Feb 14, 2018

The Ice Cream Gift

Chikumbuso Student with Food Allotment
Chikumbuso Student with Food Allotment

While at Chikumbuso recently I was asked to take one of our younger students who had an eye infection to the pahrmacy to get medication. And although this girl sees a lot of "muzungus" around the community center she had never been one on one with someone like me before. She put on her brave face and got in my car. The pharmacy was not far, just down the dirt road from Chikumbuso. The pharmacist willingly checked out her eyes and prescribed an ointment to rub in them twice a day.  It was an easy fix, no clinic, no prescriptions needed.  Walking to the car we happened to pass an ice cream shop so I asked her if she would like one for being so brave.  "Yes mama," she smiled.

As we stared at the buckets of ice cream in the case before us trying to decide on a flavor we heard a shout, "Mama Linda"!  I looked up to see a tall, handsome young man smiling at me from behind the counter. 

"Mama, you might not know me but I know you. I grew up at Chikumbuso and you put me through high school as well. Mama, look at me now! I am the manager of this store! Please let me buy your icecreams. I am so happy to see you!"

What a gift for me to meet this man.

I share this story because it is a great reminder that we may never know all of the individual lives that have been changed nor the lives that our students lead once having left Chikumbuso but what we do know is that the education of these children is essential in helping them move forward in their lives.  What they do we the education we give them is up to them.

Nov 16, 2017

Just Ask a Teacher

I am sure that anyone at Chikumbuso could answer the question, "What makes Chikumbuso special?" but a teacher at Chikumbuso would give you insights to the school that perhaps no one else would see.

They would know why "Johnny" is not showing up to class, how many books "Andrew" took out of the library last week, whose mom lost her job and whose dad is in the clinic.  

Just ask a teacher... they will tell you marvelous stories of transformation in each of the lives of our students. How at one time they were not in school and yet through the gifts of people just like you now they are in school and doing well. Many of our students are now graduating from high school with hopes to attend college. Because of our great teachers these students believe in themselves and in their future.

Here are a few of our teachers... they tell us stories every day.  Ones that you just can't make up.


Jun 6, 2017

Sponsor Letters

Giving back should be done from the heart, without doubt or regrets, but every once in a while you like to know that your giving makes a difference. At Chikumbuso we ask our students to write to their sponsors to let them know how much they are appreciated.

One letter received today spoke about the students past.

My name is Mwansa,, I am 20 years old. The first born child in a family of six. Raised by a single mother after the death of my father.

I joined Chikumbuso in 20005 up to 2011 when I transfered to another school for Chikumbuso only went to grade six. I went to another school for three years and again moved to my current high school. I was accepted into Munali Boys High school and this year is my last year to be in school.

The course which I would like to do after completing my school level is to be a soldier, to work for my country which I am so passionate about. Then atleast I can change or improve my family's standard of living.

Thank you for all that you do for me and my family.

Supporting Chikumbuso students, one at a time, makes a difference.

Thank you for your support.

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