Mar 8, 2016

Participation, Leadership and Empowerment of Adolescent Girls

Sarathi is  implementing Saloni model to empower adolescent girls in  slums of Lucknow through holistic model. It carries a filed level proven strategies including community managed and adolescent girls’ friendly programming,  leadership development, community based support structures and systems, life quality and vocational skills, behavioural change communication and mainstreaming with public service provisions. As a part of leadership development among adolescent girls, Sarathi has developed basic life skills curriculum and  training material to create opportunities for participation, communication, expression of their choices, learning skills, gaining new knowledge and leading their development processes. Sarathi works in partnership and collaboration with a range of institutions such as  Dasra, Global Giving, Feedback lab, GirlsNotBrides, government, schools to enrich our role towards empowerment of adolescent girls in an integrated manner. While positioning of adolescent girls, our model aims at addressing the issues like early marriage, girls  education, gender equity, health, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, functional literacy and livelihood to improve quality of life among them.  

During the period from August 2015, Sarathi organised training programme covering 351 adolescent girls groups in 117 slums of Lucknow. This programme equipped 3581 adolescent girls with knowledge and skills for planning to address their aspirations & needs, participatory management of their groups and behaviour changes related to gender relationship, girls marriage & education,menstrural hygiene management, sanitation (use of toilets, safe drinking water etc.  During this period, 21 adolescent girls participated in financial literacy programmes organised by Standard Chartered Bank located in Lucknow. Sarathi also organised one day exposure and learning workshop with SUN Pharmaceutical group on prevention of cancerous diseases in slums. These interventions have contributed in up streaming participation, learning and confidence building among adolescent girls.

While moving ahead with our model to bring adolescent girls in center of community development, we are facing fund constraints. We will request you to support our work towards empowerment of adolscent girls living in poverty stricken slums.Your support carries high impact value in terms of helping adolscent  girls to help themselves. 

Dec 2, 2015

Adolescent Girls : Learning, Leading and Changing

Your support is enabling adolescent girls to learn, lead and change in slums of Lucknow.We appriciate your support and donation towards positioning of girls and improving their conditions in poverty stricken slums. We assure you that your support will enhance capabilties and opportunties of adolscent girls to emerge as leaders improve quality of life among themselves, their families and community. 

Sarathi is building leadreship among girls through their systematic enagement in integrated micro planning spelling out  their needs & solutions, basic life skill development through community resource centers, organising them into   capacity building processes and linkages with governemnt servcie provsions.Basic idea behind this training was to build leadership skills and opportunties  among adolscent girls

As a part of capacity building programme, 3581 adolscent girls organised into 350 adolscent girls groups in 117 slums of Lucknow, were trained on implmentation & updation of their micro plans including  issues like health, nutrition, education, water , sanitation, hyiegne, marriage, management of their group processes- meeting, agenda setting, record keeping and behavioural practices. Training was condcuted at slum level using participtaory excercises such as role plays, group discussions, individual expressions, story, interactive sessions to enagage adolescent girls effectively in learning process.

These girls have learnt to conduct their group meetings on their own, write meeting minutes, review and  incorporate their issues in integrated slum action plan.They are also emerging as behaviour change communicators in their families, communties  and schools. These girls visit hiouseholds to communicate on behavioural issues such  indicators such as sending girls to schools and continuing their education, marriage of girls after legal age of  18 years & completion of  education, hand wash at critical timings such as before eating and after using toilet. menstrual hyiegne management, toliet use and service seeking behaviours. Thus, while bringing change among themsleves, adolescent girls are demonstrating their capabilties to influence the change in their families and wider community. 

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