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Jul 17, 2017

Connecting Girls

As mentioned in our last report as well, Educate a Girl in Turkey and give her a Future is in process of identifying and selecting girls in Turkey. We are accepting applications online in which the applicant is supposed to write a small essay that why they should get selected or how they want to work for the betterment of their society and we are getting many applications and undoubtedly the stories of these applicants and how they are as excited as us about this course is amazing.

In our last report we mentioned about the application from a girl named Sara, who is a university student and how her perspective has changed after the military coup. In her application she mentioned that she ready about the Educate a Girl Nigerian Scholars and She was inspired.

We mentioned about Sara on our Social Media, in the group of all scholars and it got many responses mostly from the Educate a Girl Scholars from Nigeria where they mentioned that how they all are praying for Sara and all other girls like her who are facing difficulties in their normal lives. One of our winner from Lagos – Nigeria, who is also our student ambassador commented that how inspired she was after reading about Sara and couldn’t wait to have her in the EAG community as the scholar.

This is the real mission of Educate a Girl, creating community of girls from different parts of the world so they could help each other and it gives us more pleasure when we see them connecting and helping each other and this all is possible just because of our wonderful donors like you all.

We at Educate a Girl couldn’t wait to transform more lives and adding more and more girls in our community to help them achieve their dreams but that’s need a lot of preparation and also support that we seek from our wonderful donors, so we could transform the lives of these girls.


Together we are transforming lives

Jun 6, 2017

First Actual Toy

There comes a time when every parent departs from their children by leaving this world and every human being, no matter what their age, dreads that day of segregation. Many children living in this time and age are parentless and depend on their society to exist and thrive.

With constant change in economic and social circumstances, ongoing conflicts and political turmoil in many developing and transition countries like Syria, Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, we are faced with many situations where the number of orphans and needy children is constantly increasing. According to UNICEF, there are between 143-210 million orphans in the world. This figure includes children who have lost either both of their parents or one of them.

The problems faced by orphans are complex and impact on their individual age and circumstances. The mental trauma and agony of witnessing warfare or losing parents and family members is not easy to deal with and requires tremendous courage and patience to recover from it and adapt to a new situation.

One might not be able to take away the grief of orphans and needy people but they can extend their hands in generosity to let them know that they are cared for and supported. Since we live in a globalized world, societies are inter-dependent on each other for survival and progress. From this perspective, people living in different regions of the world are responsible to help children in dire need of support and sympathy.

Keeping this in mind, we are trying our best to bring joy in the lives of these kids, however we could.

As few days are left for the festival of Eid, a joyous Muslim occasion for kids. A day of dressing up in new clothes, morning prayers, and sweets and coming home to gifts and just like last year, we plan a surprise for those who are less fortunate and don’t get all this.

We visited Idara Al Khair with our team which is a school for orphans and those who couldn’t afford their studies. We met many kids over there and realized that it’s not only orphans who need our help and are our responsibility but there are many other kids as well who are less fortunate, although they have parents and are living with their families but still their families are not able to provide for the basic needs of these kids, no matter how much they wish to.

So this time we distributed teddy bears to orphans as well as some of other kids who were same excited by receiving a gift. We spoke to some of these kids and many of them shared their stories with us.

Ayesha who was 5 years old was one of the student in that school and when we asked her if she liked the teddy bear, she so sweetly replied that she is in love with it. When we asked her that what exactly she does after school so she said that she play with some of her friends and sometimes they play with different toys. She asked us if we would like to see her toys and when she showed us, we almost had tears in our eyes because she made some dolls on paper and had some stones and those were her toys. When we asked her about it, that 5 year old girl said that the teddy we gave her is her first actual toy and we couldn’t be happier because we were able to give her something that she always wanted to have.

We gave teddy bears to many other kids and they were also very happy and excited and we were able to do all this just because of our wonderful donors so on behalf of Ayesha and all our team members we want to thank you all!

There are many other kids who will be very happy just like Ayesha and we want to make them happy but we need help from our donors for that, please spread the word.

Jun 1, 2017

New Beginning


The Journey of educating 1000 girls in Karachi was unbelievable and full of surprises for us at Educate a Girl. We always knew that education is going to transform these 1000 lives but we never dreamt of such a huge impact. Now when we summarize the impact, we feel so proud to say that out of 1000 girls in Karachi, almost 100 are freelance bloggers and column writers who are spreading awareness through their words and almost 12 girls are News anchors in different TV channels and are living their dream lives. Not only that, the most amazing thing is 9 girls are now donors themselves and have donated out of their first paycheck ever.

On regular basis we get messages from these girls that how Educate a Girl has transformed their lives and how they are giving back to their communities. We are so happy to see how these 1000 girls in Karachi are connected with each other as that is also one of the main goal of Educate a Girl, to wire and Connect girls so they could help each other.

It just seems like yesterday when we submitted our last report where we mentioned that we have already educated 1000 girls in Karachi, Pakistan and now we are moving towards Lahore where we will educate 1000 more girls. Now we are happy to share with you all that we have already reached a milestone for #EAGLahore where we have raised 100 scholarships.

We can’t wait to transform 1000 more lives in Lahore and for that we need help from our donors and wonderful supporters like you!

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