ResilientKids Organization

ResilientKids began in 2011 with a mission to foster social, emotional, and academic growth through secular yoga and mindfulness curriculum seamlessly integrated into the school culture by professionally-trained, dedicated educators. "Want to Boost Learning, Start with Emotional Health" was the title of an EdWeek. And a high school administrator was recently quoted saying, "if we're losing students to stress and anxiety and their inability to self-soothe, which leads to poor decision-making, then it doesn't matter how good the academics are." There is abundant data on stress toxicity in youth, and how that is carried into adulthood, clearly pointing to the nee...
Stress reduction in 2 high-need classrooms in RI
ResilientKids teaches mindfulness and yoga strategies to students and their teachers to reduce stress, and increase focus, self-confidence and empathy. In high-need, high-poverty districts where toxic stress is prevalent, integrating this type of learning is essential to keeping kids in school, reducing teacher burn-out, bullying, other violence, and discipline referrals. Please help us to expand the program to 2 additional classrooms which will reach 56 additional schoolchildren and 2 teachers. project reportread updates from the field