Nov 5, 2019

Living in the Hospital

¡Your contribution will allow us to carry out more workshops for children with cancer!


From the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation we continue working with dedication and commitment for the benefit of children with cancer. The last few months have been very active, we have shared different activities with hospitalized children, making their hospital stay more enjoyable.

This is how we have conducted complementary workshops of English, performing arts, reading promotion and body rhythm, which have brightened children life and have motivated them to learn new things.

Drawing, music, vocal training, clown and artistic presentations allowed us to change the attention focus of children and their parents, helping them to improve their emotional well-being.

The children have expressed their pleasure in these spaces, they look forward to the Foundation staff, because after all, life goes on and the opportunity to believe and create is still present.


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Aug 26, 2019

Entertaining young people in the hospital


Thanks to your contribution we can continue bringing hope to young people with cancer under treatment.

The Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation is still working with its “Young People in Contact” initiative which involves young people in active chemotherapy treatment, as well as young cancer survivors.

In recent months we have had different university volunteers, which have donated their time and talent, taking artistic activities to the hospital, to share them with patients.

This is how patients have had singing and guitar sessions, where they are also motivated to make their own lyrics, because we feel that through music you can also express pain, frustration, joy and all emotions that patients experience when they faced with this disease.

Another fun session led by another of the students, was the elaboration of handmade balls, for use them as juggling. Of course, the patients had a lot of fun trying to coordinate their hands so that their balls did not fall to the floor. Which undoubtedly helped them to forget for a moment the treatment and sadness and to focus on the good times of today.

We are very happy to share these unforgettable moments with young people living the cancer experience. We know they won't forget it either.

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Aug 2, 2019

Maria Paula and her mother, more united than ever

Thanks to your contribution we can continue supporting more children with cancer.

On March 19, 2019 was a day of tension and sadness; after an asthmatic crisis of three days, my daughter's health got worse and I had to take her to the hospital emergency department. A few days later, it was confirmed the diagnosis of acute lymphoid leukemia. We didn’t understand what was happening, because Maria Paula had been a healthy girl.

She started her chemotherapy treatment, and along the way it has been difficult to deal with complications from viruses, fevers, fatigue, in short ... the process has been really painful. I have had to face the fear and anguish of the possibility of loss and I have learned that although we live difficult moments where nothing seems to be right, they do not last forever, they are transitory, and is there, where we have managed to approach and strengthen ourselves in God.

We have been able to see how the joy and positivism of Maria Paula teach and motivate us to move forward.

Living the disease process of my little daughter has strengthened us as a family and strengthened our faith in God.

Before diagnosis, my time was dedicated to work and I had few spaces to share with my daughter, but the time in the hospital have allowed me precious time to share with her, to play and to know her more. I have also had the stillness and time necessary to reflect on the need to forgive.

In this process I met the Colombian Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. This Foundation supports the Pediatric Oncology service of the Clinic in which my daughter is attended.

The psychologist, as well as a young cancer survivor, have visited us several times. His active listening and emotional support have been important, because we have had really difficult days. Feeling that we are not alone and that there is an institution that seeks our emotional well-being has been a great relief that my daughter and I appreciate.

To other parents who are living a similar situation to mine, I want to say them that everything is possible in God and that we should not wait or ask in our time, because God's calendar is eternal and his life plan is perfect. ”

Thanks to your contribution we continue supporting more children with cancer! 

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