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Mar 7, 2017

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Educate a Girl programme has educated 1000 girls in Karachi, Pakistan, through its project Educate a Girl in Pakistan and Give her a future.

While we are fundraising for Educate a Girl Lahore, we are in the second phase of the Karachi programme for which we have partnered with the British Council and British libraries and will have monthly sessions and trainings for our Educate a Girl alumni in Karachi.

Our first session was in January which was an open mic night where we provided a platform for our girls to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings which we believe helped in building their confidence. Through this we were able to strengthen the bond between our alumni as well which definitely will help them because they got people to share their feelings with and those people will never judge them as that's one of the main drawback of the society or culture in Pakistan that girls never share their feelings just because of ' what others will think'.

Sara, who is an Educate a Girl scholarq in Karachi was one of the attendees of the first session and shared her story that how this programme gave her a hope. Sara has two more sisters and they lost her father in an accident some years Back. Sara shared how her life and her sisters lives changed after that. When there was no source of income at home and Sara had to stop her education as she had no money to pay for her education and how much she wanted to study. She explained how the Educate a Girl programme motivated her to do something so she could help her family and especially her sisters as she didn't wanted her sisters to experience the same things she did. Being the elder sister, she made it her responsibility that her sisters will complete their education and she'll help as much as she could and that's when she started writing as a freelance and now from last 7 months, Sara is doing a job. Her sisters are doing graduation and Sara just shared that she pays all their fees and she's now planning to get enrolled in masters.

All the girls present were very much motivated by Sara's story and they could relate to her feelings as many of them also had some similar experiences. We were very happy to see and know how these girls are bringing positivity in each other’s' lives.

There were some girls who just shared some poetry which they really like and some girls sang their favorite songs as many were shy but most always wanted to speak in front of an audience and this was the best chance.

We are planning for the next session. Every month, there will be a session and we as always will try our best to make the session much more amazing. As we have completed the training of 1000 girls in Karachi, we are currently educating 1000 girls in lahore but for that we need help from our wonderful donors.

Feb 3, 2017



Girls are powerful, fierce and determined change-makers — but they aren’t always valued for those bold qualities.

Society often discourages girls from claiming education, opportunity and power — all markers of success. But in a world that constantly discourages women from taking leadership, some girls are fighting back, stepping up as advocates in their local communities.

It’s been some months since we had our first session of Educate a Girl in Nigeria & Give Her a Future - #EAGNigeria. We still remember that when our team was planning for the session, we just had one thing in mind that we want to bring positive change in everyone’s life. We want to transform the lives of these girls we are going to educate.

Today, these girls are incredible young women transforming their local communities by empowering their peers. 

In the future, we believe they will be the world's #WonderWomen, lifting up girls across the globe by combatting inequality in their hometowns and beyond.

Jennifer is a 22 years old girl and is one of the Educate a Girl scholars who benefitted from the trainings offered by the project “Educate a Girl in Nigeria & Give Her a Future”, which educated 250 deserving girls including Boko Haram orphans in Media Studies and gave them a platform for their voices to be heard and to encourage their freedom to say what they wish for and also to help their community.

According to Jennifer, this was a life changing experience for her because it made her realize that how important it is to be educated. She said many children in her community face problems obtaining quality education. Schools are constantly closing. There’s a lack of teachers and educational materials. Students often drop out of school to enter the workforce. And she is determined to change all that.

Today, Jennifer is the founder of HAGI – Hope for African Girl Initiative, which set out programs, seminars, trainings and campaigns to primary and secondary schools and has empowered many young girls by linking them to opportunities that enhance their chances of success in creating a better society in Africa and beyond.

Jennifer is also a millennial entrepreneur and creator of HAGI Creative Collections that empower girls in rural communities to manufacture versatile and durable shoes, bags and clothing from up-cycled tire and scrap fabrics.

She said that she believe GIRLS has the potential to make a difference in their communities and seeks to transform the lives of individuals which the society marginalizes.

There are many more Educate a Girl scholars in Nigeria, like Jennifer, who got encouraged to give out to their community after the #EAGNigeria training and it’s all because of the wonderful donors, who made this happen. So on behalf of Jennifer and all other girls, we would like to thank you!

We are raising funds to educate 3000 more girls in Nigeria and for which we need support that we seek from our wonderful donors, so we could transform the lives of many more girls in Nigeria.

EAG winner Jennifer
EAG winner Jennifer
Jan 30, 2017

Tina can't wait for Educate a Girl Turkey to start

Educate a Girl in Turkey and give her a Future is in process of identifying and selecting girls in Turkey. We are accepting applications online in which the applicant is supposed to write a small essay that why they should get selected or how they want to work for the betterment of their society and we are getting many applications and undoubtedly the stories of these applicants and how they are as excited as us about this course is amazing. We received an application of Tina who is a student and 19 years old. In her essay she mentioned that how the August 2016’s Military coup in Turkey is the reason of her application. She mentioned that she read about Educate a Girl in Nigeria in June 2016 and the inspirational stories of EAG winners in Nigeria and how that really touched her heart that those girls who are suffering a lot on daily basis got motivated with this training and how it turned out to be a life changing experience for them. She mentioned that how after the August 2016’s Military coup in Turkey, she somehow compared herself with the girls in Nigeria or other countries who aren’t safe in their homelands and felt the need to prepare herself for everything. We, the Educate a Girl team, really loved Tina’s application and couldn’t wait to meet her but that’s need a lot of preparation and also support that we seek from our wonderful donors, so we could transform the lives of these girls in Turkey.
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