Sep 13, 2018

Volunteers educate communities on helmet use

Helmets for Families partner Manulife Cambodia wins four International Customer Relationship Excellence Awards


Children participating in the Helmets for Families program in Kampong Cham City

Children participating in the Helmets for Families program in Kampong Cham City

AIP Foundation’s partner on the Helmets for Families program, Manulife Cambodia won four prestigious awards at the 2018 International Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards ceremony organized by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium on 15 June, 2018. The award categories included: Best Corporate Brand of the Year, Customer Engagement Programme of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership of the Year, and CEO of the Year in the Insurance Category – a special award from the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC) recognizing Manulife Cambodia CEO and General Manager Robert Elliott.

Since 2017, AIP Foundation has partnered with Manulife Cambodia to implement the Helmets for Families program. The program targets children and their road safety role models – their parents. Overall, 935 students, 43 teachers, and 70 mothers (1,048 total) were direct beneficiaries of program activities. Since helmet delivery in November 2017, rates of helmet use increased from 3% to 95%. AIP Foundation and Manulife Cambodia will continue Helmets for Families through the 2018-2019 school year. The program will be implemented in a primary school in Preah Sihanouk Province beginning in November 2018 and ending in August 2019. It is expected that 945 students, 40 teachers, and 70 parents (1,055 total) will receive helmets from the program.

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Youth road safety ambassadors visit local communities to educate on dangers of distracted driving

22-06-2018- Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Safety Delivered ambassadors speak with a local pharmacy employee about distracted driving. 

Safety Delivered ambassadors speak with a local pharmacy employee about distracted driving.

Throughout May and June, 60 youth road safety ambassadors from our Safety Delivered program visited businesses,  households, and schools across four districts of Phnom Penh to educate residents on the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving. The students distributed educational pamphlets to the community members, put up banners, and answered questions on distracted driving during the meetings. Other forms of dangerous distracted driving behaviors were also discussed as part of the awareness raising campaign. In total, the students reached an estimated 45,000 members of the community with their messaging. The awareness campaign is part of our Safety Delivered program sponsored by The UPS Foundation.

View more photos of the students meeting with community members here.

Manulife volunteers and local police engage with Kampong Cham community on road safety concepts

12-07-2018- Kampong Cham, Cambodia

 Police officer teaches important road safety signs to a student at Veal Vong Primary School.

Police officer teaches important road safety signs to a student at Veal Vong Primary School.

As part of our Helmets for Families program in Kampong Cham City, 11 Manulife staff volunteers had the opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ with their local community while distributing leaflets on helmets and road safety. Manulife volunteers toured the local streets and engaged with over 600 business owners and residents to clarify road safety issues and to support the message of why wearing a helmet when driving a motorcycle is essential.

Later the same day, Kampong Cham-based police officers and AIP Foundation staff conducted a training session with 160 Veal Vong Primary School students aimed at improving students’ knowledge and awareness on road safety issues. The police officers encouraged students to always practice good road safety behaviors that would keep them safe while traveling on the road, either as a pedestrian, cyclist, or as a passenger on a motorcycle. The students were then given a knowledge test by AIP Foundation staff on the lessons they had been taught.

View more photos from the outreach program and training session here.


Aug 20, 2018

Nearly 2 million first-graders across Vietnam to receive free, quality helmets

 A stakeholder at the announcement ceremony assists a first grade student with putting on her new helmet.

A stakeholder at the announcement ceremony assists a first grade student with putting on her new helmet.

As the summer enters its peak, AIP Foundation has continued to diversify its approaches to public education and awareness programs throughout Vietnam in addition to its programs. Read below to learn about some of our major updates from the past few months:

Nearly 2 million first- graders across Vietnam to receive quality helmets
5 July, 2018

The National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) and Honda Vietnam Company Ltd (Honda Vietnam) have announced that approximately 1.95 million quality helmets will be donated to all first-graders in Vietnam at the beginning of the upcoming 2018 school year. Protec, our social enterprise helmet factory, will produce approximately 700,000 of the helmets.

This exciting announcement represents the culmination of years of advocacy and awareness-raising by road safety stakeholders in Vietnam. At the beginning of 2015, we launched the National Child Helmet Action Plan (NCHAP) in Vietnam, bringing together major partners to discuss ways to sustain and improve child helmet use. As part of NCHAP, and in partnership with The UPS Foundation, we employed large-scale public awareness campaigns that helped increase child helmet use rates in Hanoi, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh.

