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Jun 9, 2015

The project is going well

Thanks to donations received from other donors very sensitive to “Rehabilitation Project” we have achieved important results during these first months of work.

Till now doctor Gift, the physiotherapist of Mangochi, visits 70 disabled (54 children and 16 adults), among them 38 have recurred regularly every month to undergo physical therapy while the other 32 have attended sporadically. To try to understand better the various cases and situations, it will be filled a form (asking only two voluntary group who can write) for the collection of additional information about patient’s living conditions and family.
The doctor Gift pointed out that being alone is not able for him in one day to visit 40 people, therefore he has proposed to visit the patients 2 times a month, dividing the workload in 2 days, visiting 20 patients at a time.

Due to the considerable difficulty and distance about twenty disabled need to be transported with the pick up at the Hall.
It takes about 3 hours to do this.
Volunteers group Tiyende Pamodzi and some care givers who accompany disabled, also provide to the people gathered in the hall and waiting to be visited, a meal consisting of a bowl of rice porridge. Welcome people with food in a context of extreme poverty such as the rural countryside of Malawi, is extremely significant and encourages the careful and patient participation.
Our referent Marina Zanotti says that children who began treatment are better followed now and the mothers and grandmothers has increased their attention. There is a lot of collaboration between the mothers and the volunteers of the group that are very interested and involved in the project.
In case of identified malnourished children, volunteers give them 2 kg of rice and 2 kg of likhuni phala, a flour rich in vitamins and minerals.
They recently purchased four 10/15 cm high mattresses to be able to do rehabilitation exercises to children (as you can see from the photos).

There are more and more people who, after visited, require special safeguards to improve their living conditions (wheelchairs, normal and special, crutches, sun angle, walkers etc ...) as well as people who need to be visited by specialists or consultants of Mangochi’s Hospital.

Much has been done since the beginning of this project, with new donations we can do even more!

May 28, 2015

The project "Ecological Ovens" proceeds

famiglia beneficiaria forni ecologici Eritrea
famiglia beneficiaria forni ecologici Eritrea

The project "Ecological Ovens" is going well, since February, we built another 2 ovens for two Eritrean families. Throughout today we got to 10 ecological ovens made.
The importance of this project, which improves the quality of life and the power of Eritrean families, is also evident from the conferences held at Expo where they talked about ecological ovens Mogogo and their benefits. An estimated 50 million people daily use the simple traditional clay ovens to cook Injera, a spongy cake of mixed grain cooked on a large flat black clay under a metal cover that for its shape resembles a hat.
The innovation of the "Ecological Ovens" notable advantages: the walls of the oven are thermally insulated, the combustion chamber is ceramic, closed and protected, it provides for a system of introduction of combustion air and discharge of the ashes and the pipe of uptake of combustion fumes. This reduces the time and, not least, the damage to health by channeling the fumes from burning.

We’ll keep you posted on the development of the project, thanks for your support!

famiglia beneficiaria forni ecologici Eritrea2
famiglia beneficiaria forni ecologici Eritrea2
May 19, 2015

Project update on May 2015

Well and reservoir in operation
Well and reservoir in operation

Our second mission to monitor the project has just ended. Our volunteers were able to see the progress of the "Dayly bread farm".
As regards the agricultural program, the first crop of peanuts has been made. The crop was plentiful, a portion was used to integrate the food of children's center, another was transformed into oil and sold at the local market. Proceeds from this sale were used to cover part of the cost of the Child Care Centre.

The construction of well and reservoir is finished; unfortunately the construction of henhouse have suffered delays, due to the approval of the estimated costs by the manufacturer. A few days ago it was signed the budget and began production of materials needed for construction. They were also purchased other farm animals: 500 chickens and 100 rabbits.

We expect to start construction works soon, we will keep you updated!
Thanks to all benefactors who donated and who believed in this project.

Part of the animals bought in this time
Part of the animals bought in this time
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