Jul 15, 2019

IMPACT - One hundred self-sustained small-scale bu

Action10 visited our programme partner and our programmes in the nine villages in rural Togo during May 2019. We usually visit once a year. We were as always well received, both by our Programme management partner S.E.VIE and our Target partners in the villages.

During the visit we discussed lessons learned and programme strengthening. For the villages we agreed to try money transfer with mobile money, ensure coaching meetings when challenges occur, rather than every week as we have done before, and to involve more coaches from the villages than before. We agreed on ways to strengthen the cooperatives and the efficiency. We have previously agreed to strengthen the team with a coach who visits every month and an auditor for the annual financial review.

We have evidence based impact that 100 women entrepreneurs are now self-sustained. They run their own businesses without our coaching. 200 women entrepreneurs run successful businesses benefiting from our coaching and 100 are on the waiting list to enter. We are also happy to notice that 150 children have concluded their primary education, which is a side-effect of our programme. These children had not entered school when our partner identified them as vulnerable and needing our assistance.

The programme is successful and we have seen a need to scale-up. It has been decided to copy the village programme to a semi-urban city. We will manage 200 entrepreneurs in the semi-urban city Tsévié, and we expect that 30-50 of them will become self-sustained per year. At the same time we will continue the programme in the villages.

We truly admire our Programme management partner S.E.VIE for their capability in the villages, how they are appreciated by the people and how they have a warm heart for everyone, especially the children. We would also like to take this opportunity to proudly thank for the attention and support by Rotary Club of Stockholm International for their attention and support.

On behalf of the 500 women benefiting from our programme and their families, we want to sincerely thank the Global Giving Friends for your attention and for your support. You shall rest assured that your contributions are well invested. Less than 3 % remains in Sweden, 7% remains with the Programme management partner in Togo and 90 % reaches the vulnerable in Togo. Further, we work with a sustainable aspect in mind and our programmes are copied and scaled up. The money invested is recollected and re-used, over and over again.

Jul 12, 2019

We have electricity in our offices!

IDEFOCS's officer/innovation center in Buchanan City had been electrified and ready to start operation! This could not have been achieved without your help. The new electrical set up will allow for more efficient working our all year round to begin with. 

"IDEFOCS will stop at nothing than to see the world become a better place for all. No peace can be scale when many are made poor and vulnerable, to solve the country's problem is to solve the people's problem" said the CEO and founder, Morris Matadi. Morris has been doing invaluable work in the past few months to increase the visibility of the program towards Liberian philantrophists and politicians.


Feb 27, 2019

99% of the loans have been paid back & reinvested

The sustainability of our projects is one of our main focus areas. We don't consider a project "successful" until it is not in the hands of the community that benefits from it. Until the community embraces the change and knows how to bring prosperity in the long term.

Therefore, besides helping more than 350 women set up their own businesses, we are extremely proud that 99% of the loans have been paid back and reinvested into new businesses. As you may recall from previous reports, one effective way to support the sustainability of the project was to put the women into groups and together to share a collective responsibility for meeting loan repayments. This way if one woman can’t make a repayment one week, the group will pay it back on time.

This method has proven successful and now we just have to continue getting more and more women into the program. Every day, the majority of people living in the countryside in Togo suffer from malnutrition as a result of extreme poverty. Inadequate healthcare, poor educational facilities and child labour compound the difficulties for many rural villagers. What’s more, a husband has legal powers to restrict his wife’s freedom to work and to control her earnings, reducing the development of human capital and long-term poverty reduction. Although many of these women want to contribute to the family income, they do not have the resources, support or training to join the labour market.

There's where WE come in TOGETHER.

Thank you for your support!

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