Mar 30, 2016

Basic Education Reinforcement Program - Hogar Bambi Venezuela

Project Report 2015

Hogar Bambi is a Venezuelan private nonprofit institution, founded in April of 1992 to provide shelter, protection and comprehensive care and education programs to children from zero to eighteen who have been orphaned, abandoned or otherwise deprived of family care. All of the children and youth enter Hogar Bambi through official channels, such as hospital patient representatives and the family court system.

The organization maintains a complex in the city of Caracas comprised of living, dining and educational quarters where it offers the following services to more than 70 infants and children: 1) social services and affective care, 2) basic material needs such as food and clothing, 3) pediatric and psychological health care, 4) pre-school education, and 5) recreation.

 Given that many of the children spend significant time in state institutions with minimal care before being assigned to Hogar Bambi, their social, psychological, learning and speech skills are well below the norm for their age. Through this project, Hogar Bambi provides pre-school and physical therapy services through a comprehensive, cognitive and physical development process. Hogar Bambi implements more effective pedagogical techniques, behavior guidelines and classroom materials.

Many of the children in the program attend outside schools. Each day, Hogar Bambi’s driver, accompanied by a caretaker mother, transports the children to and from their schools. Upon their return to Hogar Bambi, the children receive individualized attention and assistance with their homework.

 Project Activities and Results

During this reporting period Hogar Bambi continued its pedagogical program, providing assistance to an average of 100 children and adolescents per month through its pedagogical reinforcement and after-school program: an average of 56 children and adolescents participated monthly in the preschool and elementary school program. Through these programs, beneficiaries received in-class working sessions and were evaluated on a monthly basis in order to monitor their progress.

In 2015, approximately 56 children and adolescents were enrolled in formal education. In addition to its pedagogical and recreational programs, Hogar Bambi continued to implement the project’s physical therapy component in order to ensure that children’s intellectual and emotional development were paired with their physical development. Through this program, Hogar Bambi evaluated children’s physical abilities and, where necessary. The program also promoted early stimulation and offered rehabilitation to children that had suffered traumatic injuries, including bone and muscle fractures.

Hogar Bambi is pleased to report that it has been successful at fostering the children’s and adolescents integral development as well as their reincorporation into a positive social environment. Hogar Bambi gratefully acknowledges donors’ generous support, which has enabled it to provide high quality attention and care to these beneficiaries.



Jun 17, 2015

Update from Hogar Bambi Venezuela

Hogar Bambi Venezuela is a point of reference on the national level in Venezuela, providing protection and love to at-risk children who are victims of abandonment, mistreatment, abuse, and/or lack the proper conditions required for their growth and development.

We ensure that all resident children and youth are cared for, protected and that their rights are restored. Our overarching framework is the integral well-being of all of the children who come to, stay at and leave Hogar Bambi Venezuela.

We receive all children regardless of their age, gender, place of origin, health condition or disability. We work hard to provide our children and adolescents with afection and the most comprehensive and high-quality care based on their individual needs.

In the context of political and economic instability in Venzuela, which disproportionately affects the country’s most vulnerable, Hogar Bambi is very grateful for the support, participation and commitment of its many individual and institutional donors.   With the support of our donors, we have been able to maintain our quality standards, guaranteeing that each child has an individual intervention plan. At the same time, Hogar Bambi is continously strengthening its institutional capacity and refining its strategies so that it can best care for the children and youth it serves.

A Testimonial  

We tell the story of Oscar, a 7 year old boy who arrived to Hogar Bambi with great difficulties. He had never attended school or received any formal education and only recognized the vowels. With the assistance of a learning specialist, a daily intervention plan was developed, alllowing him to reach 80% of age appropriate academic level in three months. As a result, he was able to enroll in school.

Recent Accomplishments of Note

  • For the 2014 – 2015 school year, 54 young residents of Hogar Bambi were enrolled in the formal education system. 47 children and youth advanced to the next grade level and 7 new students were enrolled for the first time.
  • We continued ongoing linkages with the Child and Adolescent Protection System in order move the development of our programs forward.
  • We coordinated with different organizations that support the educational activities of our three houses.
  • With have institutional partnerships that facilitate school placement for the population served.
  • As a leading organization in the area of child and adolescent protection, we provide advice and support to other organizations in the public and private spheres.
  • With the support of interns and students doing their volunteer service, Hogar Bambi strengthened its capacity and service delivery in the areas of Social Work, Psychology and Education, among others.
Dec 9, 2014

Update on Educational Program (2)

At Hogar Bambi we constantly strive to improve the holistic care we provide to the children and adolescents under our care. To achieve this, we focus on several fundamental development areas. Key among those is education and ensuring children remain within the formal education system.


With the start of the 2014-2015 school year this past September we saw an increase in the number of children and adolescents under our care enrolled in schools. All 47 beneficiaries from the previous school year successfully advanced to the next grade level and another seven were enrolled, bringing the total up to 54.


Education plays a key role in breaking the cycle of poverty affecting many children in Venezuela. Because of this, at Hogar Bambi we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to schooling that will have a lasting, and meaningful, effect.


We work with a team of university students that volunteer their time to provide tutoring services and help instill positive values. Our staff of teachers and psychologists track educational development and provide one-on-one assistance to students. We also focus on sporting, cultural, and recreational activities to round out the educational experience.


Our focus is not solely on academics. We work with the children and adolescents to encourage personal growth and improved decision making so they can take a more active roll in ensuring a better living standard for themselves. It is this way that they will gain the tools to overcome the socioeconomic hurdles they face at home and in their communities.

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