Feb 27, 2020

Investing in young students and their communities in Cambodia

Investing in the safety and lives of young students at our program schools in Cambodia is a long-term investment in the growth and resilience of their communities.

Each year, road crash injuries and fatalities disproportionately burden the youngest individuals in society. Across the world, road crashes remain the leading cause of death for children and youth aged 5-29. The lives of these children and youth are tragically cut short at a time when they are learning and working towards brighter futures. 

It is time to work towards a more sustainable future for our children and youth. Please join us in supporting positive impacts and safer behavior on the roads through education, behavioral change, and positive inspiration for youth. 

Please read on to see what the past few months have held for AIP Foundation's work with young students and children in Cambodia.  

Students participating in a performance with their brand new helmets on stage.Students participating in a performance with their brand new helmets on stage.

Helmets for Families delivers quality helmets to students in third most populous province of Cambodia
December 12, 2019
The Helmets for Families program, organized by AIP Foundation with the support of Manulife Cambodia, held a symbolic helmet handover ceremony at Onlong Vil Primary School in Onlong Vil Commune, Sangke District, Battambang Province, in which 1,238 helmets were donated to students, teachers, and parents. The event was attended by provincial and national government representatives, including officers of Battambang Province, well as road safety stakeholders and representatives from Manulife Cambodia and AIP Foundation.
Despite the introduction of the universal helmet law in Cambodia in 2015, approximately 80-95% of students commute by motorcycle or bicycle at Onlong Vil Primary School, yet less than 5% of students wear helmets. At least 80% of students at Onlong Vil are from low-income local families, making it difficult for parents to afford a helmet for their children. The event concluded with stakeholders and representatives symbolically placing the donated helmets on students and teachers of Onlong Vil Primary School, representing the new partnership. 
The Helmets for Families program, which has operated in Cambodia since 2012, aims to provide parents with quality helmets, as well promote helmet use through engaging parents as role models, providing training opportunities, and targeting mothers—as well as their children—to be educated on safe road behaviors.

Read the Press Release to learn more about the event.

Students with their brand new helmets.Students with their brand new helmets during the Safety Delivered 2019 kick-off event in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Safety Delivered encourages students to wear motorcycle helmets as part of school uniforms
December 24, 2019

Nearly 720 primary school students and teachers at Chbar Amov 2 and Wat Mongkol Serei Kean Kleang Primary School in Phnom Penh received quality helmets and were encouraged to wear them as part of their school uniforms during the Safety Delivered 2019 kick-off event, implemented by AIP Foundation and supported by The UPS Foundation.

The event aims to inspire young students to be role models in their community by promoting helmet use. Over the course of the 2019-2020 program, The UPS Foundation will donate more than 2,000 helmets to primary schools located in high-risk communities. 
Since we have the passenger helmet law in place, we began enforcement of the mandatory passenger helmet law nationwide,” Mr. Chan Buntheurn, Commune Chief of Traffic Police of Chroy Changvar Commune, said. “Since then, we have seen a dramatic increase in safer road behaviors in our community. It’s programs like Safety Delivered which complement our robust law enforcement efforts, and inspire us to continue pushing toward our goal of halving Cambodia’s road crash deaths by 2020.” 
Chbar Ampov 2 and Wat Mongkol Serei Kean Kleang Primary School are located on busy, national roads.
In 2017, at least two students from these schools were reported to have passed away due to a road crash. Tragically, one of those students was not wearing a helmet when his father was driving him home from school, suffering a fatal head injury caused by a motorcycle crash. Currently in Cambodia, 80% of students commute to school by motorcycles and bicycles though only about 1% wear helmets.In addition to receiving helmets, students and their teachers also participated in educational activities during the event to learn more about road crash prevention.
The program also engages parents to positively influence and promote safe behaviors among students. “Children are our most valuable asset and our society, but they are also a vulnerable group. We are committed to working with our parents,” said Phan Sokheayayy, Director of Wat Mongkol Serei Kean Khleang Primary School. 
Read more about the ceremony and the Safety Delivered program in the Press Release here.
View more photos from the event here. 
Feb 4, 2020

Welcoming the new year, committing to child safety

AIP Foundation welcomes the 2020 new year and would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to the many supporters who have contributed their time, generosity, and energy to promote safer roads and safer lives across our program countries and communities.

