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Jun 8, 2015

Making summer memorable for the terminally ill children under VERA care.

Dear donor,

it is thanks to your input that this charity project is about 1/3 through by now. We have raised 3,794$ out of 11,500$ - the amount our foundation spends each month to provide life supporting nutrition to hundreds of children with different neurological and genetic malfunctions. 

Thank you, first time donors and those who have made it a montly ritual to support our cause by appointing recurring donations. We at VERA Hospice charity fund are deeply touched by your support and feel inspired to keep up the hard work knowing that it resonates in your hearts too. 

During the months that passed since our previous report, a lot has happened. We have included more children from all parts of Russia into our care program and sadly have lost some. 

In addition to every day work that includes fundraising and coordinating help for families with children who need palliative care, we organize events that bring them together.

In May we held an important annual meeting for parents and syblings of those who passed called Memory day - one of the most moving events where love and appreciation take over grief and sadness. 

On the first day of June we did something we haven't had the courage or support to try before: we gathered several families with terminally ill children and took them out for a summer camp. It was brave of them to agree. Most of these children have extremely fragile immunity system and are forced to avoid contacts outside of their home or hospital. All of them have muscular or spinal problems and therefore difficulty moving or sometimes even laying down properly. Yet, they took the risk of joining this project. Because no matter what the limitations are, there should always be space for little miracles in a child's life. And the miracle happened. During this week of vacation they got to meet new friends, they got to see new places, they got to touch the water and grass, as they rarely do, to laugh together and to feel included. They got to be happy. The organizers at Moscow Country Club in Nakhabino who sponsored this trip made sure they had all kinds of fun every day and also everything they needed to feel comfortable. 

I am attaching this picture taken on the last day of the camp - with children, parents and volunteers looking so happy together. A few of these children are the ones who have been receiving tube nutrition from VERA fund because you helped us raise funds to purchase it.

Thank you! And please, stay with us. The conditions these children are in may show some alterations from time to time, but they will not go away. Let the help be there for them for as long as they are in need for it. 

With best regards,


Mar 16, 2015

Thank you for your help + News update

Dear Vera Hospic Chairty Fund donor,

I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate you help. 

These last few months have been difficult for Russian charity due to economy stagnation and default. No matter how difficult or how easy the time period is, there are always people who get seriously ill, always those in need of palliative help. Which is why the only way for us to cope with the situtaion is working harder to figure out more fundraising opportunitites. 

Last week our parter - "friend of" Vera Fund started its fundraising activity in the US. To learn more about what we do and how we do it within childrens' care program in English and to be able to give more support from abroad, please join us at 

During February 2015, our in-home care team made 650 visits to children with incurable deseases and their families, organized 8 events for parents and siblings, including group therapy and festivals, included 23 new patients into the program, had the in-home care staff undergo a new qualifiction course. Within one months, we spent the whole of 109,650$ on medication, equipment, expendabe care materials and social support. You will find more detaild expenses report on our website

Please, let us know if you have questions regarding the activities of Vera Fund and come back to donate again. We appreaciate your support and intend to carry on doing our job for as long as it is needed, no matter what the economy dynamics show. 

With best regards,

Vera Hospice Charity Fund staff

Jan 21, 2015

Project funded + Ways to help the terminally ill

Dear donors, 

it's been almost five months since we launched the fundrasing project for children who are unable to breathe independently. Now that the project is funded, we want to tell you about the results and about ways to stay with us, helping hundreds of terminally ill children and adults in Russia receive proper palliative care. These last months have been especially challenging for NCO fundraising since Russian economy has started changing. We greatly appreciate your input. 

We are currently running another crowdfunding project - raising funds for children who cannot take regular nutrition and are therefore in constant need of special form of it in order to keep up their lives:

Alternative ways to support our cause, including recurring donations, can be found here:

Over the months this current project was being run, we have bought air supply machines for children all over Russia and provided supplies for dozens of others, who received their machines earlier. One of the children, whom you helped to return home, was Ilya. Ilya is 15 now, and from our experience, this may be the most difficult age to deal with a life limiting condition. As part of this report, we are publishing Ilya's story and a thank you note from his family.

         Diagnosed with Duchenne muscular distrophy, Ilya has not been able to walk since the age of 7, when his room became the only space for comfortable living for the boy. Dad has made sure everything in the room was arranged in a way for his son to feel as independent. And Mom was always by his side to help.

         8 years later, with the disease progressing, his breathing broke down and Ilya was admitted to hospital and attached to air supply machine. At that point all he could dream about was getting back to his tiny world, where everything was familiar and meant for him to feel active. But there seemed to be no hope of going back home soon: portable ventilator machines cost far too much for the family to afford. Ilya became deeply depressed and felt as though his life had ended already.

         With your your donations and support, Vera Fund have raised enough funds to buy the individual air supply machine for this boy. Once Ilya returned home, his heart melted and soon enough he remembered how to be excited about things and how to enjoy life, even with difficulties and restrictions Duchene has included in it.

         Of course, there are still fears in Ilya's heart and his parents are facing the prospect of progressive deterioration of muscle and loss of movement eventually leading to paralysis, with possible intellectual impairment for their boy. But what matters right now is that Ilya is home, that Mom, Dad and sister are there to surround him with love and care.

         Below is the thank you note we received from Ilya's family. It is addressed to Vera's coordinator who works with the family Alexandra and to all of you, our donors, with deep gratitude:

"Dear Alexandra,

happy holidays to you, your team and to all those people out there who did not turn away from our tragedy and chose to help. We wish you all health and happiness, and anything you may wish for yourselves.Thank you for letting us believe and for keeping up our hopes for a better living of our son!

 With best regards,

 Volchkovs family"

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