Sep 17, 2020

Utilizing Media to Promote Helmet Safety

AIP Foundation continued this month to raise awareness on the importance of helmet use through its Safety Delivered Program supported by The UPS Foundation since 2017. Safety Delivered is engaging students in conversations about road safety in a creative manner; such as multimedia campaigns that involve the airing of AIP Foundation’s public service announcement, “Love your child, provide a helmet,” a moving video of a child on a motorcycle with her parents while not wearing a helmet.  The campaign goes to show that it’s never too early to engage children on safe road habits, and through awareness-raising activities through media to promote sustainable, safer road habits at schools in the communities.

Read more below for further information in this regard, as well as watch our PSA video through the web links provided.

Safety Delivered's "3 steps, be safe" video features Ngân Chi.
Kick-starting the school year in Vietnam with a helmet safety public service announcement

September 16, 2020

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam—September 16, 2020

On the official “first day” back at school in Vietnam and in recognition of Vietnam’s annual traffic safety month in September, Safety Delivered, a program implemented by AIP Foundation and supported by The UPS Foundation, released a new PSA video, “u ba buoc, ruoc bình an,” or “3 steps, be safe.” The PSA reached nearly 80,000 users and received over 43,000 views on Safety Delivered’s Facebook page in just the first 4 days.

Millions of children will make their journey to and from school by motorbike, the most common form of transportation in Vietnam. Motorbike riders and children are the most vulnerable road users. While helmet use is compulsory, proper helmet use is still a challenge. The PSA uses a fun song and dance where the roles are switched between parent and child to playfully remind students, parents, and community members of the 3 steps to ensure proper helmet use.

Later in September, the Safety Delivered program, with support from the Department of Education and Training, will host a contest inviting students from Ho Chi Minh City and Thai Nguyen province to compete with a dance cover of the song.

To watch the video in Vietnamese, please click here.

To watch the video in English, please click here.

Jun 22, 2020

Celebrating Children's Day in Cambodia

Each year, for International Children's Day, AIP Foundation joins parents, teachers, and communities around the world in celebrating the safety and well-being of the children in our lives. With each passing year also comes the reminder of our collective duty and responsibility to create a world that is safer for children, so they can work towards brighter futures and fulfill their highest potential. 

At AIP Foundation, we understand that protecting children and youth will require the involvement of all sectors of society to make the world's roads safer. Only in working together can we protect children on every journey to and from school, ensuring that they can get back safely to their families. Through smart and responsible investments, public education, awareness-raising, and partnerships across society, we can work towards a world where each International Children's Day celebrates a world where children do not face harm or injury on the roads. 

The changes towards a world with safer roads may begin small, but collectively, we can work to promote broad shifts in the behavior of road users and in the priorities of governments. Let us remember that we can do more for the children in our lives and for their friends and peers across the globe. 

Please read on to see how AIP Foundation is working to progress to a world with safer roads for young students and children in Cambodia.

Children reading banners with road crash prevention messages in front of primary school in Phnom Penh.

Students reminded of life-saving road behaviors in Cambodia during International Children’s Day 

June 1, 2020

In celebration of International Children’s Day, AIP Foundation hung long banners with messages reminding students of life-saving behaviors, such as helmet-wearing, in front of school gates at four primary schools in Phnom Penh. The banners also featured messages directed towards parents about the dangers of speeding and distracted driving.

These educational activities follow donations of nearly 2,000 helmets to students and teachers at Chey Chumneas, Chbar Ampov 2, Hangor Sraschok, and Kean Kleang Primary School, in December 2019 and January 2020.  The initial results of our donations surpassed our expectations with average helmet use rates across the schools, originally near zero, increasing to 58 percent.  

To support behavior change and enforcement, AIP Foundation partners with university students who serve as Youth Ambassadors for Road Safety through our Safety Delivered program, empowering them as positive road safety role models.

Passage of Increased Fines for Road Traffic Laws in Cambodia in Effect May 2020

May 1, 2020

The Cambodian government recently amended its Sub-Decree on Fines on Road Traffic Offenses, taking effect May 1, 2020. The amendment increases traffic fines by three to five times their previous amounts for offenses such as failure to wear a helmet, speeding, ignoring traffic signs, failing a sobriety test, and using a mobile phone while driving, among other violations.

Police records during the first 31 days of the enforcement of the amended sub-decree reveal that hand-held mobile phone use accounted for over 1% of issued fines on motorcyclists, and over 8.6% of fines on four-wheeled vehicle drivers. To enforce the updated laws, the government has trained 3,919 police personnel on the new regulations.

AIP Foundation has been a strong advocate for stricter traffic laws and enforcement in Cambodia, where it has launched several road safety interventions targeting high-risk road behaviors. Since 2017, the organization’s Safety Delivered program has focused on addressing mobile phone use, helmets, speeding, seatbelts, and drink driving, including a series of street-based awareness campaigns in partnership with the Cambodia Traffic Police and with university students serving as Youth Ambassadors for Road Safety.

AIP Foundation continues to support efforts to protect vulnerable road users in Cambodia by improving traffic enforcement and legislation, including working with the National Road Safety Committee to discuss action plans for decreasing road fatalities nationwide, engaging traffic police in our road safety activities with students, and training university educators on the importance of improving youth driving behaviors. 

