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Feb 2, 2012

Project of the Month Update: February 2012

Help These Children Avoid Further Suffering
Help These Children Avoid Further Suffering

Dear Project of the Month Club,

We’re pleased to share with you that last month, you and the 133 other Project of the Month Club members raised $3,794 for  “Help These Children Avoid Further Suffering," a project by Retrak that meets the needs of children who have fled the famine-stricken areas in the Horn of Africa and are now living on the street in urban slums.

Anna, Retrak's project leader, had this to say when she found out about your donations: “Thanks to your generosity, fifteen children will be able to gain the care and protection of a family this month, and 67 children will be treated for conditions like colds, worms, infected wounds, dog bites, malaria and tuberculosis reflecting the harsh nature of life on the streets. Furthermore, 38 children will receive education and catch-up lessons allowing them to join schools again. Thank you for believing that every child is a unique and valuable gift to be loved and cared for as an individual; your donations make this happen.”

This month, your donations will go to support a project called Snehalaya, Meaning The Home With Love, in Hindi,” a care home in India where disabled children, homeless women and the elderly all work and live together as a family. This is a project of Gwailor Childrens Hospital Charity.

We are excited to share with you the great news that, according to Dr. Sharma, your donations this month will be used “to pay the salaries of Snehalaya’s special need teachers for an entire year; helping them educate and vocationally train people in the home, helping to rehabilitate them and make them independent.” What an incredible impact you’ll have for this unique community.

Thank you again, and we look forward to updating you on the high-impact project that you will support next month!

Warm regards,

Mari and the GlobalGiving Team

Snehalaya; meaning the "Home With Love" in Hindi
Snehalaya; meaning the "Home With Love" in Hindi
Jan 30, 2012

A New Year starts for Tohoku

Peace Winds America -
Peace Winds America -

In two months, a year will have passed since the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the communities of Tohoku.  It has been a terribly difficult year for those who lost their family members, friends, and homes.  However, because of your  donations, GlobalGiving's partners in Japan have contributed to a steady recovery in the region.  We would like to once again thank all of you for your generosity!

We continue to allocate funds to our partners in the field, helping them to give heaters to keep evacuees warm in their temporary housing, delivering daily supplies, holding events to keep the ties of the communities strong, and more.  We are planning on expanding our partnerships further, and we will continue to distribute your donations to organizations that will help the recovery of the region more directly.

Here are some highlights of the activities that our partners have accomplished with your support since our last report:

Associations of Aid and Relief (AAR Japan)

AAR JAPAN has been providing rehabilitation and health-related services, mobile clinics, sanitation services, psychological care, and community interaction & exchange events for roughly 3,000 people, focusing on persons with disabilities, the elderly, displaced people, and people staying in temporary housing in the disaster-affected areas of Miyagi and Iwate prefectures. Through these comprehensive efforts, AAR JAPAN continues to support people in the disaster zone as they work to maintain both their physical and mental health.

Japanese Emergency NGOs (JEN)

JEN continues to coordinate volunteer activities in wider community.  To date almost 4,000 JEN volunteers contributed to clean both public and private properties. In addition, JEN is now supporting fishermen who work in the  fish production industry who were forced to stop their business for nearly 7 months due to a shortage of tools and a lack of human resources. JEN is helping by providing financial and volunteer support to this community. JEN is reaching the remote area of Ishinomaki, an area that had been previously abandoned for months. JEN works to establish good relationships with locals, helping with both physical and psycho-social recovery. This holistic approach is essential in order to fight massive depopulation as the remote area, as the area was suffering from depopulation even before the disaster hit the area.

Peace Winds

Peace Winds is helping to keep 8,000 families warm this winter. Many of the temporary housing units in Iwate Prefecture lack adequate heat.  As temperatures cooled this fall, local governments identified 8,000 households that were vulnerable to the freezing temperatures.  Lacking funds, the municipal governments is partnering with Peace Winds to keep 8,000 families will stay warm this winter. 

Though much has been done, it will take more months and years to restore the communities back to where they were before March 11, 2011.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  If you would like to read additional updates, please visit our Japan Relief and Recovery updates page

AAR Japan -
AAR Japan -
Jan 27, 2012

Turkey Earthquake Relief Fund January Update

Van community members - Turkish Philanthropy Fund
Van community members - Turkish Philanthropy Fund

Hello GlobalGivers!

In the months following the earthquake in Van, Turkey, disaster relief efforts have turned towards long-term recovery. Your donations have been helping to keep families warm throughout this cold winter and to rebuild workshops and classrooms for women and children living in Van. In order to provide relief where it is most needed, GlobalGiving is partnering with the Turkish Philanthropy Fund, the Bridge to Turkiye Fund, and the Fuel Relief Fund.

This month, GlobalGiving disbursed $19,587.61 to the Turkish Philanthropy Fund (TPF), which partners with organizations active in Turkey. TPF held direct meetings with organizations in Turkey in November 2011 in order to identify projects that would be responsive to the immediate needs of earthquake survivors while also having a longer-term impact.

Among other partner organizations, TPF is forwarding your donation to:

HADD - Hisar Anadolu Destekleme Dernegi or the Hisar Anatolian Support Society. HADD was active in Van, Turkey prior to the earthquake, providing weaving workshops for women to develop income generation skills. Three of HADD’s buildings were damaged in the earthquake, putting its women out of work. TPF is providing funds to supply three prefabricated buildings so that HADD women can go back to work, earning income for themselves and their families.

VAKAD - Van Kadin Dernegi, or the Van Women's Association in English, has been active in the area since 2004. VAKAD’s primary goals are to address gender-based violence and women’s economic independence in the area by providing support to women in addition to trainings on human rights and health. Since the earthquake, VAKAD has been supplying emergency relief materials such as food, clothing, and tents to survivors and looking after some of Van’s most vulnerable populations, such as the disabled and the elderly.

GlobalGiving disbursed $10,000 this month to The Bridge to Turkiye Fund. Among its projects, the Bridge to Turkiye Fund is providing funds to support the reconstruction of Van University. The October 2011 earthquake damaged the university buildings, putting classes out of session until the end of February.  Van University provides a path to success for disadvantaged students in the region, providing them with a path to economic success. The money will support the construction of a single-story 17,000 square foot building that will contain 10 classrooms so that students will have a space to learn.

In addition, GlobalGiving sent $5,250 this month to support the work of the Fuel Relief Fund, which provides free fuel in whatever form is most useful to survivors of disasters. These funds will provide enough fuel to warm 75 families for one month this winter. Watch this great video to see the Fuel Relief Fund in action!

The needs in Turkey are still great, as many people continue to live in tents because their homes were destroyed. However, your donation is helping the residents of Van, Turkey, rebuild their community so that they can continue on with their lives.

Thank you again for your generous donation.

Tents in Van - Turkish Philanthropy Fund
Tents in Van - Turkish Philanthropy Fund


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