Jan 31, 2019

Daniel, an exemplary strong child with cancer

Thanks to your contribution, we continue to support more children with cancer!

The year 2018 ended with a beautiful Christmas party for children with cancer and their families. This is how we met in a huge farm on the outskirts of Bogotá, to have an unforgettable field day. The children, their parents, and their little brothers enjoyed live music, food, gifts, games, raffles and much more. The Christmas party was the best excuse to remember families that they are not alone, that many other children, like their children, fight against cancer; and that along with them there is a family that tries hard, that does not lose the hope of seeing their children victorious. This day we made the 7th version of the Courage and Love of a Child with Cancer award. 13 children applied, among whom a jury chose 3 finalists. The winner was Daniel, who was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin lymphoma at the beginning of 2018. He is a child full of dreams. He is a child full of dreams, one of them is being able to be a professional footballer, as well as a day to return to Venezuela to visit his family. For he has won this award represents a winner and he is sure that he is going to overcome his illness. The children received medals from the Foundation for being the bravest children, also tickets to the cinema and a Make a Wish bonus to fulfill their dream to the winner.

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Nov 1, 2018

Young people with cancer have fun every Friday!

Thanks to your contribution we can support the dreams of more young people with cancer!


“Young people in contact” is the name of our group of young people who have been diagnosed with some type of cancer, at the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. They are life inspirers, Frequently, they go to the clinics to visit other children and young people who are living the same process, this in order to provide support and tell them that they are not alone, that there is someone else that go through the same situation and understand how difficult it is to be there and witness the side effects of the treatment. They also provide support and hope to caregivers sharing their life testimony.

All the visits are different, in the last, they perform dance-therapy. This in order to generate positive emotions in them, decrease levels of stress and anxiety as well as patients as caregivers.

Some Fridays in the month we gather to do activities and have fun. In this last month we were in a yoga session where our children managed to relax and learn about this practice that in many occasions can help cope with fatigue and chronic pain. Furthemore, some of the girls could participate in a fashion Show, they looked beautiful! and also in a Spa session, exclusively for them.

Daniela, one of our young women, says that cancer has allowed her to live life in a different way, she likes to get close to her family and do something to inspire and accompany her to keep going despite adversity. Daniela always has a smile and enjoys sharing with other young people in the group. Valentina, also part of the group, was transplanted 6 months ago, has a desire to live and give her testimony to others. Despite the difficulties, he did not miss to win. Angie, is a very strong woman, despite the complications in this time is always willing to help and participate in the activities.

Like them, there are more young inspirers of life, brave young people who by chance suffered a disease that seemed invincible but in the end won the battle. Sinders, leader of the youth program, is also a cancer survivor, for her, the disease was never an obstacle to achieving her dreams, today she is an inspirer of life, a psychologist and a member of the group “Young people in contact”.


Our young people say "Cancer is not the obstacle, the obstacle is your attitude"


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Oct 2, 2018

Little Maria against the Purple Cancer Monster

Thanks to your contribution we continue supporting more children with cancer!

 Maria is part of the childhood cancer program of the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation; She is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia last May. She is a cheerful, curious and optimistic girl. She says there´s a monster in her body living without her permission. She is fighting against the cancer monster with her super powers and with her mom that is every day giving her the force for win the battle.

 Her mother says that it was very difficult for the family to receive the news, they were very afraid and uncertain. She asked herself many times ¿Why my daughter? However, despite the pain and fear have decided to face the treatment with the best attitude and discipline.

 The days in the hospital are usually boring and that is why every time our psychologists visit María, she receives them with a huge smile and she becomes very happy, since she enjoys drawing, singing and painting. What Maria does not know is that, through these activities and guided games, we are helping her to deal with her emotions associated with diagnosis and treatment.

 Her family expresses that the Foundation arrived at the most opportune time for them, because they had just received the news that their daughter had leukemia. With the accompaniment, the emotional support and the orientation of the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, this new process for their lives has been less hard. Knowing that psychologists are there to listen and to give words of encouragement, is really a relief.

 Maria's mother understood that life itself is the most valuable, she learned to live more in the present and to enjoy one more day with her daughter's smile.

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