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Oct 16, 2019

Step by Step

Lend a hand today!
Lend a hand today!

It's amazing how much joy was spread by this campaign during Ramadan. Not only were orphans - some of the most neglected persons in society - fed and cherished and sent love, but there was a connection between them and the larger community, the humanity of the world.  Sometimes just knowing you are seen, that is, people know you are alive and exist, is enough to keep someone going in a cold, tough world.

Aisha, 11, said it best.  "This is for me!" she exclaimed in Urdu.  "Really! Really!  Really!"  Her excitement was worth all the facilitation, coordination that went into making this happen.  

The greatest joy is being able to put a smile on a face, particular a face that doesn't usually have a reason to smile.

As we focus on our goal of distributing these dates on Ramadan 2020, starting Friday, 24 April 2020 (estimated), we are fundraising so we can gear up for a major distribution drive. Some of you are asking us why donate now when there is time. Also, some people feel its better to give the donation during Ramadan, not in advance.

So, we wanted to focus this report on our vision and how to make your donation more impactful.

If all 7 of those in this group donated $15 every Friday the whole year, that would be $105 a week.  27 weeks from now, Ramadan will begin and $2835 will be raised and 3 1/2 orphanages will have supply for Ramadan every day for the entire month!  

This token amount weekly becomes impactful.  From a religious point of view, it is feeding those and the feeding will take place in Ramadan even if the donations are consistent throughout the year.  How beautiful is that.

Lend a hand and see the joy unfold.

Sep 25, 2019

Educate a Girl scholars meet with the French Consul General

Educate a Girl scholars with the French Consul Gen
Educate a Girl scholars with the French Consul Gen

The French Consul General in Karachi Didier Talpain invited 35 Educate a Girl scholars to his private residence where he taught a lesson on the history of France and Pakistan - in Engish with Urdu translation - and served a wonderful tea spread.

France is a 150 years older than Pakistan and both countries have a fascinating relationship between religion and state. France began as a religious nation and today is secular, while Pakistan began as a nation with freedom to all religions and today is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and faces several challenges with regard to its religious minority communities.

Although the Educate a Girl scholars are trained vocationally in topics related to their abiity to obtain ad maintain a job, this kind of opportunity and access is what sets Educate a Girl apart from other programs and makes its students and alumni determined to not just do something with their lives, but to know.  

The beauty of the home, the manner of entertaining, the warmth of the host and the exposure from the opportunity will not ever be forgotten by these deserving girls.

Most exciting of all, we are now working on getting a girl or two scholarships to study in France.  The Eiffel tower will no longer be a google search or a picture. It wlll be a part of their reality.

Sep 25, 2019

It's a good day to be kind!

Yes, there are many girls who because of safety and culture are prevented from going to school. However, there are other girls who have always gone to school but are now not able to, because their parents cannot afford the fees.  This usually happens overnight. It's shock. Trauma.  

Educate a Girl Zakaat is for young girls age 4-16 to help them stay in their schools so they could get proper education which further will help them in achieving their dreams.

Meet Jehanara. She's 5.  She has two older sisters and loves going to school. She has loads of friends and is her Urdu teacher's favourite student.  She feels special and enjoys learning and being part of the community. When their father lost his job, he couldn't pay the school fees so all three girls were no longer allowed to attend class. She misses her friends, her teachers, the learning, but most of all being part of a community.  She is too little to have career plans, but she knows how to read and write and likes giving short speeches in class when asked to speak on a topic.  Jehanara likes being spontaneous and speaking off the top of her head.  It finds magical. She couldn't wait to get back to school and now because of the Educate a Girl Zakaat fund she can.

Every time you donate to this cause, you are helping a girl stay in school. Perhaps she will do a trade, maybe she will start a business, maybe she won't even work but she will be educated. And, maybe, like Jehanara, she might be starting a journey to a dream that she hadn't dared dream before. All because of you.

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