In Vietnam, the year-end saw the successful distribution of quality helmets to vulnerable communities, including students and teachers at high risk of road crash-related injuries and fatalities. Thanks to the invaluable support of donors and the engagement of teachers, parents, volunteers, and our teams on the ground, communities received helmet safety training and road safety education to enable them to make safer decisions as road users.

Please read on to see the positive impact we can make through continued collaboration and engagement to promote the safety of communities worldwide.

200 teachers and parents inspired to encourage children helmet use in Ho Chi Minh city through Safety DeliveredTeachers volunteered to demonstrate how to wear helmet correctly in Can Gio Ward, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

200 teachers and parents inspired to encourage children helmet use in Ho Chi Minh city through Safety Delivered

November 10, 2019

2 November 2019 – 10 November 2019 

During the first week of November, the Safety Delivered 2019-2020 program in Vietnam held three teacher training workshops for a total of 200 parents and teachers across three project schools in Go Vap District, District 12, and Can Gio Ward in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with the aim of encouraging child helmet use and empowering teachers to serve as positive role models for the students.

At the training sessions, parents and teachers were first informed of the road crash crisis in Vietnam to emphasize the importance of road safety education for young children. The participants were then trained on proper helmet wearing technique, including how to ensure a helmet fits properly and how to correctly wear and adjust the chin strap. Following the helmet training, teachers were encouraged to share their own experiences and challenges in discussing helmet safety with students. Through the workshops, both teachers and parents received the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers on effectively communicating the importance of helmet wearing to students, and were equipped with proper helmet safety methods and techniques. 

See more photos from the workshops here. 

Safety Delivered brings helmet safety education to students with physical disabilities in Ho Chi Minh CityStudents at Hy Vong school make a commitment to wearing helmets after spending the morning playing exciting road safety games and activities.

Safety Delivered brings helmet safety education to students with physical disabilities in Ho Chi Minh City

November 13, 2019

AIP Foundation staff and volunteers joined nearly 200 students at Hy Vong school, a school for children with physical disabilities, in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on November 13, 2019, for a helmet handover ceremony to encourage students to learn more about road safety through engaging games and educational activities. The helmet handover ceremony was a part of the Safety Delivered program, which is supported by the UPS Foundation and aims to increase child helmet wearing rates and reduce youth distracted driving behavior through school-based education, public awareness campaigns, and advocacy in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and India. 

Students at Hy Vong Primary school received new helmets and learned how to wear their new helmets properly, including how to adjust the chin strap and ensure proper size and fit. The volunteers also supported students in discussing why it is important to wear a helmet whenever traveling via motorcycle or bicycle. 

Nine additional helmet handover ceremonies took place throughout November in Go Vap, District 12, and Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City, delivering more than 5,000 helmets to students across 7 schools through the Safety Delivered program.

To see more photos from the helmet handover ceremony at Hy Vong, please click here.

Students participate in a flash mob dance after receiving their new helmets.Students participate in a flash mob dance after receiving their new helmets.

UPS Volunteers and AIP Foundation Kick Off ‘Safety Delivered 2019-2020’

December 3, 2019

In celebration of AIP Foundation’s Safety Delivered program, nearly 1,600 attendees, including volunteers from UPS (NYSE: UPS), students, parents, school officials, and local stakeholders, banded together to raise awareness for road safety through a kick- off ceremony and motorcycle parade at Ho Van Thanh Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Supported by UPS and The UPS Foundation, Safety Delivered is a program by the AIP Foundation that works with young, inexperienced motorcycle riders in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines and India, to educate and eliminate distracted riding behavior, as well as increase helmet use among children.