Mothers in Battambang, Cambodia, learned about road traffic laws and the importance of safe road behaviors during major upcoming holidays, such as Khmer New Year.Mothers in Battambang, Cambodia, learned about road traffic laws and the importance of safe road behaviors during major upcoming holidays, such as Khmer New Year.

Engaging Mothers on International Women's Day for Road Safety Forum in Cambodia

March 4, 2020

In celebration of International Women’s Day, AIP Foundation organized a helmet-use forum for 40 mothers of students at Onlong Vil Primary School in Battambang, Cambodia. Educating parents of students at target schools on the importance of helmet use is a vital part of the Helmets for Families program, supported by Manulife Cambodia.

At the forum, mothers received information on the impact of road crashes on society and their families, the relationship between helmet use and injury prevention, and their valuable role in encouraging helmet use in their families. Additionally, the mothers learned about road traffic laws in Cambodia and the importance of safe road behaviors during major holidays, such as the upcoming Khmer New Year, when the amount of road traffic and the likelihood of road crashes increases. 

Following the forum, 600 students from Onlong Vil Primary School also received training on road safety through extracurricular activities and games, in which students learned the importance of helmet use and learned how to read traffic signs, cross the road safely, and properly ride on a motorcycle with their parents.

The Helmets for Families program donated 1,238 helmets to teachers, students, and parents of Onlong Vil Primary School in December 2019. In the coming months, the Helmets for Families will continue to implement other activities at Onlong Vil Primary School to promote helmet use knowledge, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, General Commiserate of National Police, and National Road Safety Committee.

See more photos from the road safety forum here.

May 26, 2020

Celebrating child education and empowering road safety campaigns

AIP Foundation celebrates over 1 year of progress in promoting child road safety in Vietnam through our Vietnam Mobile Kids 2019-2020 road safety campaign.

We dedicate this month to showcasing the positive impact we've achieved with promoting student education on road safety during these past few months, including developing lessons for an E-curriculum on road safety and launching school visits to deliver engaging and educational sessions to students.

Read more below to see how we partnered up through the road safety campaign to promote positive road safety outcomes inside and outside of the classroom.

A student speaks during an educational training on road safety in front of a school zone mock-up installed in her classroom. 

Program Spotlight: Vietnam Mobile Kids 2019-2020 Road Safety Campaign   

January 2019 - April 2020 

AIP Foundation launched the first phase of its Vietnam Mobile Kids road safety campaign last year in January 2019 with the aim of addressing the unique road safety needs and environment of target communities and primary school students in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The Vietnam Mobile Kids campaign focused on two key components: the first program component involved the development of an innovative E-curriculum on traffic safety, with the support of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam and the Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge. Through the Vietnam Mobile Kids campaign, two lessons were developed--one on Bus and Train Safety and the other on Boat Safety--as part of a total 10-lesson road safety E-curriculum. The traffic safety E-curriculum will ensure that students have the knowledge they need to travel safely during their journeys to and from school.

In addition to the traffic safety E-curriculum, the second component of the Vietnam Mobile Kids campaign involved educational classroom trainings on road safety, designed to educate students on 3 key topics: 1) Helmet Safety, 2) Safe Walking, and 3) Safe Crossing. The school trainings relied on examples of different real-life situations around schools to teach the students in a practical and relatable way. 

Last year, during the month of May, AIP Foundation engaged over 900 students and 60 teachers and staff in each of these educational topics at Le Van Tho Primary School. The school was selected for the Vietnam Mobile Kids campaign due to its location on a crowded street without adequate sidewalks or pedestrian infrastructure for students.

In response to the vulnerability of students and low awareness on safe pedestrian behaviors, AIP Foundation developed a booklet through the Vietnam Mobile Kids campaign to promote crucial knowledge on key road safety topics, including ways to stay safer and more visible on the roads. The campaign also leveraged educational school visits and classroom trainings on road safety with the support of a professional trainer. In addition to the classroom trainings, Vietnam Mobile Kids distributed educational and entertaining materials on road safety and installed school-zone mock-ups in classrooms to teach students safe behaviors in an applicable manner. 

AIP Foundation evaluated the impact of the Vietnam Mobile Kids road safety campaign and its educational trainings following the classroom trainings and educational sessions. For the program evaluation, a total 237 students from 6 classes were randomly selected and tested on key road safety topics. The knowledge tests demonstrated that the percentage of students with good or excellent road safety knowledge increased from 61.4% pre-intervention, to 81.4% of students in post-intervention. 

AIP Foundation celebrates these positive outcomes as a clear demonstration of the positive impact we can achieve by investing in our students' education. We aim to continue to work with our partners to promote the integration of road safety topics in the classroom in a way that is practical, fun, and engaging for our students. We hope this program spotlight showcases the progress we can achieve by working together to empower our children and promote a generation of safer road users in the future. 

About Vietnam Mobile Kids

Since 2018, AIP Foundation partnered with Mercedes-Benz Vietnam through the Vietnam Mobile Kids road safety campaign to raise the road safety awareness of students, teachers, and community members in Ho Chi Minh City.

Through school-based road safety educational activities and the development of a traffic safety e-curriculum, the Vietnam Mobile Kids campaign leverages educational and entertaining materials to promote “edutainment” in road safety education. The campaign features a school-based educational tour with Moki, the campaign’s road safety mascot, and engages students in interactive challenges and activities to promote understanding of key road safety topics. 

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