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Jul 8, 2019

Baby Season 2019

It seems like about this same time every year when I sit down to write an update about SCP for our donors here, I find myself repeating much of what I said last time around. So I apologize if this update seems slightly like déjà vu! It is the peak of baby season for our wild Amazon flocks, which means we are busy as can be with rescues and daily care/feeding/weigh-ins/etc. here at the sanctuary.

Over the last few months, our staff and volunteers have been hard at work in several areas: outreach, education, and on-site animal care. We were happy to host a booth at this year’s Ocean Beach Street Fair, an all-day event in a very urban parrot-loving part of San Diego. OB and the surrounding neighborhoods host a majority of our wild parrots this time of year, and have been very supportive of us for years now. It was a lot of fun to chat with locals and visitors about urban parrots, our work here at SCP, and answer the common questions people have about the parrots. We also got to try out our “prize wheel”, which was a huge hit with both kids and adults! Since the day was such a great opportunity to speak with the general public, we are hoping to book more community outreach events in the coming months.

As for our on-site updates, right now we are VERY thankful to have a solid team of volunteers who each come in for a 2 to 3-hour weekly shift. It may not seem like much on paper, but it is a huge benefit to have reliable support helping with daily chores, especially this time of year. While our intake numbers are steadily increasing (23 birds in June, compared to 5 in May), we are happy to have any help we can get.

In addition to the busy baby season antics, we are nearly finished with the brand-new outdoor aviary enclosure at our new, larger property. To say we are excited would be an understatement. In order to raise funds to cover construction costs, we are hosting several smaller fundraisers over the next year. These include an online auction (, a wine-n-paint night, and an online donation board with prizes for certain amounts given.

So what’s next for us? Right now, we are focused on taking care of the nestling, juvenile, and fledgling Amazons that always come in as rescues this time of year. After all, the goal is to release them as soon as they are ready. With your continued support and donation, we are looking forward to another record-breaking number of successful releases after Summer ends.

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to ensure you are kept up-to-date with all of the latest progress of our Amazon “Class of 2019”, construction updates, and fundraiser details.

As always, thank you so very much for your continued support of our work. With your help, we can keep saving even more wild parrots in need!

Apr 4, 2019

Rain Or Shine, We Are Moving Forward!

A few of our released Conures
A few of our released Conures

With all of the rain we've had in SoCal these past few months, everything is looking so green! Including, as always, our wild parrots. The wet weather has helped their non-native food sources grow and bloom, so we are looking forward to seeing if that will lead to a higher number of eggs being laid during the very fast-approaching baby season. 

Last month, we were finally able to release 12 Conures that had been ready to go for weeks. The weather delayed our release efforts. In the past when we have released around inclimate weather, we have a higher number of birds return as rescues in the days following the release. I like to call them "boomerangs", because they come right back when you send them away. Yes- these bird are wild, and YES they can easily survive during rainy or windy days, but going from a rehab facility back into the open urban wild can be a lot to manage at first. We opt to set them up for success in whatever ways we can, which includes waiting for better weather to plan our releases. I am happy to report that all 12 were happily released and have not boomerang'ed back to us!

Along with the usual day-to-day rescue and care of wild parrots here at SCP, our co-founder Josh has been overseeing the contruction of our brand-new, innovative, multi-enclosure complex at a new location south of where we currently operate. Honestly, the way Josh and Brooke have planned the new flight aviary layout is perfect for our needs. With this new facility, we have 24 acres to work with (as opposed to less than 2 that we use now), so the potential is immense! We have launched a new fundraiser to assist with covering construction costs, and will be hosting an online silent auction in May as well. Your continued financial support through Global Giving will still be allocated for daily parrot care, of course! 

Once the new building is complete, we will be putting together a big HOUSE WARMING party to celebrate. The event will be a way to share our new location with our friends and supporters, and hopefully gain some more local community support for our cause. The additional space means we can rescue so many more birds!

Thanks again as always for your continued support of our work and our cause. The birds are healthier and happier because of you.

One side of the new aviary building
One side of the new aviary building
Jan 7, 2019

Goodbye, 2018!

Hello and happy new year! We had a lot of successful moments in 2018, but it was a record-breaking year for our intake numbers as well. We are very excited to be looking forward to this new year and all of the potential it seems to bring along with it.

Thanks to your continued support, in 2018 we were active in the rescue of nearly 160 birds! Compared to 2017's final total of 118, that is huge! We believe the drastic increase is likely due to a crazy heat wave that came through right in the middle of Amazon baby season; many juveniles were found on the ground, assumed to be in need of help, and brought to a rescue facility. We are working on more easily-accessible information to share with SoCal residents about what to do when they find a parrot on the ground. Hopefully, with more education and resources, we won't see so many juveniles come into care.

Along with our record-breaking intakes came large-scale releases in 2018. For the first time since our inaugural release in 2014, we split the Amazons into 3 separate releases. In addition to multiple releases, we were also very proud to have 2018 be the first year we released in a location other than San Diego. Previously, we had been unsuccessful in tracking down the evening roost site for Pasadena's Amazon flock. This year, with the help of local volunteers, we figured out where they were sleeping. In total, we released more than 45 Amazons back into the Los Angeles area, and close to 25 back into San Diego. Now that we have some experience with long-distance releases, we plan to do as many as needed. This ensures the birds who are rescued from a specific area can be returned there, thus allowing the flock population to grow in a more natural way.

Finally, something I am especially excited about, our new construction project and expansion broke ground in mid-2018. Josh and his crew have been hard at work getting the area cleaned up, road graded, and new flight enclosures put up. We held a couple of fundraisers online to support the construction costs, including a Giving Tuesday campaign and silent auction. Please be on the lookout for additional fundraising opportunities in the coming months. Our goal amount is $15,000 total, and we have already raised about 10% of that. The new enclosures will be larger, easier to access and clean, and allow us to rescue even more birds in the coming year!

As always, thank you so much for your support of our efforts. It is only due to generous donors like you that we can continue to rescue wild parrots, educate the public about them, and further actions to protect them in our area.

Cheers to 2019!

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