Feb 1, 2010

Implementation Going well in Egypt

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to your generosity, the Technology for Education Fund has helped CARE Egypt deploy 500 classmate PCs by purchasing 20 mobile charging carts, 20 teacher laptops, and providing technology training for over 100 teachers across 20 schools. Five Intel volunteers, working as part of the Intel Education Service Corps, traveled to Egypt in December 2009 to help install the PCs and provide the teacher training. Susan Faulkner wrote about it in a recent blog post, the link for which you can see below:

"I got to know the positive spirit of Egyptians working as part of a team of five Intel Education Service Corps volunteers. We have completed the field work phase in Egypt of a two-month service program. Max Alt, Dina Ghobashy, Ali Rabbani, Leroy Tripette and I worked with our partner NGO (non-governmental organization), CARE Egypt, for a little over two weeks in rural villages deploying 500 Intel-powered classmate PCs in 20 schools. The Intel-powered classmate PCs had been donated to Egypt’s Ministry of Education, and the Ministry generously allocated them to CARE for this program. These classmate PCs (CMPCs) will benefit 13,000 students, over 56% of whom are girls. CARE places special emphasis on investing in girls because their empowerment benefits whole communities."

With your continued support, CARE is preparing to launch a similar project in India, where it will be able to further promote the effective use of technology in education.

Thanks, as always, and we'll be back in touch with an update on India in the months ahead.

Best regards,

The Technology for Education Fund


Feb 1, 2010

Funds are getting to Haiti!

Thanks to your generosity, almost a million dollars from about 13,000 individual donors is making its way to Haiti for earthquake relief efforts. Thank you! GlobalGiving’s 17 partner organizations on the ground are helping provide emergency medical care, shelter, and food in the immediate post-earthquake efforts and providing longer-term support in areas including rebuilding and training. Impact on the ground is already being seen, including:

- Deep Springs International distributed enough clean water tablets to purify over 100,000 liters of water at a school in Leogane, 1 million liters of water in two field hospitals, and an additional half million liters will be distributed throughout the countryside by mobile medical teams. (www.globalgiving.org/4582)

- Internews is now airing daily humanitarian information radio programs on 21 local and national stations in Haiti. Reported by local journalists, information includes where to find water, tips on avoiding water-borne illnesses, location of medical clinics and special camps for children and orphans, plans for recovery and jobs, and more. (www.globalgiving.org/4572)

- CDRS assisted in setting up a multi-agency field hospital at Bojeux Parc, right at the city limits of Port Au Prince, which is now seeing up to 200 patients a day. (www.globalgiving.org/4592)

Four new projects focusing on Haiti earthquake relief efforts have been added recently to the GlobalGiving site. They are: 1) Architecture for Humanity - to develop a long-term rebuilding plan for sustainable housing, schools, and community centers. (www.globalgiving.org/4605

2) Freeplay Radio – to provide robust, solar-powered radios to earthquake survivors so that they can access critical information (www.globalgiving.org/4608)

3) GHESKIO Center – to replenish supplies of a local Haitian hospital so that it can continue humanitarian and emergency care (www.globalgiving.org/4611)

4) Water Missions International – to provide solar-powered water purification systems that can be used by communities in both the long- and short-term relief efforts (www.globalgiving.org/4598)

You can read more firsthand accounts and project updates from our partners in Haiti at http://www.globalgiving.org/haiti-earthquake-updates/

Jan 19, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Thank you for supporting GlobalGiving's Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. Your donation will be used to provide medical supplies and care, food, water, shelter and other necessities to the survivors of last week's 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti. As of Monday, January 18th, more than $250,000 has been contributed from over 4,000 generous donors like you.

Donations to GlobalGiving's Fund will be allocated to the following organizations:

- *CHF International* to provide transportation and supplies including axes and shovels to rescue workers.

- *Comprehensive Disaster Response Services* to transport food, water, medicine, and volunteers to disaster areas.

- *Deep Springs International* to provide safe water to survivors.

- *International Medical Corps* for medical care and supplies.

- *Internews* to provide vital information about disaster services.

- *Lambi Fund of Haiti* to provide immediate and long-term assistance to earthquake-affected areas.

- *MADRE* to bring emergency medical assistance and supplies to Haiti.

- *Partners in Health* to coordinate medical teams and supply chains.

- *RedR* to provide necessary training for volunteers in the emergency area.

- *Save the Children* to support children and families affected by the earthquake.

- *Volunteers for Interamerican Development Assistance* to bring surgical supplies and medical equipment to hospitals.

- *WaterBrick International* to bring clean water and food containers to the disaster area. *WaterBrick is a social enterprise, which has been fully vetted by GlobalGiving to ensure that all funds will be used for charitable activities.

Following are updates from these partners, all of whom are working on the ground. To see all updates, please visit http://www.globalgiving.org/haiti-earthquake-updates/ , which is being updated daily with the latest information.

January 19, 2010 – From Rebecca Bryant at Save the Children “On January 18, Save the Children opened the first Child Friendly Space in a church serving as a temporary shelter. Child Friendly Spaces allow children to take part in structured, supportive activities and recover from what they’ve experienced. Kits for us to open 70 other spaces arrived in the Dominican Republic on January 18 for immediate transport to Port-au-Prince. Save the Children plans to open hundreds of these essential sites for children. Two mobile health clinics will begin serving the basic health needs of children and families right in their neighborhoods on January 19. Supplies of water and other materials arrived in the Dominican Republic on January 18 and are being forward to our Port-au-Prince office by truck. On January 17, we received as shipment of 16.5 tons of medical supplies from AmeriCares.”

*** January 18, 2010 - From Todd Shea of Comprehensive Disaster Response Services: "Everyone needs to accelerate and better coordinate relief efforts to avoid conflict and a potentially dangerous escalation of tensions being felt by Hatians throughout the country, some of whom I found waiting and suffering without any outside help whatsoever so far.

The first team of four doctors from IMANA and a nurse from Destiny World Outreach is here. I came back from Haiti to pick them up and will deploy them and more medicines/supplies at 9 am Sunday, after picking up one more doctor. At least 5 more teams are planning to arrive in the next 7 days. The border is OPEN for our mission. Some rumors have led people to believe that the border is closed. The gate in shut and locked it at night, I have been coming and going at all times, including 2 am last night/morning."

*** January 17, 2010 - From Dr. Evan Lyons of Partners in Health: "can't get through much now but beyond the horror, one very striking reality is that things are totally peaceful. we circulated in PAP (Port-Au-Prince) in the middle of everything until just now. everywhere. no UN. no police. no US marines and no violence or chaos or anything. just people helping each other. drove past the main central park in PAP where at least 50K people must be sleeping and it was almost silent.

people cooking, talking, some singing and crying. people are kind, calm, generous to us and others. even with hundreds lying on the ground, open fractures, massive injuries of all kinds.

there are few dead bodies on the street. stench is everywhere. the city is changed forever."

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