Jun 8, 2020

We continue working with love

From the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation we continue working with love and commitment for the benefit of children with cancer, despite the current situation that the country and the world are experiencing due to COVID-19.

These have been difficult times, which have forced us to rethink everything we do. Thus, as we have not been able to return to the hospital, we have strengthened our telephone and virtual contact with patients and families.

Since April, we started the application of a survey directed to parents of children with cancer, with the aim of finding out their main needs and challenges during quarantine, as well as possible failures in access to health services.

The survey allowed us to identify that 16% of children with cancer have had some difficulty accessing health services, such as cancellation of medical appointments, the non-delivery of medications at home and the impossibility of transporting from one municipality to another, among others. Likewise, we identified that 25% of the families did not have guaranteed financial support for the quarantine.

That is why, from the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, we mobilized resources and managed to get a group of solidarity donors to join with their contribution, to deliver 2 markets a month for 3 months, benefiting 49 needy families (including some patients over the age of 18).

We are happy to bring this help to the homes of cancer patients.


What do you think of this work?  How would you like to contribute?

Feb 24, 2020

Maikel wants to live

Thanks to your contribution we can contribute to the well-being of young people like Maikel!

Maikel is a 23 year old with Venezuelan nationality, linked to the youth group of the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.

He was diagnosed with acute leukemia and receives care at a specialized center in the city of Bogotá.

Maikel says that living with leukemia has been an unknown and painful experience. He misses his family, especially his daughter, whom he wishes to teach her to walk and ride a bicycle.

In his hospitalizations he has received our support, from health professionals, as well as from other young survivors with whom he has shared games, workshops, conversations and words of encouragement and motivation.

With the workshops we want Maikel to take advantage of his time taking readings, French classes and art therapy to his room.

A few weeks ago Maikel received a visit from his brother, and asked him to deliver a letter to his wife and daughter, in this one he observes in large print: «Je vous aime» - I love them.

His brother says goodbye with a big hug.

Maikel thanked the foundation for all the support received, in the middle of the painful process not only for having cancer but also for being away from his country and his loved ones, he feels very welcome and loved by God.

What do you think of our in-hospital recreational workshops? How would you like to contribute?

Feb 6, 2020

Juana and Juliana

Your valuable contribution allows us to continue supporting more children with cancer in treatment

Juana and Juliana are two girls diagnosed with acute leukemia, they receive treatment in Bogotá and have been able to participate in our recreational and artistic workshops, preparing songs and dances.

Juliana receives the performing arts teacher in her hospitalization, rehearsals begin and Juliana proposes to include a choreography, which is angelic. The teacher with a big smile watches her attentively and imitates her, they repeat the movements again and again ... without realizing it, the whole afternoon has passed full of enthusiasm, imagination and many laughs.

On the other hand Juana receives the body rhythm teacher in her room, Juana greets her with a big smile and shows her videos that she keeps on YouTube with musical rhythms that she likes; attentively they listen to the melodies and begin to create their own choreography. Juana rehearses the steps of the hand of her teacher and friend, they have fun and forget for a while the anguish of the disease.

Juliana and Juana are ready to show other children what they have learned from the hand of their singing and dancing teachers. The big day has arrived! It is the Christmas event and all the children of the Oncology service and their parents are expectant. The auditorium of the Clinic is decorated with balloons, the children have come down from their rooms ... they turn off the lights and on the stage two beautiful presentations were made. Music sounds and the girls delight us with their spectacular presentations. Everyone applauds and they feel strong and brave to achieve it ... despite fatigue or pain.

Juana and Juliana are our Life Inspirers. They go on and on #JuntosPorLaVida

Do you like this support program? Do you have suggestions for us to strengthen it?

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