Aug 2, 2018

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Sinder is a 23-year-old girl, she is survivor of a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma with early relapse and autologous bone marrow transplantation, her diagnosis was given on August 30, 2009 and the transplant was performed in August 2011, currently attending controls every year until it reaches 10 years after the transplant, its treatment was done in one of the hospitals where art therapy workshops are held.

Her diagnosis came to her life at a time when priorities were far from taking care of her health, she was about to turn 15 and once they detected a mass in her neck her life changed completely, at the beginning, she didn't understand why her family she cried and remained sad, she didn't understand why the doctors and psychologists spoke to her with such seriousness, because she didn't understand the importance of having a disease such as cancer.

The physical adaptation for Sinders was the most difficult part, she was a vain and self-centered girl, when she indentify couldn’t do what all the teenagers did and that she had to rearrange her routine followed by feeling all the effects of the treatment, she understood that she was faced with a situation that challenged her to get on a roller coaster where she found curves of emotions, constant changes, new knowledge in front of her experience and her own feelings. With this she learned to value the present, she learned to appreciate her parents, to contemplate the night and the day from his room, she learned that routine is always needed, she learned to receive bad news and from that learning she managed to gain strength with the objective to fight for the love of those who waited that she said "I left treatment, now I'm feel better".

Sinders knew the foundation in the relapse of her illness, when the doctors were evaluating the possibility of a transplant, she participated in 2014 in the event of the foundation "Prize for Courage of a woman with cancer" since then the foundation was pending in her process, although at some point she resisted having contact with other young people, she began to follow the social networks of the foundation and her idea of helping others made her the leader of young people in the foundation, today she prepares new projects in favor of young people diagnosed with cancer and she also waits her degree as a psychologist. Sinders believes that the most valuable thing that happened to her was to change her way of seeing life, she to stop being a self-centered girl to meet the woman who wants to contribute to the common good, she recognized a woman who today takes the time necessary to obtain donations for children with oncological diagnosis and she give them visits full of happiness and understanding. 

Today she tells the readers that she wants them to love today, that they love themselves and the people who are present in their lives, that they always find a purpose to live that makes them happy and of course they don't be afraid of cancer, because in the end, blessings are raining despite adversity.

She said: "Cancer takes away good cells, it's selfish, it's usually cruel but behind it people come with their own light that end up being your dose of life and against that, this disease Cant Not!"

Jul 3, 2018

Supports children with cancer like samuel

Your contribution will allow us to accompany processes like Samuel's!

Samuel is a 3-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a Neuroblastoma in May of 2017. He received treatment in one of the Clinics where the foundation makes art therapy workshops, through these visits the parents were able to contact us. Therefore, they could receive counseling and constant support during the days that the uncertainty.

His parents express that as a family they understood that they shouldn't distrust even if the situations were unfavorable, on the contrary they understood that in those moments it's necessary to fight until achieve the best result. They also learned to value much more the smile of their little one and they understood that they could establish a better relationship with God believing in his presence, because when everything seems to be impossible the faith transforms the difficulties.

However, they recognize that during the whole process there have been difficult moments, they say "sometimes the faith is fractured when the medical report is not the best", during the process of Samuel the doctors told their parents that he diagnosis had made metastasized in his body and he had 6 tumors. They express that the principal sensation is impotence but, although there is an internal fight, motivation and joy must be present because you should never lose strength and courage.

Today Samuel is receiving radiotherapy, he participated as an inspiring testimony in the Third Congress for patients with hemato-oncological diseases, accomplished by foundation in the month of April, In this occasion Samuel was a happy winner, during the event we saw him running and enjoy with other children his age, now he continues in treatment but he can enjoys his home with his parents.

Support us to contribute to the processes of children like Samuel!

May 11, 2018

You can help other young people like Sergio!


Your support for young people with cancer allows us to contribute to your process!

Sergio is a boy diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma, after spending some months of physical exhaustion without understanding what illness he had, he finally diagnosed on April 21, 2017 after having exams and afternoons of uncertainty, the doctor told him that he had a malignant tumor and the next step should be to start chemotherapy, Sergio says that at that time, he did not understand clearly what his illness was about, nor did he understand that it was chemotherapy, but the trust in his family allowed him to begin his medical process seeking to feeling better every day .

For Sergio this process has been full of learnings, he says that through his experience he learned that cancer should not be related to death immediately because if patients are diagnosed in time, they can hope to live and have good results.

He believes that their greater learning was to learn to eat better and listen more to the recommendations of those who love him, today he knows more than ever that he is a strong boy capable of facing any difficulty.

Sergio remembers that he came to the foundation by the person who represents the organization in the Hospital where he has taken his treatment, he says that what he remembers from the first time he saw her was her smile and happiness. Sergio says that one of the biggest gains he had to know the foundation was the psychological support for him and his family, he has also been a beneficiary of the “Recargate” program, in which they received financial support for transportation in situations where parents can’t solve these expenses.

Sergio's message for all children and young people who have similar diagnoses is that at the time of receiving a sad news like it is to have cancer, it’s necessary to seek help and can rely on foundations and organizations that want to provide welfare in the process of disease.

Today Sergio is resuming his school life, he feels happy, full of expectation and gratitude for this year of learning that has allowed him to understand life from another place!

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