Nov 13, 2017

The youth program inspires dreams and life!

Thanks to your contribution, the youth program inspires dreams and life!

We love that you continue to contribute with our cause. Your contribution allows that Colombian Foundation of Leukemia and Lymphoma give hope and joy in every encounter that we have with a young with cancer. With your donation, you increase the chances of young people being cared and listened by a willing and warm professional staff.

In our meetings, we have the opportunity to talk with youngs and learn about their fears, joys and dreams; It is a wonderful opportunity to encourage them to move forward with their lives despite the diagnosis.

Juan received a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, and because of this he suffered the amputation of his left leg, nevertheless his love for football helped him recover. He had the great opportunity to meet Messi, one of the most famous players in the world and this meeting motivated him to move forward. On the other hand, Lina is a professional dancer and her love for dance gave her strength to achieve an amazing recovery and resume her activities helping other patients to express their emotions, also through dance.

Maria, despite the diagnosis of Leukemia, had the opportunity to travel to Mexico and meet her favorite youtuber.

These are just some of the stories we know in Funcolombiana and that fill us with enthusiasm to continue working with and for them.

What do you think of these experiences? Would you like to join this project?

Sep 5, 2017

The story of Maria

Thanks to your contribution, our program for children with cancer is still active!

Today I want to share with you the testimony of Maria. Thanks to your support she and her family have received emotional support during and after their treatment. Her experience began when she was diagnosed with a bone cancer (Osteosarcoma) in 2016, in that moment she received the devastating news that she had to amputate her left leg caused the advance of the disease.
At only 13 years old, she confesses that she had to face very difficult situations. However, thanks to his faith, the unconditional love of his family and the support of Funcolombiana, has managed to move forward. She comments, "I value myself more now, I think I am capable of doing great things because I have confidence in myself. I learned to control my emotions like sadness, anger and anxiety and I also learned to be patient and stronger in the face of pain"
The absence of the left leg does not stop her, Maria practices swimming, resumed her studies and also compares her life experience with other children and families, and let them know that it’s possible can get ahead.
She now has a greater appreciation for life and for her family.

What do you think of these results? Can you suggest something to us to improve our support for these families?

Jul 31, 2017

The history of our volunteers

Juan today
Juan today

Thanks to your contribution our Youth program continues to support young people with cancer.

Juan Daniel is one of the young people who is part of Funcolombiana's volunteer group, his experience when he was diagnosed in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2015, motivated him to meet other young people and share his experience.

As a young man, he recognized that losing his independence was very difficult: He had to change his habits, his schedules and also rethinking his plans. All this things generated in him a strong desire to tell his story and ensure that cancer takes away many things, less his desire to live a fullness and enjoy his youth.

He lived hard moments, in which the doctors told his family that he had not improved and that the opportunities were slowly coming to an end, although he wanted to plan and have everything under control, lymphoma permeated everything in his life. At the end, In the year 2016, he achieved the remission of his illness.

Currently, he works as a Funcolombiana volunteer, giving her testimony and helping other patients. He is a student of the tenth semester of law and in the afternoons he works in a buffet of lawyers.

Juan comments: "The most valuable thing ... was to realize me that I am stronger than I thought". To him was valuable believe more in his abilities, to get closer to people and to really know who people he can count on at any time in his life. To Funcolombiana thanks the possibility of volunteering and through this, meet so many people who fight against cancer. 

 What do you think of these results? Can you suggest to us something to improve our support for these families?

Funcolombiana's volunteer group
Funcolombiana's volunteer group
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