May 11, 2018

You can help other young people like Sergio!


Your support for young people with cancer allows us to contribute to your process!

Sergio is a boy diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma, after spending some months of physical exhaustion without understanding what illness he had, he finally diagnosed on April 21, 2017 after having exams and afternoons of uncertainty, the doctor told him that he had a malignant tumor and the next step should be to start chemotherapy, Sergio says that at that time, he did not understand clearly what his illness was about, nor did he understand that it was chemotherapy, but the trust in his family allowed him to begin his medical process seeking to feeling better every day .

For Sergio this process has been full of learnings, he says that through his experience he learned that cancer should not be related to death immediately because if patients are diagnosed in time, they can hope to live and have good results.

He believes that their greater learning was to learn to eat better and listen more to the recommendations of those who love him, today he knows more than ever that he is a strong boy capable of facing any difficulty.

Sergio remembers that he came to the foundation by the person who represents the organization in the Hospital where he has taken his treatment, he says that what he remembers from the first time he saw her was her smile and happiness. Sergio says that one of the biggest gains he had to know the foundation was the psychological support for him and his family, he has also been a beneficiary of the “Recargate” program, in which they received financial support for transportation in situations where parents can’t solve these expenses.

Sergio's message for all children and young people who have similar diagnoses is that at the time of receiving a sad news like it is to have cancer, it’s necessary to seek help and can rely on foundations and organizations that want to provide welfare in the process of disease.

Today Sergio is resuming his school life, he feels happy, full of expectation and gratitude for this year of learning that has allowed him to understand life from another place!

Apr 3, 2018

Support Yulieth and other children with leukemia

Your contribution is essential to accompany children like Yulieth!

Yulieth is one of the girls who is part of the childhood cancer program of the
Colombian foundation of leukemia and lymphoma, she’s 7 years old, she’s cheerful, creative, she loves to paint and draw, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on September 15, 2017 . 

Her mother manifests that the life of Yulieth and her relatives was transformed, they experienced fear and sadness, but Yulieth in the midst of her pain and tiredness provided them with enough energy to accept that hard situation, after understanding the situation of her daughter she knew that it was time to provide strength and begin their treatment with discipline and positivism.

Funcolombiana has worked with her on the art therapy project at the hospital where she receives treatment, she has always been cheerful, and proactive, she is an extroverted girl who manages to make good relationship with other people for her sincerity and innocence, her family expresses that the foundation came at the most difficult time for them and with the accompaniment of the foundation has been all easier, because through the activities have known other cases of children in the same situation and have understood that the disease is a learning process.

From their treatment, the people around Yulieth wonder how a little girl of 7 years can radiate so much happiness and tranquility being in such a difficult situation, and they have understood that the courage is provided by children, today in the family of Yulieth define her as a warrior from which she learns every day.

Yulieth's mother expresses that now more than ever she values the well-being of her daughter, she says that in the small details she has found happiness, so today she knows that the smile on Yulieth's face is priceless.

Feb 13, 2018

Support young people with cancer


Thanks to your contribution we can help the welfare of young people like Juanita!

Juana is one of the teenagers that is part of the young people group of the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. 

She is 16 years old and she was diagnosed on January 31, 2017. Juana recognizes that moment as something difficult, having to face an unknown experience that would completely transform her routine. However, she says that this experience allowed her to recognize the importance of life.

Juana thinks that it was a good fortune to find people on the road who supported her. She expresses that the care of the nurses at the Hospital and the help and company of the Foundation were a fundamental support for her and her mother. The people she met at the process, is considering by she as a teachers for life, because her words of strength and energy allowed her to see life in a different way.

Juanita comments: "I loved the help and the company of the Foundation, since they helped me and my mother financially, and we did very beautiful activities, we did a day of SPA in which I met many wonderful girls. I arrived at the foundation at the Colsubsidio Children's Clinic, where they visited me. " Today Juanita, as we call her affectionately, is participating in the activities we do promoting the well-being of our young people and especially the promotion of enjoying life despite the difficult circumstances that may arise.

Juanita tells the youth and people with cancer: "Despite having these difficult diagnoses we can get ahead, with the valuable support of family, friends and organizations like Funcolombiana, it is not impossible!"

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