Feb 18, 2021

Report 27

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Dear Friends,

Denis is a wonderful boy (4 years old) who looks at the world with loving eyes. Today he can still embrace his mother, father and newborn brother. Denis and his family currently live in the Netherlands.
A menacing disease - Ewing's sarcoma (a malignant tumor of the bones) has sunk into the world of a little boy, trying to take away the opportunity to hug his loving family, play, touch, get to know him.
Denis has been treated at a Dutch children’s hospital for half a year now. The boy underwent strong chemotherapy. However, the medical verdict is ruthless. In order to save the boy's life, it is suggested to amputate the child's hand, in which an angry entity resides.
It would be hard to imagine the family’s immeasurable pain, anxiety about a son’s health and life.
Deck’s family appeals to kind-hearted people and asks for help to save their boy’s hand.
Austrian doctors, after assessing the boy's state of health and reviewing the treatment documents, agreed to perform an operation to save the child's hand. The operation is scheduled for March. at the beginning. We have little time.
The amount required for the operation is 30 thousand. eur.
Part of the amount of 10 thousand. already donated by good people.
Everything seems to be at hand, because more than once the goodness of our people has saved the lives and health of many children.
Because where one cannot, we can all be together!

Donations to the Deck operation can be made into accounts
- Support and Charity Fund Mothers' Union LT 77 7300 0101 4079 5625
Through the paypal system: egle@mamuunija.lt

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Feb 12, 2021

Report 26

  GYTIS :)


Dear Friend,

A few years have passed and you have probably forgotten about a sick boy's once loud dream - to swim.
No, not in a river or lake. It is fun to swim here in summer, because now it is so cold winter outside the window.
Then nine-year-old Gytis walked around the construction of the Mothers' Union family home. The child was curious, because Gytis is interested in everything, to see the future pool.
“I dream of coming back here for a swim,” Gytis ’dream was so joyful back then.
We, adults, often drown in trifles, worries, forget to dream and wait. Healing, thank you for reminding us how important it is to dream!
The child waited patiently and caught up on that cold January day when he dived into the pool water with the greatest childish joy. The boy waited for this dream for 1.5 years and was the first to try out the pool at the Family House
The desire and joy were so great that the slightly lower pool water temperature did not stop the dream from coming true.
There were only a few patient steps left for Gytis to truly recover, much less than the time it took to go to the dream swimming in the pool.
Healing, you are the most wonderful, our much-loved boy.
We wish that the day will come as soon as possible when you will permanently close the doors of the oncology department!
And then we will be waiting for you in the home of our Family as the greatest

Feb 12, 2021

Report 26




About the girl in the beautiful name of  Zemyna.
We got to know Zemyna and her medical history when she was just a baby.
A rare eye malignancy (retinoblastoma) that struck a baby suddenly shook a quiet family life.
Zemyna parents then turned to the Mothers ’Union Foundation for help for their only daughter.
It has been a year since the greatest anxiety has been forgotten, as with the support of good people, Zemyna is being treated in the best pediatric clinics in Switzerland. The girl has already overcome 11 challenging trips to the doctor and is getting well today.
How Zemyna are doing today tells mother Ligita:
"We started the New Year on a trip to Switzerland. We have just returned from our twelfth trip. We have had three visits since November. We are already used to regular trips and sometimes I don't even manage to unload my suitcase when I have to go back. Unfortunately, many flights are canceled. We are experiencing more stress now, not mainly due to the child's illness, but due to the coronary virus, difficult travel conditions and various quarantine requirements in all countries. Lithuania is on the list of dangerous countries, so this time there were additional procedures In Switzerland, the fine for any breach of quarantine is 10,000 francs, so it is advisable to read the laws carefully and follow all their requirements.
Zemyna is growing by hours, not by days, I haven't even noticed how quickly a little cell turned into a small "madam", as the hospital staff calls it. She celebrated her second birthday before Christmas and already speaks a lot of words, it enthusiastically tells how she flies a plane, rides a train. Unsurprisingly, the girl is waiting for these trips (here I am just tired, usually traveling half a day with various transfers ). And during these last visits, after the examinations, the professor always met us with the words: "I am very happy, very ...". He is pleased with the results of Zemyna healing, from the beginning of the summer, when the tumors finally "died", so far there are no signs of recurrence, no new relapses, and no treatment has been needed for the last two times. These tumors have not disappeared, are still in the eye, but are currently inactive, only to the extent that they interfere with vision because they are in the centers of the eye. Nevertheless, left-eye vision has already improved, in recent months: from 20% to 31%, only the right eye still remains at 3%, but we are also very happy about that. The professor asked to prolong the coverage of the left eye, to keep for 3 hours or 2 hours. in the morning, 2 p.m. in the evening, but we are having a hard time. The little madam started showing her goats and doesn’t always go in good shape to apply a better seeing eye, and after applying, she always waits for the right moment to tear the patch on herself without me noticing. Therefore, we are tired and angry at this thing, but there is no other way to improve vision at the moment.
It has been a year since we were treated in Swiss clinics. The professor believes that for at least another year, it will be necessary to inspect Zemyna every month in the operating room under anesthesia, because it is very important to notice the changes in time and apply treatment. Children grow fast, cells divide very quickly, so there remains a high chance of new relapses. But if the situation remains stable during these coming years, there will be no renewals, it will be possible to consider further monitoring in Lithuania. Therefore, we start the New Year in a good mood and hope that we are halfway there, and if there are pits on the way further, we will get out because we are in good hands, I trust the Swiss professional team of doctors and I am very grateful to them for the results already achieved. "
We truly thank all the benefactors who have supported and supported the treatment of children and trips to clinics in Switzerland.






When I first entered the Adrijaus ward, I was first looking for a child through my eyes. The gaze stuck behind the crib caused a bit of surprise. There seemed to be nothing in the crib, just a few diapers and a baby blanket.
He was so tiny and fragile that all the items in the ward looked huge. It was hard to believe that he was a boy of several months, strongly attached to life and not going to give up.
Today, looking at Adrijus, my thoughts keep returning to the astonishing first acquaintance and the rising joy of each of his successes.
The boy is getting stronger and stronger every day, but he is still struggling with him, who was just born, had retinoblastoma (a malignant tumor of the eye) and has already made 16 trips and visits to doctors in clinics in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Adrijaus mother Deimante shares her experiences and thoughts from the last trip:
"This is the 16th time we are returning from Switzerland, where Adrijaus fight against malignant eye cancer is still going on. I don't know how long this fight will last, these trips. The fact is that as long as it takes - we will travel and continue treatment.
This time, the doctor said that now the tumor appeared in the left eye, the one that was completely healthy, but the professor advised not to worry, he said, the tumor is very small - it was immediately removed by a laser. The right eye and, remains stable without tumors.
Lithuania is currently on the list of countries at risk, so we did not know when it would be the turn of  Adrijaus inspection. I had to wait a long time. Adrius looks at the backpack and says:
- No, no.
And food before anesthesia is not possible.
Well, and in summary - the journey is smooth, everything is as usual. Another trip in February. ”
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