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Our mission is to improve the coverage, quality, efficiency and sustainability of rural and urban basic education, focusing primarily on developing countries, through the implementation of the Escuela Nueva model and with the support of private and public partnerships.
Aug 5, 2015

Catalina, the pride of her mother

Catalina's Mother

"I didn’t think she had so many qualities!" That’s what Catalina’s mother told us during an exchange with other parents about their children´s achievements in the program “Circulos para ENprender”.Catalina, nine years old, was chosen by other children of the program, as the President of the Student Government.

The Student Government, which Catalina is a part of, is an essential element of the implementation of “Circulos para ENprender”. This strategy works to help children develop democratic values, participation, citizenship, and several skills such as argumentation, empathy, and critical thinking. Student Government’s elections begin with electoral campaigns and speeches by candidates, such as Catalina, and electoral juries supervise the voting; it is indeed a very experiential process for all children.

"It's very exciting for them [the children] and for us as parents; I didn’t know that Catalina was the President. It's very exciting; she cried and that made me excited because she takes all her activities very personally" Catalina’s mother said with quivering voice.

Parents’ meetings are also a very important element of Círculos para ENprender; they allow families to share their children’s achievements and be proud of their progress. The testimony of Catalina's mother is just one example of the experiences children have had as part of the program.

The implementation of the Círculos para ENprender program began in 2014 in a low income neighborhood in Bogotá called Egypt. FEN has worked hand to hand with Fundación Egipto con Futuro (FECF), a local grassroots organization whose purpose is to offer assistance to vulnerable children and youth. Through the FEN-FECF alliance children and youth have a dignifying environment that offers food, tutoring, and a safe and caring environment in which they are able to envision a better future.

Stories like Catalina’s are the result not only of FEN’s work and the support of our funders/sponsors but also of to your contributions as donors. As the Escuela Nueva Activa® itself, Círculos para ENprender is a comprehensive program that includes/requires teacher training, continuous advise, materials supply, and, in this particular program, psychosocial assistance.

Sustainability in programs such as Círculos para ENprender is always a major challenge when working to restore the right to education and to transform children’s lives. Your donations will allow us to continue Círculos para ENprender implementation and expand its reach.


Jun 12, 2013

Final Report

We inform that there have been no donations received within this project hence we were not able to realize the project or parts of it.

The project in the school in Zipacón aimed at providing Learning material for 70 students. The Learning Material is proven to help children to improve not only their academic results but also to develop civic and democratic values. The pedagogy Escuela Nueva has been adapted to the new challenges of the 21st century, including subjects of entrepreneurial and social skills. The projects of Escuela Nueva don't only concentrate on the Learning Material but also on the important part of Teacher Training, which shows the teachers how to use and teach the contents of the Learning Guides.

Mar 13, 2013

Thanks for your support. We have a new project!

Escuela Nueva Students with Learning Guides
Escuela Nueva Students with Learning Guides

Dear friends,

Since last June 2013, we have been working to provide 198,000 students in rural Colombia with our Learning Guides. Through an agreement with the Secretary of Education of the Department of Antioquia, we received the funding for such an ambitious project. We are very happy to have achieved such a great accomplishment that's currently triggering for more municipalities to demand these quality education materials.However, we want to announce that we will close this project on GlobalGiving to open a new one.

Looking for new ways to have a positive impact on society, we have decided to improve the quality of education of a small 70 student rural school in a town called Zipacon. These students need Learning Guides, but their teachers also need training. Their school also lacks major support materials for learning process.

If you would like to continue supporting our work promoting better education and, therefore better life opportunities for children in Colombia, please donate to this new project on this link:


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