The success of NCHAP has prompted the government to take action to promote child helmet use within the country. And on 19 January 2018, the Prime Minister issued Directive 04/CT-TTg, with the goal of raising child helmet use rates in Vietnam to 80% by 2020. The current helmet distribution plan sponsored aims to support this Directive as well as the earlier foundational work carried out by NCHAP.

View more photos from the announcement launch ceremony here.

Popular emoji icon reveals darker side in distracted driving campaign targeted at Vietnamese youth 
11 June, 2018- Ho Chi Minh City

A billboard featuring the campaignâs message installed at a university in Ho Chi Minh City to act as a constant reminder for students on their commute to and from school.

A billboard featuring the campaign’s message installed at a university in Ho Chi Minh City to act as a constant reminder for students on their commute to and from school.

The darker side of the popular emoji icon was revealed to audiences across Vietnam in a newly launched distracted driving campaign targeted at 15 to 29-year-olds. The campaign’s slogan is “Leave your phone alone or you could be next!” and features a sinister, evil emoji character as its key visual. The two associated TV commercials will be broadcast on national and provincial television channels; shown on televisions at target universities and at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City; incorporated into the communications plans for 63 provincial traffic safety committees; and disseminated through digital channels via an online media campaign. Thirty billboards featuring the campaign’s message will also be installed at 10 target universities as a constant reminder for students on their commute to and from school. AIP Foundation is leading the initiative as part of The UPS Foundation-supported Safety Delivered program and working in close consultation with the National Road Safety Committee, Ministry of Education, and target universities.

The campaign takes the familiar icon of a cute and innocent emoji and turns it into a lethal killer on the road by featuring a malicious emoji that preys on distracted motorcyclists. Through this innovative reimagining of common road situations into horror movie scenarios, the campaign addresses the consequences of unsafe behaviors such as calling, text messaging, and using the Internet. These behaviors cause a driver to become distracted, slow his or her reaction time, and affect his or her ability to make safe driving decisions.

According to baseline surveys of 927 male and female students from seven universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, 79% of students reported having used a mobile phone at least once while driving in the past six months. This represents a troubling reality, considering the World Health Organization found that a driver talking on a mobile phone is four times more likely to be involved in a road crash than one who is not. 

Read the full press release here.

View more photos from the launch here.

Helmets for Families sees increase in qulity helmet use by students, parents 
22 June, 2018- Ho Chi Minh City

 An Abbott volunteer adjusts the helmet for a student from Tan Thanh Dong Primary School, which participates in our Helmets for Kids program.

An Abbott volunteer adjusts the helmet for a student from Tan Thanh Dong Primary School, which participates in our Helmets for Families program.

Thanks to our Helmets for Families program implementation this year, both the average helmet-use rates among students and the percentage of parents and students wearing quality helmets have increased dramatically. Average helmet-use rates among students increased from 62% to 77% at our four schools in the Hoc Mon district of Ho Chi Minh City and from 18% to 90% at the two new target schools in Cu Chi district that were added to the program this school year. Observations were conducted using our rigorous helmet observation methodology developed in partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that utilizes strategic filming of traffic flows. These positive results can be attributed to road safety education conducted both inside and outside of the classroom, helmet distribution, and school policy enforcement.

For measurements on the quality of helmets being worn by students and parents, it was found that of all helmets checked, the percentage of parents’ helmets that meet national safety standards increased from 25% to 57% and the percentage of students’ helmets that meet national standards increased from 35% to 98%. These data points were calculated through random interviews of 181 parents at the gates of Tan Phu Trung and Tan Thanh Dong schools in January 2018 (baseline) and 207 parents in March 2018 (post implementation). Program intervention activities included parent trainings and helmet exchanges to replace substandard helmets with quality, new ones.

Helmets for Families, which recently celebrated its fifth year of implementation, is supported by the global healthcare company Abbott and implemented by AIP Foundation, the National Traffic Safety Committee, Ministry of Education and Training, Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Safety Committee, and the Department of Education and Training. 