Russell Reed, Managing Director of UPS Thailand and Vietnam stated, “Everyone has a part to play in creating safer roads and drivers. I am heartened by the dedicated efforts of our UPS Vietnam volunteers working with AIP Foundation to increase students’ knowledge of road safety. Community change requires the concerted effort of advocates and stakeholders alike in promoting positive habits. In doing so, we can create a powerful multiplier effect that will boost road safety efforts and save lives on the roads across Vietnam.”

To read more about the event, please see the Press Release here. 

View photos from the event. 


Mr. Anthony Salapete, Vice President, MTM Architecture of Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Company (VNG) places a brand new helmet on a student at Phu Xuan Primary School.

Helmets for Kids targets at-risk students in Vinh Phuc Province for the second year in a row

December 19, 2019

In response to the Vietnam National Traffic Safety Committee’s 2019 traffic safety action plan, which calls for better traffic safety measures for motorcyclists and passengers, AIP Foundation addressed non-helmet use among children through its Helmets for Kids program by providing more than 400 helmets to at-risk students at Phu Xuan Primary School in Binh Xuyen District, a rural district of Vinh Phuc Province in the Red River Delta region of Northern Vietnam. The Helmets for Kids is supported by the Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Company (VNG) – TAL Apparel. 

At the helmet handover ceremony, students and parents from Phu Xuan Primary School were in attendance, in addition to representatives from the National Traffic Safety Committee, Vinh Phuc Traffic Safety Committee, Vinh Phuc Department of Education and Training, Binh Xuyen Bureau of Education and Training, and the Binh Xuyen People’s Committee. AIP Foundation staff and representatives of TAL Apparel also attended the ceremony.

Pre-helmet observations conducted by AIP Foundation showed that while more than 95% of the students at Phu Xuan Primary School travel to school by motorcycle with adults or alone on bicycles, 0% of students were found to wear helmets.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Thai, Chief of the secretariat of the National Traffic Safety Committee remarked, “The issue of non-child helmet use is of great concern, which highlights the need for strong collaboration from the private sector, such as the TAL Group, to address traffic safety issues for children. The need for greater road crash prevention awareness at Phu Xuan Primary School is of the utmost importance. Students should not be on our roads without protective equipment for their developing brains. The Helmets for Kids program will demonstrate to students, as well as their parents, the importance of wearing a helmet whenever they are traveling on a motorcycle or bicycle.”

To learn more about the ceremony, read the Press Release here.

View photos from the ceremony here.

Dec 2, 2019

Partnering with schools for students' lives

Protecting the lives of students and ensuring their safety on the roads requires dedicated partnerships with families, schools, and governments. These past few months, AIP Foundation has continued to work with teachers, parents, students, and stakeholders to promote broader community awareness and knowledge regarding the importance of helmet use. Through these partnerships, we have launched school-based education campaigns and helmet distributions to provide life-saving knowledge and access to safety equipment for students in Cambodia. 

At Onlong Vil Primary School in Battambang Province, Cambodia, as part of our Helmets for Families program, we worked with schools and volunteers to carry out head measurements of 60 student representatives to ensure the student beneficiaries are properly fitted for the quality helmets they will receive during the 2019-2020 school year. During the upcoming school year, we will distribute over 1,200 helmets to students, teachers, and parents at Onlong Vil Primary School. Together with students, we also painted murals on school walls to spread positive messages about road safety. Through interactive extracurricular activities which reinforce road safety messages for students, we aim to empower them to promote safer behaviors to their peers and teachers.

During the Second Annual Conference on Road Safety in Cambodia, we shared the positive results of our safe school zone campaign in Vietnam. Promoting the lives and well-being of students requires partnerships across countries and the exchange of knowledge: for the stakeholders gathered in Phnom Penh, we discussed the importance of public awareness campaigns, tailored school zone modifications, and pilot road safety e-curriculum for our work in Vietnam.

