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Aug 3, 2018

22 Years Taking Care of the Children and Youth

It has been 22 years taking care of the most vulnerable kids in Venezuela, 22 years providing all their physical, educational, recreational and even emotional and affective needs. In today´s Venezuela, it is harder every day to achieve this task completely. It is widely known the worsening economic situation that lessen our local incomes from contributions that used to allow us to achieve our goals, also and at the same time this situation has had an impact on the increasing number of children coming to our institution and of people asking for help. The number of abandoned children because of lack of resources in the family is inconceivable and painful. Thus, Global Giving has become an essential and very useful tool to the international fundraising activities of our institution allowing us to be present in an important and recognized platform with a worldwide presence and that help us to spread our cause too many more people around the world.

We have 120 children and teenagers in our houses towards whom we are committed and responsible for, therefore we are grateful to Global Giving for the space that they offer to us and for all the contributions we have received from our donors.

May 10, 2018

Support for more than 120 children in Venezuela

As the Venezuelan crisis increases, so do the challenges Hogar Bambi faces every day. Today we are supporting 120 children in our 4 houses, and we are expanding to attend more children every day.

The strong socio-economic problems in our country make it difficult to obtain food, medicines and the basics supplies needed to keep a child healthy so that there are many cases of child abandonment. Bambi faces these challenges with courage and a lot of dedication and thanks to the contributions we receive, we can provide shelter and comprehensive care to those children that need it the most.

This year the possibility to obtain contribution from national companies or individual has been very difficult, so we are increasingly counting on the support we can obtain from platforms like GlobalGiving that allow us to get closer to people with a deep sense of responsibility and altruism that feel pleasure helping Bambi to achieve its mission. Day by day, it is more important and essential for us each aid received from abroad, so we deeply and sincerely thank everyone that contributes to our cause.

Feb 9, 2018

Integral care for 120 children and youth

In the harsh reality of the country in which we live today, we have seen and felt the violation of the fundamental rights of children, the great absence of food, medicines, a deterioration in the quality of life that is increasing, indicators of malnutrition in general that are worrying. The socioeconomic situation in our country is really disastrous.

In Hogar Bambi Venezuela, we continue making a great effort to guarantee and restore the fundamental rights of 120 children and adolescents. Thanks to the contributions we receive, we can invest in their diet, health, education, and with this work, offer them a better quality of life. Unfortunately, with a galloping inflation like the current one, resources are exhausted soon; this leads us to the constant search for favorable alliances for our programs.

We hope to continue counting on your support and making the lives of children and adolescents belonging to our institution less difficult.

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