Oct 15, 2021

Support for every child in the classroom!


Teach For Bulgaria teachers are all working in schools across the country where the environment differs as well as the needs of their students. 

During their preparation before the school year as well as during their training throughout the year, the teachers focus on many aspects such as developing 21st century skills, socio-emotional development as well as different methodologies for engaging the students while putting their needs in the center of the learning process. 

A significant portion of Teach For Bulgaria teachers have students whose mother tongue is not Bulgarian and who require additional specialised language support in order to learn the language and excel in all other subjects as well. 

One of Teach For Bulgaria’s alumni who is also currently teaching, Alex, shares that since entering first grade students whose mother tongue is not Bulgarian do not have the needed vocabulary that their native bulgarian language speaking peers do. As they progress into higher grades, these deficiencies deepen even further. 

Students in such a situation are in need of very specific language support both during their regular classes at school as well as during their extracurricular activities. Therefore, in order to provide such support, teachers also need to undergo training and preparation so they can teach Bulgarian as a second language as well as integrate practices into other classes to help these students progress and learn. 

We at Teach For Bulgaria have developed a special course which is part of the teacher training that focuses on exactly this-how to teach multilingual students learn Bulgarian as a second language. 

Alex is now working with the first ever book for learning the alphabet developed for students for whom Bulgarian is a second language and are in primary school. Together with a book with instructions and materials for making tactile letters, Alex can use the teachers handbook containing specific instructions and methodologies for working with these materials and with students for whom Bulgarian is a second or a foreign language and who are in primary school. All other Teach For Bulgaria participants can benefit from these newly developed materials as well. 

Alex also shared that her students are very stimulated by the specifically developed materials as they are engaging and allow them to be actively involved in the learning process. 

Thanks to your generous support we are able to provide quality training and support to our teachers! Support that helps them work for the success of every child in their classroom so no one is left behind and can develop their full potential! 

Please consider upgrading your recurring donation or if you are a one time donor-donating again!

Every donation counts and allows us to better support more and more incoming teachers!

Thank you for your kind support, 

Teach For Bulgaria team

Oct 15, 2021

It's a wrap! -Summer Academy 2021

Kids at school
Kids at school

More than 600 students from across the country and abroad joined the 2021 Summer Academy of Teach For Bulgaria! 

The main goal of the academy has always been to provide quality summer activities for students, to increase their motivation to learn and to improve their preparation for the subjects studied during the school year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, special attention was paid to catching up the knowledge acquired during distance and online learning and preparing for the next school year.

The teachers at the Academy 

The classes during the Academy are led by the new motivated teachers in the program "New Way to Teaching" of Teach For Bulgaria. This year they are 93. They taught in different disciplines and have a variety of previous professional experience. The activities in the Summer Academy are designed to encourage engagement on behalf of the students, to stimulate their curiosity through project work and to develop their knowledge and skills. 

Strong emphasis during this year’s Summer Academy was the development of social-emotional skills and emotional intelligence in addition to progressing academically. 

During the academy for the first time this year, parents had the opportunity to choose whether to enroll their children in the grade they were currently graduating or the grade they were supposed to start studying during the upcoming school year. In this way, students could put more emphasis on filling in gaps from this school year or preparing for the next.

This Summer Academy was held for the 11th consecutive year free of charge for parents and students thanks to a number of partners and individual and corporate donors including your generous support! This allows all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status and background, to benefit from joining the Academy. 


We hope you will continue to believe in our cause for providing quality education for every child in Bulgaria and you will consider upgrading your support today. 

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Thank you once again!

Sincerely yours, 

Teach For Bulgaria team 

Oct 14, 2021

Quality language support for all students in need!

Children with the book
Children with the book

Dear supporters, 

We are excited to share with you that thanks to your support and generosity the first ever specialised book for learning the alphabet for children whose mother tongue is not Bulgarian is now a fact! 

After months of hard work we can confirm that the following materials have been finalised and are already being disseminated across the country to many children who would benefit from them:

  1. Book for the students for learning the alphabet 
  2. Tactile letters handbook 
  3. Handbook with instructions for the teacher 

Who are these materials developed for?

-children whose mother tongue is different from Bulgarian and who are lacking Bulgarian language skills 

-children whose mother tongue is Bulgarian but for one reason or another are experiencing difficulties with the language and are in primary school 

-Bulgarian children who live abroad and have limited contact with the language

-everyone who wants to learn Bulgarian! 

The materials are made in a way that allows them to be used by both experienced educators as well as parents at home, speech therapists and resource teachers. For this purpose, we have developed a handbook for the teacher, which contains detailed methodological instructions. 

If you would like to receive these materials digitally, you can fill out the following form and request access to them: https://prepodavame.bg/porachay-materiali-za-detsa-bilingvi/ 

For many more useful materials on the topic, you can follow the website: https://prepodavame.bg/bsl/

How can you support us further?

The development of the best quality language support materials, consultations with experts, the validation and testing of the materials in real settings took around two years and a huge financial and time resource. 

The big aim we had set in the beginning of this project still remains today-to reach as many children as possible who would benefit from the materials and the language support so they can learn to speak the Bulgarian language and prosper in school and beyond. 

We hope you will consider upgrading your regular support or if you have been a one time donor-donating again, so we can bring this project closer to its big aim! 

Thank you for your support and for believing in the power of language to change the lives of these children for the better!


Teach For Bulgaria team 

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