy) is eager for more people to see her stuff.  She's struggling to get word out but doesn't have spaces to sell nor any training in how to sell. She's a housewife and mother with a dream.

Help women like Ani by donating today. End your year or begin the New Year by donating just $100 or any amount of your choice and get a friend to as well. If just 8 donors donate $100 each, we'll have almost funded this project.

Thank you!

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