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Sep 25, 2019

So close to our goal!

Thank you all for educating girls.

We are close to our goal of $3500 so very excited and hopeful.

We recently held a focus group of Turkish girls aged 14-17 and asked them about the biggest barriers they felt to success. They spoke of class distinctions and urban-rural differences. We were amazed how acutely they saw these are barriers to opportunities.  

As we dug deeper we found that opportunties were everywhere but that in certain areas of Turkey, girls were less encouraged to seize those opportunities and certainly not encouraged to work hard for them.  Motivational training and opening their hearts and minds to unlimited dreams and possibiities has emerged as a major important area we are including in our training.

Every girl deserves a change to not only succeed but to be told she has the right to want to soar.  Thank you for being part of this.

Sep 25, 2019

Now is the time

There is so much emphasis on educating youth and how an entire generation will change with such intervention. This is absolutely true and undoubtedly impactful. 

However, there is a definite need for those who are trying to turn around their lives. Whether through failed marriages, trying to support a child by themselves, or even just trying to work after years at home.

It's not easy and there is constant feedback from society that why couldn't you fit in.

Meet Farida. She's 38 years old and just became an empty nester. She has always loved textiles and fashion design and used to dream of becoming a fashion designer, but gave this all up when she got married at age 18.  These days, her husband has financial problems and now her in-laws are no longer discouraging her from working. In fact, she is being encouraged to. The challenge is she doesn't quite know how to begin. She is making clothes and selling from a tiny profit to her close circle of friends. She's hired a full time tailor and his cut is suiting all well.  But, how does she get new clients. How does she expand her breach and her income.  

That is where this training is so critical. It doesn't make sense in 2019 to only sell to 5 girlfriends.  Technology can bridge all gaps.  Farida wanted to learn how and this training is the bridge she needs to have her products reach more people.

Help us transform the lives of more women like Farida. Thank you!

Sep 23, 2019

It's time to motivate

Everything is harder for girls, say Bill and Melinda Gates.

The statement comes from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s third annual Goalkeepers Data Report, published Tuesday. 

Gender inequality cuts across every single country on Earth,” the report, co-authored by the Gates, said. “No matter where you are born, your life will be harder if you are born a girl.”

And “If you are born in a poor country or district, it will be even harder,” they continue.

One way to combat this is to continually reward and motivate girls.  They will focus on thriving once they feel the appreciation and value, but equally importantly, other girls watching this reward system, will aspire and work hard toward thriving too.

That's the concept between this project. When a girl does well, let's celebrate it.  Subjects girls excel in often do not get funding for prizes, grants, etc.  Let's change all of that. Let's change that with this project. Now.

Thank you for helping make a difference.

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