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Aug 17, 2017

Intergral Care for Childrens in Caracas, Venezuela in complex situation

The current situation in Venezuelan presents a multitude of challenges that negatively impact the quality of life of every family in the country. These challenges are particularly acute among vulnerable and disadvantaged families.

These adverse conditions have a direct effect on early childhood development as children are those most affected by food and medicine shortages currently gripping Venezuela.

As a result, requests for children to be placed under our care is growing at a rapid pace as families simply cannot meet the basic needs of their children. We have also seen an alarming increase in the number of abandoned babies and children as families are unable to overcome the challenges presented by the nationwide scarcity of basic goods.

As a result, Hogar Bambi Venezuela faces a very complex situation.

Part of our mission is to offer a provisional shelter program for children and adolescents that upholds their fundamental rights and restores their health and social, psychological, educational, and nutritional wellbeing. As an institution, we strive to find greater resources to expand our operational capacity and better meet the growing needs of those under our care.

As scarcity and inflation in Venezuela continue to worsen, the assistance we once received from individuals has declined markedly. This complex reality forces us to look for financial support outside our country. A great effort has been made to ensure that our little ones have everything they need. However, we must redouble our efforts to guarantee we can provide the highest level of attention our children deserve, focusing on the search for food, medicine and other basic goods.

Despite current uncertainty in Venezuela, there are still people who want to help. It is through this generosity that we have been able to acquire a fifth home to continue to protect children at risk. We must now focus on finding the resources to equip this new house to meet the needs of the children that will call it home.

The situation in Venezuela is highly complex and requires great cooperation and contributions from generous individuals. This assistance allows us to continue providing shelter to our children, who are unwitting victims of a society in crisis. We count on you.

May 18, 2017

Intergral Care for Childrens in Caracas, Venezuela

The panorama that is observed of the situation of Venezuelan children at risk, raise awareness us over a huge problematic for whose confrontation all the efforts are few.

The current context leads us to seek more intensely the financial resources, food and goods needed.  Efforts to obtain help from local sources has become very complicated, due the economic crisis in the country leading to the closure of many companies and the significantly reduction of Social Responsibility budgets.

Also the collaboration by individuals, has diminished notably due to the inflation and the shortage of staple goods.

This complex reality forces us to seek, with more effort, financial support outside our country.

A great job have been done, so that the little ones do not lack anything and we have succeeded; we want to continue offering them the attention that they require and deserve. (We count on you)

Feb 13, 2017

Integral Care & Education for Children in Caracas

Economic, political and social instability in Venezuela is at an all time high, and poverty levels and the number of vulnerable children are increasing. According to official statistics, over 50% of Venezuelans live below the poverty line and 25% of these live in extreme poverty. Disadvantaged children suffer from malnutrition, poor living conditions and lack of access to daycare. Too often, impoverished parents, mostly single mothers, cannot adequately tend to their children and abandon them in the heartbreaking belief that they will be better cared for as wards of the government. The children languish in institutional orphanages as their files wind their way through various state agencies; the fortunate ones are assigned to private orphanages, which cannot serve all abandoned children due to inadequate resources. Lacking family nurturing, children exhibit severe social, psychological, learning and speech deficits, as well as other conditions related to extreme poverty such as malnutrition.


Founded in 1992, Hogar Bambi is a non-profit organization in Caracas, Venezuela, that provides integral care for children deprived of their family environment by creating a home with a stable nurturing structure that provides holistic care, including shelter, nutritious food, education and medical care. It currently operates three complexes in Caracas. Hogar Bambi is constantly receiving children who live in high-risk situations due to the current political, economic, and social situation in Venezuela. These children enter Hogar Bambi through official channels such as hospital patient representatives and family court. They temporarily come to live in Hogar Bambi, until it can identify biological or adoptive families with whom the children can live under safe and stable conditions. Then, children can, either, join their original families or be legally given to foster parents or adopted. The heart of Hogar Bambi is its staff which is comprised of professionals in technical areas (social workers, medical staff, therapists, and teachers) and trained, 24 hour/day surrogate mothers.  

Staff members are highly dedicated to their mission and perform comprehensive functions to ensure the integral care of their charges. They provide personalized attention, tailored services and ongoing evaluation in a caring, supportive setting. Children are divided into small groups, where they live with a surrogate mother in order to recreate a family environment.  All children and yound residents receive nutritional meals and snacks each day. Upon arrival, staff tests children in motor, speech and cognitive skills in order to determine their specific needs. It offers tailored treatment to new and existing children, focusing on affective disorders, self-esteem and socialization. It continually develops new teaching materials to encourage academic achievement among its charges. In addition, Hogar Bambi’s professionals provide high-quality medical attention to the children, addressing individual needs and promoting preventive care. Children receive speech therapy based on need.

 All school-age children and young residents are formally incorporated into schools in the community based on their age, education levels, and special and individualized needs. By helping these children join and remain within the formal education system, Hogar Bambi guarantees their right to a basic education and enables them to rejoin society and exercise their rights as citizens. Hogar Bambi maintains a complex in the city of Caracas comprised of living, dining and educational quarters for 60 infants, children and youths, where it offers the following services: 1) social services and affective care, 2) basic material provisions such as food and clothing, 3) pediatric and psychological health care, 4) pre-school education, and 5) recreation. Hogar Bambi’s goals are to increase the children’s self-esteem, physical and intellectual development while simultaneously working either to reunite them with their families or find adoptive parents.

  • Recent accomplishments of note
  • For the 2006 school year,  77 beneficiaries including children and young residents of Hogar Bambi were enrolled in the formal education system.  
  • Hogar Bambi continued ongoing linkages with the Child and Adolescent Protection System in order movethe development of our programs forward.
  • It coordinated with different organizations that support the educational activities of our three houses.
  • With have institutional partnerships that facilitate school placement for the population served.
  • As a leading organization in the area of child and adolescent protection, we provide advice and support to other organizations in the public and private spheres.
  • With the support of interns and students doing their volunteer service, Hogar Bambi strengthened its capacity/attention in the areas of Social Work, Psychology and Education, among others. 
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