Sep 28, 2017

FRDP Providing Safe Drinking Water at Tharparkar

Due of the lack of clean drinking water, children are especially vulnerable to water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, worm infections, typhoid, and hepatitis etc. Some of these diseases have long term effects on lives. These diseases and problems are very common in Tharparkar, Sindh.

Water scarcity affects women more because they are responsible to fetch water from long distance for the entire family. Women cannot leave their households even for social functions since most of their time is spent fetching water. They remain unable to entertain friends and relations due to fetching of water from long distances. Sometimes, both the young boys and girls have to postpone their career development activities due to the responsibility of fetching water. Besides being a major work for women, fetching water effects children’s education too during dry seasons. Often children also remain necessary part of the water collection, sometimes stretching into the night hours too. In such event children have to sacrifice daily studies, for which they are reprimanded by their teachers.

The problem is somehow same in all areas of Tharparkar, people have insufficient access to safe water and storages, coupled with lack of adequate hygiene practices, and low access to health services that worsen their lives and increases the risk of disease outbreaks.

Considering the major livelihood that depends on rain water alternate water accessibility is needed to be worked out as a long term solution. Availability of safe drinking water is indeed a gift of life and having an easy access to clean and safe drinking water is an important human right. By providing attention to this neglected issue in Pakistan the least we can do is ensure smooth provision of this most basic public health necessity to the deprived people and to prevent thousands of Pakistani children from dying.

FRDP Pakistan with Support of different donors which includes the Global Giving support the poor communities of Tharparkar and providing them safe drinking water at their doorstep. FRDP so far installed 80 Hand Pumps at the different locations; FRDP also installed 25 water wells and 2 solar pumps at the different locations to provide the clean drinking water. Still we are struggling for the funds to reach more people of the area, as mentioned above the major issue is the water scarcity and women is the responsible for the fetching water from 2 kilometers away from the home. 

Jun 27, 2017

Food Distributed another 10 Orphan Girls

Orphan Girls with mother getting food
Orphan Girls with mother getting food

FRDP Pakistan selected 20 Orphan Girls till date and we are still in process to identify more and more to reach them during the selection those girls mothers shared that EID is coming but we don't have money to purchase food for EID (Muslim Festival). Some mothers shared that they are working in houses on very low salary for the survival but the money they receive not even fulfill the food requirements of there family, they shared that they don't have money to buy books and send there children to school because no any men in the family to earn. FRDP management decided to purchase food for them initially for one month and then give them some food time to time. Secondly FRDP successed in admission process of those girls, schools will be opening in August 2017 those girls will go school and FRDP will pay there fees and books etc. After getting food SABA orphan girl thanked to the donors who helped them to getting the food on time. please see food package details below, which given each orphan children.

1. Flour 20 KG

2. Rice 4 KG

3. Pluses 2 KG

4. Sugar 2 KG

5. Tea 0.5 KG

6. Oil 3 liters 

7. Salut 1 packet 

8. Pepper 1 packet

9. Vermicelli ( saveyaa)


Total cost PKR 2200.00 USD $ 21 per package cost.

Food package picture which showing yhe items
Food package picture which showing yhe items
Little Orphan Girl with her mother getting food
Little Orphan Girl with her mother getting food


Jun 15, 2017

Food Distribution in Orphan Kids

Executive Summary:

The Activity “Distribution of Food Items to the Orphan Children of Village Paboohar, Tehsil Diplo, District Tharparkar” This is the first step to help the orphan kids to provide them food with the support of “GlobalGiving” and implemented by Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) in union council Chhichi Moro, Tehsil Diplo, District Tharparkar.

Initially 10 Orphans selected most of them were female, due to poverty they were facing shortage of the food so we took the first step to provide them Food Basket for one month for the whole family. FRDP will include those children in Education Program and provide them Free Education, the first step of providing the Food Basket is complete and second step to get them admitted in Schools is in process and they will be admitted in schools and FRDP will pay there fees, Uniform Cost and Transportation etc.


FRDP Team collected information from the villages of Tharparkar, Sindh, where FRDP already been working with other donors. The data collected from village level committees and they endorsed those children are orphans.  FRDP went another round for the verification of right children at there door step and verified the information and then finally selected the Orphans for Food basket


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