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Dec 23, 2019

Closing the year

As a new year is coming to an end, we wanted to share what we’ve been doing the past months. During september, El Desafío had the 6th Happy Cities Festival, where we discuss how cities act as the perfect platform for social and economic development. 

In terms of our coding program, kids continued to work on coding and robotics, the Festival was a great spark for the participants to think about what their ideal city should have, and worked on it through gaming – and virtual simulators.  They also created robotics hands and discussed potential uses for them. 

For the final class of 2019, we invited families to be a part of the class, they played together with some of the kids creations, such as the automatic plant watering system and the electric guitar. 

It was definitely a year filled with new experiences, lots of knowledge and we are looking forward for an even better 2020, and for that, please remember that there are still some more days left of this Year’s end campaign, we haven’t reached our goal yet, but with you help and continuous support we are sure we will get there soon!

As always, thanks for your support, and please continue to follow us through our social media accounts - Facebook - Twitter & Instagram

Sep 25, 2019

Alone or together?

“If you do it alone, you’ll make it faster, if you do it as a team, you’ll do it better” this was the conclusion from one participant after they had the challenge of doing some laps all together at the same rythm. 

Becoming a team is a process, with it logical ups and downs, and when facing rough times, which happens inevitably is when the true spirit of the team comes to light. 

So, while playing a match against another team, one of the participants, Julia,  was having a really off day, and was struggling to stop the ball and continue with the passes, her teammates quickly realized the situation and gave constant support to her, however- at some point, one of them, Nadia,  lost her temper and shouted angrily at her. This was a great teaching and reflecting moment, as Nadia realized her shouting did nothing to help solve the problem Julia was facing, on the contrary it only made her more nervous and insecure.  Definitely a lesson learnt to think before reacting. 

On a general note, early september, we had our first ever “Sports for development -S4D- Academy” a week of traning for eight coaches from the country on S4D , delivered by our team and two international friends and coaches, Paula Korsakas from Brazil and Bongiwe Nhleko from South Africa. The graduation for the academy members was to prepare a training session for our participants. It was a great day of training, learning and fun!

As always, thanks for your support, and please continue to follow us through our social media accounts - Facebook - Twitter & Instagram

Sep 25, 2019

Learning through play

Technology has become the answer to many of our everyday questions, and for the participants, it is also the answer on how to prepare the afternoon snack, while choosing between hot chocolate or tea, cereals or sandwiches- all through algoritms and apps. 

The activity meant lots of programing steps, and of course not getting it right the first time, so lots of patience and logical thinking was required, both skills that we consider fundamental for life. 

During all this time, kids have continue to learn basics of coding and robotics, having a lot of fun while doing it, and trying different ways to work and collaborate, in groups of different sizes, pairs and on their own- finding that team work is always more fun and productive. 

As always, thanks for your support, and please continue to follow us through our social media accounts - Facebook - Twitter & Instagram

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