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Aug 1, 2018

"Violence prevention" Rally

Students working for the prevention of violence
Students working for the prevention of violence

Last June 7th, the “Violence prevention" Rally was held at the "Pedro Díaz” Technical High School No. 16., as part of the closing of the "Skills for life" workshops offered by the Pro Niños Foundation.


Street Work educators joined efforts with the Educational Training and Innovation Coordination, to carry out activities aimed at promoting the development of protective factors in the students. The central theme of the rally was How can we prevent and identify violent actions? and What can be done to solve them?


21 students participated at five work stations, reflecting on violence and its impact on young people. As a team, the youngsters built the “violencemeter", an instrument to quantify the different levels of violence they experience in their environment. At the end, a “Wall of nonviolence” was created, in which everyone wrote or drew a personal reflection.


With this rally we created a space for reflection inside the classrooms, that enables youngsters to identify on their own those situations—whether in the school, family or community life—that place them at risk of drug use, violence, school desertion and taking to the street.


May 10, 2018

Celebrating the 9th Anniversary of the Transitiona

Transitional House for Independent Living
Transitional House for Independent Living

On April 13, the 9th anniversary of the Transitional House for Independent Living (CTVI) was celebrated; a home for young people who lived on the street and after a process of reflection, decided to give up that lifestyle. For diverse reasons, some of them cannot reintegrate with their families, they cannot stay in a care home because they are almost adults, others may have lived in care institutions, but they all have something in common: they are ready to prepare for independent living.

Pro Ninos believes that all human beings have the ability to decide, reflect and change themselves to not do things they don’t like. At CTVI we support these young people in the construction of their life project, strengthening their safe spaces, health care, specialized medical attention, emotional support, tools to solve conflicts without violence, healthy relationships, assistance to continue studying, training for formal work, time and money management, among many other areas of moving to an independent life.

Amid laughter, applause, nostalgia, joy and a little magic, the young people of CTVI celebrated another year of effort and collaboration in the company of friends, educators, administrative staff and graduates of the House, which are clear examples that together we can change the course of our lives, even at the most adverse moments.

We trust that CTVI will continue to work for many more years, assisting adolescents and young people who strive to achieve an independent life away from the streets and to have a dignified, stable and productive life.

Feb 8, 2018

Meet the Garcia Family.


Meet the Garcia Family.


We all have a dream in life and the Garcia´s family dream is to have a house to live in comfortably. Rocio*   had six children: Luis, 21 years old; Alejandra 17; Daniel 16; Manuel 15; Alberto 13 and Ramón 10. All have different goals, but they share a common goal: to build a family environment of respect and collective participation.


After almost seven years of living apart, they face a broad and complex challenge: learning to be a family again. Recognizing and integrating as a family was part of the first stage. After the years they were separated, it was not easy to live together again; Rocio told us. Now 46, she has had to work very hard to encourage and motivate her children toward a better life. The "Family Support Program" (PAF) has been a great help to the García family, who since 2013 participated in various activities at the Pro Niños foundation. The Garcia family has regained the communication, confidence and security that they lost for many years, through participation in workshops, family dynamics and collaborative work.


Luis, the eldest of the family; at the age of 21, has begun an independent life and together with his wife and son, they are beginning to write their own family history. Now his goal is to move his family forward and not make the mistakes of the past.


Alejandra, aged 17, lived a large part of her childhood in an orphanage, and now, after returning to live with her mother, has become her right hand. The trust between both has been reinforced as a result of the gradual support offered by the PAF. Today Alejandra, with a scholarship and excellent academic reports, has a very clear goal: finish high school and study architecture, which she will undoubtedly achieve.


Daniel, who has participated in the PAF's sports activities, is beginning his studies in high school. He knows that the rules of coexistence at home are important to maintain a healthy relationship with his brothers. At 16 he knows that his studies will be a bridge to opportunities in the future.


As for Manuel, he is in his second year of junior high school and actively participates in the activities at Pro Niños. He is the closest to his sister Alejandra and helps at home to organize household chores. And his favorite part of the PAF is undoubtedly the camping outings, which have helped his emotional and cognitive development.


Ramón, the youngest of the family, is a very intelligent, extroverted and charismatic boy who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and his permanence in school has been interrupted. The challenge for Ramón is to build better relationships with his brothers. Today he practices swimming and is in the process of resuming his studies.


Rocio tells us that the pieces were falling in place little by little. She recalls with tears in her eyes, the story of her family none have had an easy road to follow, each with its own history, and each with its own struggle. Today, and thanks to the effort of each of the members of the family and the support of the PAF, the future looks very optimistic. As this puzzle continues to be formed, the family is more united and communication and teamwork is making them a better version of themselves.


*The names of the mother and her six children have been changed to protect their identity.  

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