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May 28, 2019

Support children when they need it most

Recent events in Venezuela have further deteriorated the social and economic situation of the less favored families. The lack of electricity and drinking water makes it very difficult for families to develop a normal life. This pronounced deterioration means that more and more children are abandoned due to the lack of the necessary means to care for them and give them an integral life as a human being. On the other hand, poverty has reached a very critical state and this has led to a large number of unwanted pregnancies which results in more abandoned children, without the possibility of having a decent life.

In Bambi we dedicate ourselves to giving all the children we receive in our homes a dignified life, development of their personality, education, food, love and all the care they need. All thanks to the important contribution of our partners and donors through the Global Giving platform.

Apr 16, 2019

Bambi to the health care of our children

Recently, especially in the last two months, the living conditions of the less privileged families in Venezuela have worsened significantly. The constant failure in the electricity service has been in the news worldwide. These failures also have had terrible consequences on the service of water pipe fitting in poor neighborhoods, which already was very spoiled.

The lack of potable water brought important insalubrity conditions, which means more problems for the poorest homes in Venezuela. In the last months, the amount of abandoned children in Venezuela has increased because families do not have the necessary resources to offer to their children the basic living conditions. Furthermore, the conditions in which the children arrive at our institution are very deplorable; many of them have infectious diseases because of the use of non-potable water. This situation forces us to be even more careful about the children health; we must take care of the new children that arrive with these health problems, but also the health of the children that were already living in our houses, we need to prevent the infectious disease to spread to others. We must take sick children to the hospital to receive medical attention, and obtain the medicines and antibiotics they need, which in most cases are difficult to find and the prices are very high.

Thus, we thank all our supporters that through GlobalGiving and this project help us to get the necessary economic means to obtain the medicines and to take care of the healthcare of the kids, so we can achieve the best health for our children.

Jan 29, 2019

Integral care for more than 120 children and youth

During many years Bambi has taken care of the protection of the children’s rights in Venezuela, during many years we have seen hundreds of cases and received many children with a wide variety of problems, however the present reality shocks us, the moral damage of the Venezuelan society causes that the abuse and mistreatment to the children have increased to alarming levels; so that, today, more than ever Bambi is clanged to its commitment of protecting the more vulnerable children. In Bambi, we receive the kids and we give them all the care and love they need, we give them good food, education, recreation and love they need to surpass and develop themselves in a proper way. To be able to provide all this to our children we need all of our allied that through GlobalGiving find a safe and secure platform to join us in this fight. This year our commitment grows because, with a lot of effort, we have plans to open a new house that will allow us to attend more children, we need your support for this and the support that we have always find at GlobalGiving.

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