We will continue to work to leverage our partnerships and promote safer road behavior to ensure the well-being of our student beneficiaries and vulnerable road users across our program countries.  

Read on to see these partnerships in action. 


"Everything is for children's road safety" message painted on walls of school in CambodiaVolunteers from Manulife Cambodia and AIP Foundation staff paint a mural which reads, "Everything is for children's road safety," on school walls.

“Everything is for children’s road safety” message painted on school walls in Cambodia

November 21, 2019

In support of the Helmets for Families program, Manulife Cambodia volunteers joined AIP Foundation staff to paint murals with positive messages about road safety on the school walls at Onlong Vil Primary School, as part of a larger effort to promote helmet-wearing among students during their commutes to and from school. The students were excited to participate in the painting with the volunteers.

This activity follows helmet measurements which were taken the day before at the school. During the 2019-2020 school year, with the support of Manulife Cambodia, AIP Foundation aims to distribute over 1,200 helmets to students, teachers, and parents at Onlong Vil Primary School through the Helmets for Families program.

See more photos from the activity here.


Manulife Cambodia volunteer helps student with helmet fitting.Manulife Cambodia volunteer assists a student with proper helmet fitting at Onlong Vil Primary School.

Manulife Cambodia volunteers support AIP Foundation in conducting helmet measurements for students through Helmets for Families

November 20, 2019 - Battambang Province, Cambodia
Manulife Cambodia and AIP Foundation staff conducted helmet fittings with 60 student representatives at Onlong Vil Primary School, Battambang Province, on November 20, 2019, as part of the Helmets for Families program. Manulife Cambodia’s volunteers committed their time to engage with students and discuss road safety awareness topics during the head measurements.
Following the helmet measurements, AIP Foundation and Manulife Cambodia will conduct a pre-intervention student knowledge test to gain a better understanding of the students’ awareness of road crash risk before the program officially begins.During the 2019-2020 school year, with the support of Manulife Cambodia, AIP Foundation aims to distribute over 1,200 helmets to students, teachers, and parents at Onlong Vil Primary School. 
Since 2012, AIP Foundation and Manulife Cambodia have partnered together to protect the most vulnerable road users through the Helmets for Families and have donated over 5,000 high-quality helmets.
See photos here.

Slow Zones, Safe Zones highlight results presented at the 2nd Annual Conference for Road Safety in Cambodia

AIP Foundation Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant, Minh Vo, delivering presentation at the 2nd Annual Conference for Road Safety in Cambodia.
Slow Zones, Safe Zones highlight results presented at the 2nd Annual Conference for Road Safety in Cambodia
September 5, 2019 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
AIP Foundation presented mid-term highlight results of the Slow Zones, Safe Zones program, a speed reduction program in Pleiku City, Vietnam, that began in April 2018 and will conclude in March 2020, at the Second Annual Conference for Road Safety in Cambodia.
Slow Zones, Safe Zones uses a multi-pronged approach to reduce speed through constructing tailored school zone modifications, implementing public awareness campaigns, piloting a nationally-applicable road safety e-curriculum, enforcing speed limits in school zones, and advocating for legislative change. In Vietnam, 25% of road crashes are caused by speeding.
Through post-implementation vehicle speed measurements, preliminary speed results show that the average speed of motorcycles around the pilot schools was reduced by an average of 5 km/hour, the average speed of cars reduced by 11 km/hour, and larger vehicles, such as buses, showed reductions of almost 20 km/hour.
The audience members were active participants in the discussion, raising questions about the police enforcement component, as well as the Star Ratings for Schools Assessment and e-curriculum development.The Second Annual Conference for Road Safety in Cambodia brought together policy makers, concerned government bodies, non-governmental organizations, private sector, media, and road safety advocates in support of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
You can read more about the conference here.
Read the Press Release and view more photos from the conference.
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