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Jun 22, 2015

Pillars of Bal Asha Trust

Amazing women - Akkatai Kamble
Amazing women - Akkatai Kamble

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Mumbai, India!

"It's raining cats and dogs" in Mumbai since yesterday.  Mumbai has stranded, people cannot reach offices and schools closed.

The government had announced that citizens should not go out of home unless absolutely necessary.  So, Mumbai is relaxing from its busy life, so for some its movie time or for others it’s luxury to just sip a coffee in the balcony. 

What do some amazing women of Bal Asha Trust do when they have children to take care and when they are in different parts of the city.   They need to reach the children .  They live anything between 2 kms – 50 kms away from the children’s home.

These care takers are responsible for  taking care of children.  They take care of them, feed, clean and give them a warm loving hug. 

One of the worried women that day was Mrs. Akkatai Kamble.   She had to reach Bal Asha as she was incharge of child Mary’s routine for her duty.  Mary had gone through a major heart surgery a few months.  Mary is doing well, but is still very weak. She needs personal attention with lots of love and care. 

Determined to reach in Bal Asha as she also knew with city flooded other colleagues will also find difficult to reach the home. 

She took a train from the suburbs only to realize that the train had stopped midway as the station ahead was flooded.  The crowd started jumping on the rail tracks so they could walk to the nearest station.  She did the same.   After coming out of the station she was able to take a bus for a few kilometres.   She again found herself in the flood water as the bus could not proceed any further... She walked rest of the distance.

As you can see in the photo she has a beautiful smile on her face holding Mary.  Bal Asha Trust has these committed women who take care of children 24 x 7. 

The team of Bal Asha Trust has found itself in many such conditions or situations biggest floods in July 2005 or even the terrorist attacks 26/11, but they have always kept the children first before their own comfort or safety.  

These are strong “Pillars of Bal Asha Trust". As the main focus of our team is to be family for all those children who have none. 

We thank you for being part of this family.

Jun 1, 2015

Summer Holidays !

Children participating in the activity
Children participating in the activity

To beat Mumbai’s scorching heat and keep our children away from the harsh summer, Bal asha has organized a summer activity camp for the children on its cool environs. We always want to  create a home-like and a funfilled environment for the destitute children unlike a typical institution.

Each year Bal Asha Trust plans something new and creative for the children during the holidays to give them that special edge along with a conducive environment. And this summer break was an ideal opportunity to keep their spirit alive.

There were indoor games/activities/workshops of all kinds, activities like cooking Indian snacks and some delectable western snacks too like making sandwiches with a whole range of different fillings and decorating cakes. Activities like puppetry, clay modeling, mask making, making greating cards, cleaning the environment and storytelling were also on the cards.

A visit to a play park was the highlight. Each child displayed his/her skills and all were in a competitive mood . Noise, mimicry, shouts of laughter and playfulness rent the air. There was an all round  spirit of happiness and cheer clearly visible. The entire activity was planned and organized by Bal asha’s visiting psychologist, Ms Pradnya Aklekar, who had meticulously planned each day with different things   Our volunteers from both local and international schools helped helped us in conducting the events. 

The children are spending an exciting summer thanks to your continuous support.  Thank you !

The schools will reopen shortly in two weeks and rainy season is also round the corner.  We now prepare for the same.

We request you to please share about Bal Asha Trust with your friends over email, FB or anyway you feel comfortable so they can also be part of this journey with you and us.  Thanks

Volunteers help the kids
Volunteers help the kids
My flower
My flower
Who goes first ?
Who goes first ?
Mar 4, 2015

Open Hearts

Ms. Jayshree Gadapa with baby Mary
Ms. Jayshree Gadapa with baby Mary

Life keeps situating us in different circumstances, whether we accept them readily with open hearts or not is left to us…

Bal Asha Trust team often finds itself frequently in situations which require not only a big heart followed by prompt actions but taking quick decisions too. 

A recent case was of baby Mary who soon became a member of Bal Asha’s large family. Mary was born to an unwed mother who could not look after her due to social stigma.  Her situation became more difficult and alarming when the doctors told her that her 23-day old baby had heart defect.

She went to various NGOs for surrendering the child not only due to the social stigma but for urgent medical help for the child.  Unfortunately she was turned away. Almost twenty days after the child’s birth and going from one agency to another, she learnt about Bal Asha Trust.  She contacted the Trust and shared her anxiety and anguish. The team reassured her that they would do everything in their capacity to help her.   

The next few hours were crucial for us as a team as two important steps had to be completed- - one, the child needed immediate medical care and second  the child welfare authorities had to be informed.

Bal Asha team spoke to the Child Welfare Authorities and the doctors at the hospital and they all pledged support and help. The social workers immediately contacted reached the mother and were shocked to see Maria’s medical condition which was not good at all.  She was a barely 2 kg and was having difficulty in breathing.

She was immediately taken to Wockhardt hospital for a through medical examination where the doctors discovered that Mary was suffering from  congenital birth heart  and have to undergo certain tests. Dr.  Suresh Joshi, the senior cardiac surgeon said that Mary would need an open heart surgery. Till then Mary a was placed in Bal Asha for general care since it had all the facilities for quality care.

For the Bal Asha team that day proved a true test going through not only an unexpected crisis followed by prompt action and taking a quick decision and sanctions for legal procedures but also undergoing a whole gamut of emotions.

Bal Asha’s superintendent, Ms Jayashree Gadappa prepared a care plan for Mary while doctors decided to future treatment for her medical problem. 

In due course of time Dr Suresh Joshi operated on Mary at the Wockhardt Hospital. The team is very proud that they could take timely action during Mary’s crucial and in the early phase of her life.   We are immensely grateful to Dr Joshi for his diagnose at the opportune time thus saving a precious life.

Dr Joshi is already familiar with Bal Asha Trust as he had operated on two other children belonging to the institution. Both the children are adopted and have found delightful families. The team is confident that in due course Mary too will find her parents and live a healthy and happy life.

With your generous support Bal Asha Trust was able to take care of Mary in her difficult times.  We hope that you will continue to support us so that together we can make a difference in these young lives.

We were covered by a popular newspaper
We were covered by a popular newspaper
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