Jun 18, 2018

Over 1,000 students receive helmets in Cambodia

40 mothers participate in a helmet use forum
40 mothers participate in a helmet use forum

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As we move from spring into summer, the school year is drawing to a close - but our work continues. Throughout Cambodia, we are continuing to implement sustainable, effective initiatives to help work towards our goal of ensuring that every child has the right to travel safely on the roads. Read on for more information about our recent activities:

International Women’s Day observed with road safety forum 
01 March, 2018 – Kampong Cham

In support of International Women’s Day, we organized a helmet use forum for 40 mothers at Veal Vong Primary School in Cambodia. The forum is a vital part of the Helmets for Families program, which is sponsored by Manulife Cambodia Plc. The mothers received information on the impact of road crashes on society and their families, the relationship between injury prevention and helmet use, and their role in encouraging helmet use among their families. Additionally, the mothers learned about the revised road traffic law in Cambodia, which now mandates that motorcycle passengers, including children over three years, wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

In addition to providing road safety education, our Helmets for Families program donated 1,048 helmets to teachers, students, and parents of Veal Vong Primary School in November 2017. We are collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, General Commiserate of National Police, and National Road Safety Committee to implement other activities at Veal Vong Primary School over the coming year.


Over 1,000 helmets donated to province that accounts for 5% of nationwide road crash casualties 
31 March, 2018- Kampong Cham

Over 1,000 quality helmets were donated to students and teachers from Batheay Primary School and High School as part of our Safety Delivered program supported by The UPS Foundation. Located on National Road 6A in Kampong Cham Province, the Batheay school district has recorded a high number of road crashes. In 2017, three people from the Batheay Primary School were injured in crashes, and between 2012 and 2017, five people died and 15 were seriously injured, including an ex-school director. In 2016, road crash casualties in Kampong Cham Province accounted for 5% of the nationwide total, with 86 people killed in the province.

During the week leading up to the helmet handover ceremonies, a road safety teacher training was conducted by AIP Foundation staff. A total of 68 teachers from both the high school and primary school attended the education session, which empowered them with the tools and training to pass on road safety knowledge to their students.

“This training is quite new for me and highly crucial towards being aware in order to avoid a road crash. I will distribute this information to my students, colleagues, and people in the community so they can better protect themselves from a road crash,” said Ms. Siv Chanthrea, School Principal of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen Batheay.

View more photos from the helmet handover ceremony and trainings here.


Youth ambassadors deliver distracted driving messaging to 1,000 people before Khmer New Year celebrations 
09-11 April, 2018- Phnom Penh

University students from our Safety Delivered program's youth ambassador network took to major arterial roads in Phnom Penh in order to spread awareness about distracted driving ahead of the Khmer New Year holiday. H.E. Min Meanvy, General Secretariat of the National Road Safety Committee, also participated in the initiative to show her support.

Statistics indicate that in Cambodia, a high number of road crashes occur around major holidays as many citizens travel across provinces to enjoy time with family and friends at home. During the three days of the campaign, approximately 1,000 road users were educated on the dangerous consequences of mobile phone use while driving, speeding, drunk driving, and not using a helmet. The road safety ambassadors volunteered their time and enthusiasm to ensure these road safety messages were delivered to road users.

View more photos from the campaign here.


460 students use course to experience road dangers in a safe environment 
24 & 31 May 2018- Phnom Penh

Over 460 primary school students practiced their road safety knowledge by riding their bicycles through a course simulating real-life traffic situations that confront the children everyday on the road. A motorcycle driving simulator was also present that allowed students to experience what it feels like to ride a motorcycle and avoid road hazards and distractions. The traffic course and motorcycle driving simulator were components of two road safety trainings organized by AIP Foundation and Honda for primary school students in May. AIP Foundation staff, Honda volunteers, and youth road safety ambassadors from Phnom Penh International University and the University of Cambodia provided guidance and corrected mistakes made by the students while on the course. They also provided road safety information on traffic laws, wearing a helmet, and being safe as pedestrians, cyclists and when riding a motorcycle. At the end of the training, the students participated in a Q&A to test their road safety knowledge.

View more photos from the trainings here.




Bantheay Primary School receives over 1000 helmets
Bantheay Primary School receives over 1000 helmets
Road users receive education before Khmer New year
Road users receive education before Khmer New year
Students practice skills on a road safety course
Students practice skills on a road safety course


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