Sep 23, 2019

Your Help is Changing Animal Lives

Hope the cat
Hope the cat

This season we've been able to help turn around the lives of animals in need of love and care at our shelter.  We've been able to make a difference in the lives of animals who needed specialized vet care and attention.

This is all possible because YOU make the difference for them!

Your help, your concern, and your financial support mean that we don't have to turn these in need animals away, but instead, your help gives them the care and attention they deserve and it's what turns their lives around!

We currently have at our shelter two medium-haired Siamese cats, who are just beautiful and sweet, looking for their forever home.  They are adult sisters.  Their owner could no longer take care of them so they were abandoned outside at our shelter in the summer heat!

They were so skinny and they had a lot of hair loss.  Not a good situation!

Because of YOUR help, your care, and your contributions, they have been provided with food, a safe place to stay, and you have helped turn their whole condition around.  They are now a healthy weight and they have beautiful, full coats!  They love people and they are ready to go to their forever homes.

Your help made that possible!

This is also true of our sweet girl, Hope.  She was found abandoned on the streets and in need of a lot of TLC and help!  She was underweight, she had a sty (or "cherry eye") that had to be surgically removed, and she was heartworm positive.

Thrown away, like so many animals in our community, she was rescued and brought to our shelter.  With so many medical concerns we wanted to make sure she could receive all the help necessary.  Again, your provision helped get sweet Hope all the medical care she needs!

This journey to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in an ongoing effort that is a lifelong commitment and we're so THANKFUL you've chosen to make such a difference in the lives of these animals!  You are truly changing their lives by giving lost, abandoned, and abused animals a brand new chance to have forever.

Your efforts make the change we all hope to see in the lives our our four legged friends. 

Your donations, in whatever amount you can give, is essential in continuing to provide that answer!

Thank you!

Holly the cat
Holly the cat
Hope the dog (before)
Hope the dog (before)
Hope the dog now
Hope the dog now


Aug 2, 2019

Give Pets Relief From the Heat Too

It's that time of year again for sweltering summer heat to hit the state. Texas is nortorious for its high, humid temperatures and as we get into the hottest month of the year, August, now is a great time to make sure your pets aren't feeling the heat either!

Unfortunately, Texas has the highest number of pet related deaths from heat stroke! 

However, there are so many great ways to ensure our beloved fur friends stay cool during these hot summer months so that they stay safe. 

Lots of dogs love water and pools!  Consider a small plastic pool filled with a little water for your fur baby to play in while outside in the backyard.  You'd be surprised how many dogs take to the water and really make a sport out of splashing around in it.  Plus, it ensures your friend has enough hydration if they're out there for any length of time.  Make sure your pet has plenty of shade or cover too if there is a lack of tree coverage in your yard.

For apartment dwellers without yards or nearby dog parks taking your dog for a walk is an ideal way for them to get exercise and work out.  However, those sidewalks can get blistering hot during the day. A good measure of whether your fur friend can walk down a sidewalk or not is to hold the back of your bare hand to the pavement.  If you can't keep it there for 5 minutes it's too hot to walk your pup on the pavement

Plus all their fur can overexert your animal on long afternoon walks when temperatures are at their highest.

Fun treat ideas to cool your dog down after playtime is to freeze beef or chicken broth, water with honey, or even yogurt.  You can add doggie treats to the frozen concoctions.  You can also buy frozen dog ice cream treats too for a tasty flavor filled treat for your pet as well.

Dallas is well-known for having dog lovers take their animals everywhere!  While it can be a nice outing for the dog to get out of the house while owners eat and socialize on patios, it's an entirely different matter when owners leave their dogs in hot cars.  Even on a mild day outside, when temperatures hover around 70 degrees it can reach a sweltering 89 degrees in your car in a matter of 10 minutes.  In 30 minutes it's already 104!!  During the summer 94 degrees is considered "decent" during our heatwave weather.  On a 94 degree day it can reach as hot as 114 degrees in a matter of only 10 minutes!  Even with the windows "cracked" or lower the temperature still reaches unmanagable heat levels intolorable to any animal.  If you can't do it, the animal can't either!


It's a sure way to put them at a dangerous risk of heat stroke, coma, or death.

As the summer temperatures swell and vault into the typical triple degree heat, have fun with your pets this summer and help keep them cool and hydrated too!

Jun 26, 2019

Simple Gestures Make A Difference in Animal's Life

This month we've seen success stories and happy outcomes which continue to motivate us and makes all the hard work we put into every animal worth it.  The shelter is often visited by distraught owners whose pets have gotten lost.  There are countless stories of owners frantically searching for the fur baby in their family.  Too often these pets don't have any collar or it's come off which leaves less chance for identification.  The only hope for animals without collar identification is a microchip.  Even those that have been microchipped many times the owner information is either absent or outdated.  Therefore, reunification with owners can be a daunting task.

When we have the opportunity to celebrate an owner reunification it is a satisfying and joyful event and that's just the opportunity we got this month.  Someone had found a cat that was outside about a year ago and simply took the cat in without following up on locating the owner.  When it was brought to us after all that time we scanned for a microchip and not only did we find one, but the owner information was still current.  The cat had found its way outside by accident and the owner had been grief stricken all year hoping to locate her missing cat.  The relief and overwhelming emotion of the cat finally being united with its family again was an emotional and moving moment for us as well and a great reminder of the vital importance (and now a city requirement for Dallas) of microchipping an animal.

Sweety has been the topic of many of our news letters, social media posts, and volunteer focus.  Her journey has been one of constant attention because it hasn't been the easiest one.  When she was first brought here she needed to be spayed.  Our staff came into the kennels the following morning to find her spay site had opened completely exposing her to death within a matter of minutes.  Staff's prompt response saved her life!  She also had to go back to into surgery to have tumors removed from her body a short time later.  We also determined that Sweety suffered from short-sightedness and because of that it was difficult for her to have many visitors because her nearsightedness made her prone to snapping at unfamiliar visitors.  She had to have her visitations restricted to cleared designated volunteers only and it made socialization and even feeding or returning her to her kennel potentially difficult.  This month a lady decided to become her foster parent with the intention of adopting.  Sweety has made such a dramatic turnaround in her foster home.  She has been able to go out to restaurant patios and other social places and has been able to even get along with younger children without a single instance of trouble or instance.

This type of progress is why we do what we do to make the difference in the life of one animal and this month we've had the opportunity to see two success stories with happy outcomes.  Working hand in hand with your support is how we have the opportunity to witness these successes.  With all of your monitary contributions we can continue to operate and grow allowing us to help more animals in need.  At this time our need is critical and your help can make all the difference.

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