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Feb 25, 2020

Slowly but surely ...

We are slowly but surely making progress. Thank you!
As the day to day operations of The Garage School continue to have high impact in the lives of deserving street children, we are focused on fundraising for this expansion.  The need is so much and the impact only amplifies as we help more and more kids.
The Garage School prioiritizes street children, providing education, love and food - nutritious staples - at school and in their homes.
This expansion is ambitious, but we will make it happen.
The architecture has been donated, but we need the equipment and labour to make it come to life, especially in this extremely poverty stricken area.
Thank you for your donation and for spreading the word.  
Jan 7, 2020

Make the benefits of Ramadan Year Round

Giving in Ramadan is tradition. And it’s impact truly overwhelming. Thank you for helping us make so many children happy and be included in our Ramadan traditions like having khajoor. We’ve been visiting the orphanages and spending time with the children, learning their likes and preferences. “We like pizza,” stated 11 year old Adil (names changed as per GG policy), clenching his fists as if almost to protect his right to have a preference. Four other boys ranging in age from 8 to 12 chimed in, "Me too. Pizza."

That's when we realized the traditional way of feeding those in need biryani may have alternatives too like pizza or burgers on special occasions or every once in a while.

We also have an opportunity - with your help - to distribute dates next year to all children orphans  lof SOS Villages Pakistan all over the nation. This is a massive impactful project and we would welcome major contributions from you and every one you know. But imagine the impact. Imagine how simple coordination and delivery could transform joy, create inclusion and bring Ramadan's blessings, not just requirements to so many.

In order to make this happen, we need to start presiding from now. Making alliances with corporations and building funds to order and allocate for necesssry items and logistics.

But imagine the impact.

Imagine the impact of what began with you. You being a part of this. So please start giving monthly under our recurring programme for Ramandan 2020. Whether you start with $10 a month or $1000 a month, imagine your impact.

Thank you!





we also have anAs we focus on our goal of distributing these dates on Ramadan 2020, starting Friday, 24 April 2020 (estimated), we are fundraising so we can gear up for a major distribution drive. Some of you are asking us why donate now when there is time. Also, some people feel its better to give the donation during Ramadan, not in advance. So, we wanted to focus this report on our vision and how to make your donation more impactful. If all 7 of those in this group donated $15 every Friday the whole year, that would be $105 a week. 27 weeks from now, Ramadan will begin and $2835 will be raised and 3 1/2 orphanages will have supply for Ramadan every day for the entire month! This token amount weekly becomes impactful. From a religious point of view, it is feeding those and the feeding will take place in Ramadan even if the donations are consistent throughout the year. How beautiful is that. Lend a hand and see the joy unfold.

Dec 23, 2019

End the year by Educating a Girl

Thank you all for educating girls. 

To date, with the support of all 47 donors including you, we have raised $4770 on GlobalGiving.  Each and every girl who gets a chance through this programme needs a helping hand and cannot thank enough donors like you.

No matter how modern Turkey may seem, there are many areas where girls are discouraged. Cultures at times conflict and all too often this wonderful country is a place where girls are not allowed to soar.

Education helps bring about not just opportunity but clarity. An understanding of what one can do with one's life.

So, as 2019 ends. Why not end the year on the magical note of transforming another life. Educate a girl or two today.  And, if you can't right now then please donate $10 or if you can $100. If each of the 47 donors donated $100, we would raise $4700, which would more than double our funds to date and help us educate 30 more girls!!!  That's thirty lives changing, just by donating $100 today.  Yes, you can make a difference!  

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