Sep 13, 2017

Education & Rights

It’s impossible to know your rights if no one ever took the time to teach them to you.

For many women in Kenya, it is in school that they learn for the first time about their basic human and legal rights. Many are not taught about these things in their communities or by their families.

Speaking of the education she received while living in America, Kakenya Ntaiya said, “I enjoyed myself, but during that moment while I was here, I discovered a lot of things. I learned that that ceremony that I went through when I was 13 years old, it was called female genital mutilation. I learned that it was against the law in Kenya. I learned that I did not have to trade part of my body to get an education. I had a right. And as we speak right now, three million girls in Africa are at risk of going through this mutilation. I learned that my mom had a right to own property. I learned that she did not have to be abused because she is a woman” (TEDx Talk 2012).

So many harmful traditions, such as FGM and child marriage, are not presented as choices for young girls in Kenya, they are inevitable realities.

This is one of the most important reasons why Action Two Africa has chosen to put such an emphasis on educating girls. We need them to know that they have choices. We need them to know that neglect and abuse are not inevitable. We need them to know their rights!

Jul 31, 2017

Serving Local Passion

“Why don't we, for once, instead of arriving in the community to tell people what to do, why don't, for once, listen to them?” -Ernesto Sirolli

Action Two Africa is a partnership built on listening to local passion. Christina and I met Humphrey when we were living in Kenya, and after sitting with him in his home and hearing him talk about his passion to help the people of Kiambiu, Action Two Africa was born.

Christina and I are Americans. We have no idea what the issues are in Kenya that have left thousands of children homeless and out of school. We can’t offer solutions, because we don’t understand the problems. That is why our partnership is so important.

Humphrey is a local. He has grown up in this community, and has served the people here for decades. We need his invaluable perspective, because he is the only one who can offer it. He has the local passion, and so through Action Two Africa, Christina and I have dedicated ourselves to serving that passion.

We are available to offer ideas and feedback, but ultimately, the direction and execution of programs (such as our Child Sponsorship & Scholarship Program and our Microloan & Economic Empowerment Programs) are driven by the needs that Humphrey sees within the community, and the solutions that he knows will work based on the culture in Kiambiu.

As a supporter of Action Two Africa, you may hear from Christina and I more (we’re often the ones posting photos and writing updates), but it is the passion of a local social worker, on the ground in Kenya, who is taking those photos and giving us the information we need to write those updates.

What we ask of you, as supporters and sponsors, is not to ask Christina and I what the solutions are to the issues in Kenya, but to ask us about the passion of the locals, and find out how that passion is driving the empowerment and transformation that Action Two Africa offers in the lives of the Kenyan people.

Thank you for everything you do. This is a partnership built on listening, and so our ears are wide open.

Jun 6, 2017

Every Girl Counts

According to the African Development Bank, more girls in Africa are in school today than ever before. In fact, the number of girls in East Africa that are attending school has almost doubled in the last 10 years. This is promising news, and reason to celebrate!

However, the girls who are not currently in school, are also among the most vulnerable in all of Africa. Arranged marriages, teenage pregnancy, and forced child labor continue to be obstacles that these young women must avoid or escape in order to pursue a meaningful future.

Every girl that is able to avoid these barriers and continue her education defies the odds. Every one is significant to future of Africa. Every single one counts.

Four new girls were recently added to the Child Sponsorship Program at Action Two Africa. That’s four more girls who gets a chance to pursue their dreams and create a meaningful future for themselves. Every girl counts, and we hope that you will join with us to help these young women pursue their goals through education. Your donation makes a real difference to them.

Every girl counts. We need you to step up, and support their education. We need them to step out into the world, and see all that it has to offer.

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